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Found 21 results

  1. Hi, I'm Mosquito, also known as Chris, and I have a problem. I haven't posted a case mod in like 2 years ? I'm going to be working on an In-Win A1 case, and this is sort of two worklogs in one. First part is a simple mod, to watercool CPU + GPU in a custom loop with only a simple mod (and some GPU size restrictions). After that, I am continuing to mod the case, to see how much I can fit in this little case This video is the first step in that multi-step approach. I put together this video on a simple mod for installing a custom watercooling loop with minimal modifications First thing I did was some disassembly to get to the bottom of the case, and then used an old radiator template thing I had to mark some hole locations And then drilled out those holes. Note, I forgot to tape the case first, so I ended up taping around the locations I marked for the most part, instead of taping and re-marking. Oops All I had to do was drill 8 holes and it allowed me to mount the fans through the bottom of the case to the radiator This no longer uses the holes in the bottom plastic frame for mounting the fans. You also wouldn't want to anymore, since there is about a 3/16" (just under 5mm) gap between the fan and the plastic frame. No complaints here, as it helps get the fans a little further away Next up, a little test install. I'm using a fan/radiator mounting bracket for the pump/res combo It is worth noting, that fwith my setup I had to go with an SFX power supply. If you had a shorter/smaller/different reservoir arrangement, then you may be able to use the ATX power supply that comes with the case Next up I did some fiddling with the loop order and tubing runs, and installed my PSU I threw the PSU cover over it after installing everything (taped in place for now, which is why it's partially crooked in this picture) Overall, this was a pretty nice compact little build. I'm sure there are people crying out "WITH THAT SMALL OF A GPU YOU COULD HAVE USED A SMALLER CASE", which is true, however, I've also got a 240mm+120mm full custom loop in it I ran this system for a while, actually used it at an Age of Empires II LAN (An old college group still gets together once or twice a year to play the original version, not the HD or Definitive Editions released on Steam), and as my shop computer for a while. Temps were pretty good, and the passively cooled PSU never gave me any trouble. Under typical browsing/music/video streaming duties the CPU would generally sit around 33-35c and the GPU around 31-32c. Doing some bench marks or stress-tests would obviously push things a little further. While running Furmark and CPUZ's stress tests simultaneously, I was seeing the CPU around 68-72c and GPU at around 56-60c. Overall I was quite pleased with this setup, but... it's a little too pedestrian for me, so in the updates to come, I will be taking things a little further, possibly into the realm of pointless ridiculousness, if I can Thanks for checking this one out
  2. This was a quick scratch build I did as a Christmas gift to my parents. It's got sort of mid-range hardware (older generations), and runs a Plex Media Server, so they can use it to record and watch TV shows, primarilly. It's replacing a computer I built them 10 years ago, that was serving the same function (DVR), up until earlier this year when it stopped working correctly. The front and top are birdseye maple, and the grain flows continuously up the front, around the corner, and down the top. The bottom piece is mahogany, and both are finished with shellac and wax. The rest of the chassis is made from plywood, painted black, and clear coated with semi-gloss rattle can.
  3. Hieello! So I'm very new to this forum and just got in to some pc case modding. This project that I've just started is my first ever custom pc desk that I'm making so i thought I would share it with you guys. I've documented alot of the progress so far so I will add some pictures as the project is progressing. I will also mention that this is kind of a budget build since my plans at the moment are that I will put my current pc in this desk wich includes the following parts: Intel i5 6500 Z170 MOBO 240mm A-I-O cooling 16gb 3000mhz ram GTX 1070 650watt psu This is something that I hopefully will be available to update pretty soon since a pc-desk is not really complete without a custom water cooling loop. But for the moment there is just not enough €€/$$. I've named the desk B-2 Stealth since i think that the shape of the desk reminds me alot of the B-2 stealth bomber jet so nothing more fancy or cheesy just a shape thingy! :p So hope you enjoy what i have done so far and i will keep you posted. CHEERS
  4. Hey everyone! My name is DJ Madrid a.k.a Kryptekmodz from Ph. This time i'll making a project called AURELIO, which means the "FIRST" Filipino Made Super Car. I picked this concept because I like the way they did and I love cars. (but i don't have a car) lol :D. And the modding theme will be Pinoy Pride. That means we are able to mod a Filipino brands or Made in the Philippines. So my co-competitor which these guys are the top case modder here in the Philippines, Tantricmodz (Mhike Samsin), JPModified (Jesse Palacio), Mickee Boy Lacerna (MadMods). so this time, I'll be presenting this concept at Cooler Master Battlemodz Invitational here in the Philippines. I give many thanks to Cooler Master for picking me for this time. I would like to thank all the sponsors, Cooler Master, MSI, G.Skill for supporting my projects now and before. Concept: You may find the full details of the AURELIO Super Car, just click the link. http://www.carmudi.com.ph/journal/aurelio-first-filipino-made-supercar/ And here are my components that i will be using for this project Processor: Intel i5 6600k Motherboard: MSI B150m Mortar Arctic GPU: MSI GTX 960 2G RAM: GSkill Trident Z 4x8GB (32GB) PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G 1200w Platinum SSD: G.Skill Phoenix FTL 240GB Fans: Thermaltake Riing White 12mm (4pcs) Case: Cooler Master Mastercase PRO 3 Water Cooling: Bitspower Water Cooling
  5. THEME Pretty simple, favorite sports team coming off of a championship year (http://www.Esks.com). CONCEPT Always wanted to do a scratch build. Custom "wind tunnel" design allows air to enter through the back platform, push through the PC and past the radiator on top. Built to support up to two 360mm radiators. Water-cooled, dual GPU design. 3D-printed supports with aluminum bar and acrylic sides. Intended to be dead-simple and repeatable. SPECS Details TBD Twitter: @Krepadoodle || Project Hash Tag: #ESKIMOD2 Initial test print worked out pretty well. Just used a simple 10% infill for now. Bar slipped right into place. Will add screw holes for final print.
  6. It's that time again, this PC build log will be towards my personal dedicated M-ITX gaming build which I affectionately call 'PurrBuntu'. It will be dual OS (Windows 10 and Ubuntu Gnome) hence the name. I would like to take the take to thank Cooler Master USA for providing the Elite 110 for this build. Please see the following link for hardware parts: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/NocturneKittie/saved/6qGFf7. For the mod I will be getting the following from MNPCTECH: Diamond Knurl PC Feet, BlackBlack Billet Grooved HandlesDIY PC Cas​e Window I​nstall KitCase will undergo a paint job, custom window and custom front panel. First set of pictures show PC case broken down: front panel, Top panel, case feet, PSU bracket and PCIe brackets have been taken off to prepare for cutting the paint.
  7. "WD EXO" https://www.instagram.com/willydijo/ https://www.facebook.com/willydijo/ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Work Log _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello all, This PC case is a personal project that's designed to be a replacement for my 900D, while being visually very different and designed for my components. (The back of the motherboard is another front due to a rendering flaw) The case was designed mostly around the materials I have left over from other projects, all being aluminium right angle lengths, 3mm and 5mm aluminium plate. Dimensions: 440mm x 440mm x 180mm (160mm excluding corner braces) Part List 4690K MSI B85 G43 GTX 690 (not finalized) Hyper X Fury 16GB DDR3 Corsair H100i GTX ThermalTake Riing 140 RGB Fans (Modular ~750W PSU) Intel 535 120GB SSD WD 1Tb HDD _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Lets start... Drilling 4.2mm holes to tap M5 threads Spare 5mm plate of aluminium before clean-up Frame braces being filed to shape Measurements marked ready for drilling 4.2mm Pilot hole 6mm final hole size Happy that my measurements aligned right
  8. Hello guys, Want to share with you my latest project. This project has been just finished, but with the shear lack of time was not able do the build log in the daily update style as I did with my Raised from the dead project, but any ways bear with me, as the project did turn out rather well :) So lets go: This is my interpretation of a Apple G5 case mod, turning the Apple G5 case to accept a ATX format motherboard. In this case a friend of mine had a rather beat up G5 case and wanted me to fix it up and install his mATX based PC inside. He wanted to keep the outside of the case as original as possible and to run everything on air, so there was not so much room for any mayor mods. Before he asked me to do this i did not even know that such things were made and after looking at some done projects on line, decided to accept the challenge, and plus im not the worlds greatest apple fan so Apple case + Dremel = FUN :) And fun it was :D My first priority was to make the cover for the back and to get a mobo tray. A old PC came in aid as it had a awesomely big mobo tray that was riveted to the PCIE slots and I/O opening so took out all the positioning issue for me. and for the back cover a piece of cardboard came in handy to measure out the dimensions and the cut outs correclty
  9. Introduction Hello everybody! Time has come for another project to start. I wanted to do a unique build, something thathas never been seen before and as I was walking around the house looking at old stuff I noticed the beauty that would be housing this project, for all you radio lovers, it's a Grundig 4066 radio made in Germany in the late 50's. This project will be mostly used as a regular daily driver PC and some light photoshop use, it's entitled to my cousin that has been really nice to me helping me take the final pictures for my latest build Chernobyl, if you haven't seen this project you can read the logs here: http://www.overclock.net/t/1543761/project-chernobyl-from-beginning-to-the-end http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/322976-project-chernobyl/ And also giving me her Nikon D40x camera to take pictures in this project! Speaking of my latest project, Chernobyl will actually be recieveing a makeover sometime next week where I will be replacing some watercooling stuff and redoing some details like cables and such. But enough of that, you'll have to read that in the Chernobyl buildlog. I completely understand that some of you will be a bit annoyed or even furious that I will be "ripping" apart such a pretty old radio but it no longer is required and will just start to collect dust so I decided to give it new life instead, if you're wondering about the history. The radio has been in my family many years originally from my grandfather, and I did not want it to be forgotten. That's why I gave this project the name, Vintage Reborn. Components All components are not decided yet but I will be updating this list as the components get updated. PSU: Bitfenix Fury 550GMOBO: MSI Z97i ACCPU: Intel i5 4690kRAM: 16GB HyperX FurySSD: Samsung 850 EVO 120gbHDD: WD Green 2TBCPU Cooling: BeQuiet Dark Rock Pro 3Case Cooling: Bitfenix Spectre ProLighting: Bitfenix Alchemy LED strips Big News Bitfenix has jumped in and decided to sponsor this build. A big thanks to Bitfenix for supplying me with things for my build. I will be covering their sponsorship a bit more in detail as the project goes on. So let's get to work! I decided to start with showing of the radio before disassembly and also show of what Bitfenix provided me. Ofcourse I am still pretty new regarding photography so please bare with me if I got some bad angles etc, but I promise you they will become better as the build continues. Here we have some pictures of what Bitfenix provided me with. I must say that being sleeving directly from the factory, Nanosleeve is one of the best premade sleeved cables I've seen actually, it feels quite soft and not as "plastic" feely as other factory sleevings. And ofcourse I have to show a wide picture of the radio and some components Excuse me for the photobombing but I really wanted to showcase all of the aspects of the radio, now onwards to what I've planned for the PC itself. The project is expected to be finished by mid summer so it might take a while before you start seeing components dropping in but that does not mean we will be taking it nice and easy, full speed ahead! I wanted to keep the Retro feel in the PC so I decided to simply not show the IO or the PSU back cover that you normally would find on the back of the PC, instead I will be using some wonderful things called Panelmounts. You simply extend the cable and mount it on the outside of something sort of the way most PC cases have on their front panel. Unfortunately I haven't got a lot of time to work with during this week and the coming because I have my main rig Chernobyl to redo and a lot of studies. I started picking apart the radio and I can say this right from the start, it wasn't a pleasent experience. The radio hadn't been opened since the purchase which meant I had about 50 years of dust to deal with. very well, onwards. The radio is completely disassembled and I started planning where to drill and where to cut holes for all the panel mounts and I also started deciding the component layout inside the radio itself. Here's a picture of how the radio looks without all the trim. Also an early version of what the drilled holes will look like REMEMBER This is not the final product as I still have a lot of touch ups to make the holes look nicer. The project will be a bit dry on updates for the first weeks as I have a lot to deal with right now but I assure you I will update the log as soon as I've got time for it, ofcourse you should not have to wait. Here we have some renders in the early stage of the radio that I rendered using Visualizer. All models were made using the program Sketchup. Sadly this is all for this update but more will be coming next week! Stay tuned <3
  10. Hello fellow Monkeys, It's that time again, this time I will be doing a permanent dedicated SFF PC build for LAN events. During my last trip to QuakeCon I had a bad experience when it comes to traveling with a mid tower while attempting to travel via Amtrak, it seems that no electronic items can be checked in :huh: . But can be used as carry on if size permits, hence this build log. My next two LAN events will require travel (one in Indiana and the second PDXLAN at Oregon). Even though I may drive to both there's the possibility that I may choose to fly and take my build as a carry on when I do. Since I am a US Army Vet and decided to start getting involved with Operation Supply Drop I chose to do a military themed build. The case I will be using is Fractal Design's Node 304 in black, but will paint an OD Green. I intent to cut in a window on top panel, replace front panel and its I/O, add case feet and a carrying handle. I'll edit and add custom parts from MNPCTECH with links below. Thanks to Bill Owen for sponsoring me with parts for this mod (see links and pictures below). I will post updates as build progresses. In the meantime it's time to break case down. Specs: Fractal Design Node 304 Mini-ITX PC case, blackMSI Z97I AC Mini-ITX LGA 1150 MotherboardIntel i5 4690k CPU8GB 9 2 x 4GB) Kingston Hyper Beast DDR3 2400MHz RAMTwo 500GB ea. Samsung 850 EVO SSDsSapphire Radeon R9 285 ITX 2GB GPU (temporary)EVGA SuperNOVA 650 GS Fully Modular PSU (getting next month)Four Noctua NF-B9 redux 1600, SSO Bearing Fan 92mm (getting next month)One Noctua NF-P14s redux-1500 PWM, SSO Bearing Fan 140mm (getting next month)Cooler Master Hyper D92, CPU cooler (getting net month)Note will either use two 92mm 0r two 80mm case fans for custom front panel, will know more as I start mod. Removed rubber "case feet" and discovered screws underneath. Seems like there's a bottom plastic like tray that can be removed as well. I chose to remove this bottom "tray" for better installation of custom case feet. This is the bottom plastic like tray removed. Removed two front 92mm case fans, will cut out these fan mounts for custom front panel and replace with another 92mm or 80mm fans. Removed built in fan speed controller since I will not use. Removed PSU bracket and top bar which supports the three hard drive trays which I will not use either. Removed the left side GPU filter. Removed the right side PSU filter. Everything has been broken down and removed, will take measurements and prepare to start cutting and drilling before painting. PSU bracket and internal PSU cable in one easy to find place/bag. Mnpctech PC & Case Mod Product Links Lamptron Bulgin Mounting Plate, 22mm by 22mm, Black by Mnpctech, http://mnpctech.com/bulgin-modmytoys-computer-pc-power-reset-switch-mounting-plates-vandal-anti-resitant-lamptron/22mm-22mm-switch-plate/lamptron-bulgin-mounting-plate-22mm-by-22mm-black.html Mnpctech Red & Green Vandal Resistant PC Power Switch, 22mm, http://mnpctech.com/case-mods-gaming-pc-liquid-modding-custom-computer-mnpctech-overclock-cooling-fan-grills/switches-toggle-pc-computer-power-reset/vandal-resistant-pc-power-switch-22mm-clone.html Mnpctech Mini ITX Custom Machined Aluminum PC Case Feet, http://mnpctech.com/pc-computer-stereo-desktop-case-feet/mini-itx-pc-case-feet.html Gaming or LAN PC Carry Handles are made from solid 3/8" diameter Stainless Steel, http://mnpctech.com/pc-case-lan-party-gaming-carry-top-server-tower-handles/pc-bar-handles.html
  11. I'm back! It has been a while, but after a short break I will be sharing small modifications to my upcoming (possible) QuakeCon build. I've always preferred SFF PC builds, so the first one will be done in a Thermaltake Core V1 M-ITX case. The hardware for this build is still up in the air, so when I get the remaining parts I will start sharing progress here. My second build will be a M-ATX, have yet to decide on a PC case for it. I will be traveling to QuakeCon via train so far so I need something that I can either bring as a carry on or try to get a Pelican case and check it in for trip. Until then, game and mod on...
  12. Hey I'm still sort of new at this and I will building my first personal pc in a couple of months and was wondering if the specs look good. Also I will be showing the price I am getting the parts for. *The parts I have not got yet say potentially Specs: CPU: i5-4670k $220 potentially MOBO: Asrock Z87 Fatal1ty killer $115 RAM: Gskill Ripjaws x 8gb (2x4gb) 1600 $67.50 CPU Cooler: Thermaltake NiC C5 $44 SDD Samsung 840 Evo 250gb desktop kit $180 HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1tb $55 potentially Optical Drive: Samsung DVD Burner Model SH-224DB/BEBE $15 GPU: ASUS HD 7770 2gb $135 PSU: EVGA Supernova G2 750w $114 potentially WIFI Adapter: Rosewill N900PCE $25 Keyboard/Mouse: Coolermaster Devastator Gaming Bundle $30 Computer Case: Raidmax Extreme Black Smilodon Mid Tower $80 OS: Windows 8.1 pro(student version) $70 So potentially its gonna cost me $1,150.5 The case I want paint the gray interior black and the other inside parts red excluding the case fans except for the 120mm fans to match the red black color scheme. I have with most of the internal parts. Although I need advice on how to approach this and the pc case is easy to take apart, but is solid. I appreciate any advice anyone can give me on the build what I need to add to it, how to improve etc. Also wanted to add the mnpctech billet handles to the top so could move it around easier. Thanks for any constructive criticism to help with the build and hope you like it.
  13. Just joined this forum, but I've been watching Bill's videos for a while now... I know I'm very amateur compared to most of you guys on here, but I though I'd show my first mod anyway. Constructive criticism is always appreciated. Let me know what you think! http://imgur.com/a/spevw
  14. Some of you may have seen my work on the FT03 on various web spots before (including this site). I build a ton of PCs every year and try to make a few for myself each year also. I haven't gotten to the point when I am just too picky and my expectations have grown out of control. So I am going to make the best FT03 possible (to hopefully get over those previous behaviors). I want to address every detail of the case itself and how to configure the hardware in it. I do have quite a few tools at my disposal, but will farm out what I can't do in house the right way. Hardware is hardware and it will have decent components (and they are likely to change often anyway). I have narrowed down all of the parts that are going to work for the next couple of months and I have most of them anyway. My budget is $2000 US (for the tower only). This adventure started in June of 2012 and must be complete and operational January 1st 2013. Off we go.... Components list: Silverstone FT-03 in Silver/White rev. 1 (this does matter as issues I will address have been updated in newer revs) Intel 3770K (has run at 4.5ghz for over a year and will most likely stay that way) ASRock Extreme 4M Z77 Corsair Dominator 1600mhz CL10 8GB x4 ASUS r280x DCII Top rev. 1 (the new one comes out this week) ASUS Xonar DX 7.1 Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD Samsung 840 Pro 128GB SSD x2 Western Digital Black 250GB HD x2 Seagate Cuda 3TB HD Seasonic 620w M12II Modular Power Supply Various bits that I used or modded along the way. Cooling bits list: Zalman LC 320Q AIO H2O (yes custom h2O would be tasty and it could happen...) Scythe Gentile Typhoon 120mm 1850rpm fan x2 Sharkoon Silent Eagle 1000rpm 120mm fan Gelid Solutions 1600rpm 80mm fan x2 Gelid Solutions Silent 4200rpm 40mm fan x2 Various other bits I will show along the way. Link to manufacturer: http://www.silverstonetek.com/product.php?pid=291&area=en ^these are the best stock photos I have seen. -Still going through photos. I am so unorganized. Here is a link to video of the initial assembly. It is low def, poor lighting, etc. It's only 2:30 though, so its not so bad. I am not trying to advertise with this, so if the intro/logos are no go, feel free to remove it as that is not my intention. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ORuBPOUML8 Components in that first assembly included: Bone stock FT03 Xeon 1245v2 ASRock Extreme 4M Z77 Corsair Dominator 1600mhz CL10 8GB x2 Nvidia Quadro 4000 HighPoint 2720SGL Rocket RAID/SAS to 4 sata cable Samsung 840 Pro 128GB SSD Western Digital Black 750GB HD x4 Seagate Cuda 3TB HD Seasonic 520w M12II Modular Power Supply LG Slot loading DVD burner Stock Silverstone 120mm fans x3 Xigmatek S1283 heatsink
  15. Hello all! Just thought would start a little PC design gallery. I have way to many ideas floating around in my head and not enough time and money to build them (one day....) but I still like designing cases. So I thought this would be a nice place to share 3D designs and renderings! I'll kick things off This is my first ever PC design the EPIC A380. It started off when I bought a Xclio A380 case and though, how can I make this even more ridiculous? :P/> I started work on the mod but the project got shelved for a while. NVIDIA Spider PC which I designed for the NVIDIA ION case mod contest. The design made it into the final 5 and was brought to life by Brian "Boddaker" carter. The Anti-Mac My submission for the Phobya Case Design Contest Other random designs... Shows us your you CG designs!
  16. For those of you that have followed the trend when it comes to desk integrated PCs, Lian-Li's DK01 prototype has received some updates since it was first revealed. You can go to their Blog posting link below to see more photos and post additional feedback directly back to Lian-Li: http://www.lian-li.com/lianliblog/dk01-desk-chassis-update/ Some of the cooler updates: It's all black, comes in two widths, has 360mm radiator support and individually removable hard drive bays. Another feature you'll notice (when you look at the additional photos) is that the motherboard chassis area is on drawer slides so you can pull it out and service it. They are working towards a finalized version at some point and it should be interesting to see how this finally ends up. At this rate, I'm actually thinking this could be a pretty darn cool setup to take and mod further (because that's what we do right?) Enjoy
  17. Sometime ago I got the idea to try to build a PC in a Microwave Oven. I googled around a little bit and discovered that this had been done a few times before. I had been thinking about doing some kind of case modding for a while and decided this would be my project. I dropped by the local Goodwill and picked up a 1985 Kenmore Microwave for $5. Opened it up Stipped it down (This is where I intend to put the PSU and HDD) And brought it down to the workshop I drew up a crude plan of what I intend to do here So I started with cutting the two fan holes for a straight air flow through the case (I used a 4.5" PVC pipe as a guide) Next I cut the hole for the power supply and left some tabs for screw holes. Since I made this I have considered flipping the PSU upside down so I don't have to cut a big fan hole through the thick steel on the bottom of the microwave Then I got started on the front I/O that I tore out of an old case I had lying around Good fit, but a little rough around the edges. If you have any tips on how I might clean this up a bit, they would be greatly appreciated (I was thinking a little black electrical tape around the edges might do the trick) So that's all I have done for now. I'll make some more progress on it later tonight and tomorrow morning, but until then, thanks for reading. As I said in the title, this is my first build so any tips or suggestions you have will be taken into consideration. P.S. Thanks to Bill Owen for the great tutorials and videos on Youtube. P.S.S. Still working on the official title. So far I've come up with MicrowATX because it'll only fit a Micro ATX board, but I think it's a little cheesy. Open to suggestions.
  18. For those that follow AMD and their graphic cards, you know they have been talking about a new low-level Application Programming Interface (API) for game developers called Mantle. If you aren't familiar, here is a Forbes article written by Jason Evangelho (who I mention again later) discussing AMD's Mantle ( http://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelho/2013/10/08/why-amds-mantle-matters/ ) There is an interesting Windows App Builder Blog that was posted today that was spotted by the same Jason Evangelho. Jason poked AMD about the blog content asking @AMDRadeon the following question via Twitter: "Stupid question: How does @AMDRadeon #Mantle make cross-platform development easier if Mantle isn't on Xbox One? http://blogs.windows.com/windows/b/appbuilder/archive/2013/10/14/raising-the-bar-with-direct3d.aspx# …!" Source: https://twitter.com/killyourfm/status/389882660161474563 The key quote in the Microsoft blog he is referring to is: "The Xbox One graphics API is “Direct3D 11.x” and the Xbox One hardware provides a superset of Direct3D 11.2 functionality. Other graphics APIs such as OpenGL and AMD’s Mantle are not available on Xbox One." Source: http://blogs.windows.com/windows/b/appbuilder/archive/2013/10/14/raising-the-bar-with-direct3d.aspx# The blog continues to talk about Microsoft's ongoing development and advancements with DirectX and Direct3D targeted at both the Xbox One and Windows 8.1. AMDRadeon actually responded to Jason's tweet with this lovely extended text tidbit: "Mantle is NOT in consoles. What Mantle creates for the PC is a development environment that's *similar* to the consoles, which already offer low-level APIs, close-to-metal programming, easier development and more (vs. the complicated PC environment). By creating a more console-like developer environment, Mantle: improves time to market; reduces development costs; and allows for considerably more efficient rendering, improving performance for gamers. The console connection is made because next-gen uses Radeon, so much of the programming they're doing for the consoles are already well-suited to a modern Radeon architecture on the desktop; that continuum is what allows Mantle to exist. ^RH" Source: https://twitter.com/AMDRadeon/status/389889549016391680 I'll let your own brains decide what to think of the information I just provided and how this will all play out for the PC.
  19. Hey all im new to the whole building a pc case scene but for as long as i can remember ive always like the idea of building a case so thought why not just go ahead and do it, I looked online at heaps and thought seeing as it was my first one id keep the design kinda simple ,so after a few sketches i came up with a design i rather liked. i noticed online a few that were made from wood and loved them so i have decided to do mine from wood also, As its my first build and specially the fact im using wood i am looking for as much help as possible with advice and any hints and tips to create the best case i can. If anyone could possible help me out i would be extremely great full. If anyone would like any more info please don't hesitate to ask and i hope to hear from yous soon :D
  20. (skip past the pictures for questions) So I am building my first gaming PC in 7 years and decided since I have much more money now than when I built my current one when I was in college that I wanted to do something a bit more special. I am absolutely in love with the A-10, my eye sight was not good enough to go into the AF as a pilot(of course the year after I am too old to qualify they make laser eye surgery ok for pilots) but none the less through computer gaming and DCS A-10C I am able to get my fix as best I can. So what I am thinking for the mod is to paint an azza genesis 9000 gray, weathering the surface, adding details like paneling etc with the main feature being the coolest A-10 nose art from the 188th fighter wing on the side panel that I will see most of the time. My main question is my idea for the led strips on the Azza case is this, to remove the plastic colored elements and paint them to match the formation lights on an A-10C pictured here(http://files.air-attack.com/MIL/a10/a10night_20120727.jpg)theyre the strips of light best seen on the center of the tail. what products would be best to achieve the best final product in terms of both light transmission and color? thanks in advance for your help!
  21. I guess since bill didn't post this yet. I would beat him to it. Here's a guide to "Plasti Dip your PC Case" by Bill and Jesse. All credits goes to MNPCTech / MonsterMawd
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