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Found 3 results

  1. Hieello! So I'm very new to this forum and just got in to some pc case modding. This project that I've just started is my first ever custom pc desk that I'm making so i thought I would share it with you guys. I've documented alot of the progress so far so I will add some pictures as the project is progressing. I will also mention that this is kind of a budget build since my plans at the moment are that I will put my current pc in this desk wich includes the following parts: Intel i5 6500 Z170 MOBO 240mm A-I-O cooling 16gb 3000mhz ram GTX 1070 650watt psu This is something that I hopefully will be available to update pretty soon since a pc-desk is not really complete without a custom water cooling loop. But for the moment there is just not enough €€/$$. I've named the desk B-2 Stealth since i think that the shape of the desk reminds me alot of the B-2 stealth bomber jet so nothing more fancy or cheesy just a shape thingy! :p So hope you enjoy what i have done so far and i will keep you posted. CHEERS
  2. Hi everyone, Like some of you may know,i made the thor desk last year 2013(wich got me the build of the week on linustechtips) After using the desk for almost a year now,i thought to myself,lets make some changes(since there were some things i always wanted to change, and i wanted to do it with acrylic Tubing) So i will be sharing that process with you,i hope you will like it,i certanly love doing it ;) ToDoList: 1)Lower the legs 2)More Radiators,for better cooling 3)Acrylic Tubing (A must have if you have done it before) 4)All the fittings alike(the last time i went with what i had,EK,Bitspower and koolance)now only bitspower 5)Extra Compartment for poweradapter with 10 connectors ,Router,and External HDD's) 6)SSD mounting cage (build into the Wall of the desk) 7)Usb Connection on the outside of the Case(i have to see with that when i get further along) 8)Cutom Acrylic Motherboard tray wit LED 9)New Fans From Corsair (Corsair AF 120 LED blue)+ 10)Vandal Power and reset Button 11)Drain and Fill Port ( A must have on any watercooling Pc,makes Live alot easyier) 12)And probably find some more ideas as i go (wich i will of course keep you posted on) SystemSpecs: CPU:Intel 3770K OC 4,9Ghz (Update to 4790k) RAM:Corsair Dominator Platinum 1866Mhz OC 2133Mhz@1,6v MB:Asus Sabertooth Z77 (Update to Asus Maximus VII Hero ) GPU:Asus 7970 DCII Crossfire OC 1200\1600mhz PSU:Corsair HX1000i HDD:Western Digital 2TB Black Edition SSD:2 x 120GB Samsung 840 pro RAID0,2 x 120GB Corsair Force LS RAID0, FANS: Corsair AF 120 Blue Led,Corsair SP 120 High flow, WaterCoolingSpecs: CPU:Ek Supremacy Clear Plexi polished (copper interior) GPU:EK DCII Block HDD:Bitspower Silver shining, RES:Bitspower 350ml Clear pexi FITTINGS:Primochill Revolver Silver ADAPTERS:Bitspower 90° Silver shining,Bitspower 90° single rotary Silver shining,Bitspower black extenders,Bitspower Plexi T Adapters, TUBING:Primochill 10mm ID / 12mm OD,Shackemodz 10mm OD/12mm ID, PUMPS:2 x Alphaclool VPP655 (with EK D5 X-Top Acetal Pumptop ) RADIATORS:EK Coolstream PE 240mm,EK Coolstream PE 360mm,EK Coolstream XTX 360mm,BlackIce GTX Extreme 360mm SENSOR:Bitspower Flowsensor Silver shining. Bitspower Full board waterblock for VII Hero With Bitspower armor :) And maybe i will go shop some more as i go. Sponsors: BEFORE 2013:my Appologies for bad Picture Qualaty/didn't have my 650D than,Future Pictures will be Better. STAY TUNED!!!
  3. Lian Li is showing more pics of their new desk PC cases. DK01 will be able to house a single system while the DK02 model can support a dual system set-up. No word on pricing yet but knowing Lian Li the quality will be high. I really wish they would have gone with some different leg options. Time to get the hacksaw out :) Lian Li HQ annouced details on their DK-01X and DK-02X Aluminum Computer Desks today. 22 May 2014, Keelung, Taiwan - Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd, today announces the release of two desk chassis – the single-system DK-01X and the dual-system DK-02X. Constructed of aluminum and combining the symbiotic relationship of desks and computer cases, these all-black hybrid chassis allow DIY builders to build a full computer inside a desk and show off their hardware creations through tempered glass desktops. Desk Chassis The DK-01X and DK-02X feature a lockable sliding door to make installations and upgrades easy. The adjustable/removable keyboard tray makes typing and mousing comfortable, and the side mounted pocket with headphone rack allows users to easily store unused accessories. The DK-01X support motherboards up to HPTX. The DK-02X supports motherboards up to HPTX for its workhorse-oriented system side, and mini-ITX motherboards on the gaming-oriented side. Flexible Cooling Options From air to water cooling, the DK-01X and DK-02X are ready to take on the latest cooling hardware. Both desk chassis support 360mm radiators on the side, and also have removable brackets on the front – the DK-01X has one 360mm bracket while the DK-02X has two 240mm brackets. Storage Options The DK-01X has 10 individually removable hard drives bays, while the DK-02X has 8 HDD bays for the smaller system and 9 HDDs for the larger workhorse-oriented system. This storage setup gives builders flexibility to use the space as they see fit, such as freeing up more room for water cooling. Comfort for Your Viewing Pleasure Both desk chassis have a height of 805mm (31.7”), but can be raised to 835mm (32.9”) to provide more leg room. On the back, up to 3 monitor mounts can be installed for multiple display setups. Hardware Compatibility CPU coolers up to 180mm (7”) in height and power supplies up to 280mm (11”) in length are supported. VGA cards up to 410mm (16.5”) inside the DK-01X and DK-02X. Connectivity For both the DK-01X and the DK-02X, the I/O panel is located at the front side of the sliding drawer. The DK-01X front I/O includes four USB 3.0 ports and HD audio connections, while the DK-02X sports two sets of these same connections for both systems. Also, located on the front sliding drawer of the DK-01X and DK-02X is a slim optical drive bay, which can house an SSD. Price and Availability The DK-01X and DK-02X will be available in the US at the end of July for the suggested retail prices of $989 and $1189 respectively. Video Overview of the DK-01X and DK-02X: Product Dimensions: Width: DK-01X: 900mm (35.4”) DK-02X: 1200mm (47.2”) Height: DK-01X/DK-02X: 805mm (31.7”) – can be raised to 835 (32.9”) Depth: DK-01X/DK-02X: 600mm (23.6”) Adjustable/removable keyboard shelf: (WxHxD) 800 x 65 x 240mm (31.5 x 2.5 x 9.4”) Product Information and Detailed Specifications: DK-01X – http://www.lian-li.com/en/dt_portfolio/dk-01/ DK-02X – http://www.lian-li.com/en/dt_portfolio/dk-02/
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