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Found 6 results

  1. Original Project Started: Oct., 2009 Status: Ongoing "Hikeeba!" If that statement means something to you or perhaps you have a sense of déjà vu, you may be a MSTie or perhaps have MSTie-like tendencies. See, I'm a MSTie too. And a hardcore one at that. So hardcore that when my most favorite TV show of all-time was canceled (for good), I actually cried. I'm not joking. Yeah....laugh it up, wise-ass! Anyways, that is how psychotic about the show I was. *stands up and hangs head in shame* "My name is Jeremy, and I am a MSTie." *muttering hello in loose unison* I've built bots too. Sad, huh? I would be considered an ultimate dork when it comes to that. I've watched every episode of the show repeatedly over the years, and when I'm down or depressed about whatever, I know I can rely on Joel/Mike and the bots to cheer me up. They got me through some very dark years in my life. I'm tackling a theme I've been wanting to do for years that's never been done properly before in a case-mod that I've ever seen. Perhaps someone's tried, but nothing posted anywhere that I can find that's worth a squirt. So, I present to you for your possible acceptance...a mod project dedicated to the greatest cowtown-puppet show that ever graced the boob-tube: Mystery Science Theater 3000! I'm building this for my younger brother, who doesn't know about it. Mostly because he's deep in concentration (hopefully) at a university working on his last year there. He doesn't have a computer either. At least, one that's worth a . I think he's still on a skt. 478 celery. :hehe: That sucks, doesn't it? I'm trying to fix that problem. I don't have any hardware or anything, so I'm just concentrating on the case itself. That's probably going to be it too, so who knows! So let's get started, shall we? :D Have a seat in the theater! Grab some popping corn. Wrestle with your over-packaged candies so you annoy and irritate all the other movie-goers with the rustling sound of cellophane right at the moment when it's really really quiet. :hehe: Don't you hate that? Me too! It makes me want to lick a gummy-bear and toss it at the culprit. Nah...not anymore. Those days are over in fear of being thrown out. Now, I just slash your tires! Oh, wait-- ...nevermind. "Join us, won't you?" The chassis that I'm going to be tearing down and rebuilding is a long-extinct AMS CF-1006. I've used this chassis many times before. I had a small cache of them too when I bought a few for closeout prices, along with it's bigger brother, the CF-1009 (which I also have one left). I'm down to my last CF-1006. So I figured I'd do something as a 'swan-song' of sorts with it. Some of you that know my past work know I tend to spend some time on things to make it right. It's not a race, and I don't plan on changing that anytime soon! I'm going for something fun this time. Something that will bring a smile to my brother's face and perhaps some of you as well. Me? Well, I'm never happy with any of my mods, which is why I continue to pursue that 'perfect mod', which ironically doesn't exist. I'm sort of taking the "Bill Owen" method here and attacking the case impromptu without much planning. Although I do have a plan, sorta. So I guess it's not like Bill. Nevermind. I have a basic outline of what I'm doing, but I keep changing my mind on stuff. So I guess we'll see where things go, alright! Stop pestering me! :hehe: Here's an early concept design on where I'm going with it... Now, here's the actual case. I've used this particular case as a test-bed in the past; checking measurements on things, etc. It's been used as a test-pig for a couple projects I can recall directly, like my Biohazard project for instance. First step, anyways, is to replace that crappy stock acrylic/aluminum front plate. Yuck! I decided finally that the background piece was going to be aluminum first, because it's nice and sturdy and strong like a good little boy that eats his veggies! Here's a concept drawing of it... I decided at the last moment I'd ditch the embedded rheobus and replace it with a couple rocker switches for lighting control instead. I have a bad habit of thinking like the old-school watercooler that I am, so I'm always adding fan control stuff where it's just not needed. This will most-likely be an aircooled rig, and considering the sheer size and capability of the fans being utilized, I just won't need fan control. The mobo's capabilities are just fine for this. Alright, on to the actual piece! Just prior to heading up north for a small hiatus/get-together with mod-god Bill Owen, I finished the design work on the plate so I'll have the files ready. While up with Bill, we went by the machinist's place to take care of the plate real quick. We had some other things to talk about with the machinist anyways, but nothing I have the authorization to speak about yet. :D Raw material on the bed... And a few mins. later, there she is! Man, look at all that 120mm fan punch-out scrap! :hehe: A lot of MNPCTech billet grills resulted from that stuff. Anyways, here's the finished bezel. What I wasn't prepared for was how close my measurements were in my design. Sometimes I scare even myself! :hehe: Now, let's see how a 200mm fan will work there... heh heh heh. Now for some fun stuff! The stock case unfortunately came with a window in it. Normally I'd prefer to make my own. Well, I decided I'd try to turn that frown upside down and roll with the punches. :D Let's see what kind of clearance on the backside of the panel I have... Wow, that's close! But perfectly fine. Actually, I set the file up to make sure it fit right in the nook inside those rounded-metal guides. And a little test-install here. Threaded some 8-32 screws with some nuts on the backside to see how the panel looks. That's what I like to see! Measurements all spot-on. And finally, let's stick it back on the case and see how it roughly looks... Yes! And it's good! ------------- Thank you to: ------------- Thanks for watchin'!
  2. Jump to final photos if you're too impatient to read the journey! CPU Magazine Volume 14 - Issue 12 (December 2014) Welcome to Project Clunk! I must begin by issuing an apology for the seemingly jumpy posts, as I didn't intend on making a project log for this at first but was told I should, so I figured, "why not?" I should also mention that this mod was started the second day of January 2013, working on it on my free time during lunches, etc. and then it sat in a box in the shop for a few months until I continued work on it a couple weeks ago in secret, so the log may be confusing at 1st. I will be using spare parts I have left in the EEL shop so I can clean out some of it and give it a good home too. Also, it will be decked out with a lot of MNPCtech gear so keep your eyes peeled for those! This project won't be too extravagant or expensive either, hence the budget kind of feel to things. Which also makes things interesting to me because I like to flex the creative muscle for no money (other than time invested). This is a project for a friend based on a Bitfenix Outlaw chassis.... or what's left of one anyways... The story begins... Toward the end of last year, (somewhere around November I believe?) I was handed what was left of this case by Hank @ PPCs as it came in on a shipment of RMA cases from misc. retailers in the US on behalf of Bitfenix, and my initial reaction was to turn my nose up at it due to the low-tier case and horrid condition it was in with the stock front fascia busted completely off and pieces hanging left and right from it, dented panels, etc. But the more I looked at the case, the more I felt compelled to just destroy it. And that's not meant in a negative manner either, although I didn't really like the case to begin with due to the thin materials and low cost, but what really caught my eye was the inverted-ATX layout versus size. It's no big secret that I'm a fan of the inverted-ATX layout. I love it for watercooling! I had promised my friend Duke (whose favorite color is GREEN) that I would build him something sometime for him to transplant his *namebrand MATX AMD system* (cough cough) into a "better enclosure", and figured this was a perfect opportunity to do so. My initial idea was to build something kind of post-apocalyptic (due to working on BIO-A10 at the time) or something and it quickly moved to putting it loosely in the Mad Max arena, hence the name. It's just a name borrowed from a character from Mad Max, but nothing to do with the character. It just clicked in place and fit the idea perfectly. It's my take on the idea of it being a part of the gangs that the MFP tends to run down in those flicks -- or at least try to. So it's an anti-MFP build! ;) I should also place the disclaimer that this wasn't an idea stolen from Bill at all; I found it hilarious that he mentioned doing a Mad Max build sometime in the future on a past podcast and I decided to stay silent about it at the time so it would be a surprise when I finally unveiled this. I suppose insane minds think alike! So, just think of Clunk as merely an appetizer for whatever Bill has up his sleeve. I'm guessing something MFP related too. :) Can't wait for it! Let's get on with it, shall we? This is the POS chassis. Lovely, isn't it? I actually liked the way the case looked without the stock panel on it anyways, because those cheap plasticy front panels are a dime-a-dozen to me. I'll be fabricating a new front for the case. It's rather small, considering it an ATX chassis. I'm a packrat by nature, if some of you didn't already know, so I tend to keep a lot of weird things I remove off past cases. I also happen to keep a lot of solid materials that I can use, and I happened to have a front panel off a destroyed Lian Li V-2100B. And look, it also happens to be just the right size for a new front panel! The ridged nature to the panel also adds a certain coolness for it to me too, considering it's just a piece of aluminum (aluminium for Kyle)! And the 1st in a substantial jump forward... Here's what I've been up to with the opposite-mobo side panel... I'll be back when I have more to show after I've ripped the guts out of it and given it the B-Jesus! Thanks for wasting some of your time reading this hog-wash! Toodles!
  3. ZoPHaR

    Red Hawk

    This build started out as a replacement for my SR-2 build that I parted out last year. During the part out I traded some of the parts for a Rosewill Blackhawk Ultra. The Blackhawk Ultra shares the basic chassis design with the Xigmatek Elysium, and the Enermax Fulmo GT. First off this case is HUGE. Room for 4 5.25" devices, and 10 yes 10 3.5" hard drives. It also has support for up to a 360mm or 420mm radiator in the top out of the box. Which is really nice IMO. Well lets get to it. Current hardware list (subject to change): Motherboard: EVGA P67 FTW CPU: Intel 2600K GPU's: Undecided (originally was going to go with 660TI's) Memory: Undecided PSU: EVGA NEX 1000W platinum or not yet released 1300W GPU blocks: Alphacool CPU Block: Alphacool NexXxoS XP3 Radiators: Alphacool NexXxoS UT60 420mm, and Monsta 280mm Reservoir: Alphacool RePack quad DDC dual 5.25" bay res Pumps: Koolance PMP 400 Fans: Rosewill Hyperborea 140mm (highest static pressure 140mm fan I could find) Cable Extensions: Made by a good friend {uZa}DOA in black widow para-chord I'll start with the original pics and then move into the current state. Stock boring case: All in all not a horrible case. Just too boring for me. For size reference, this is my 1 1/2 year old and 5 year old modeling the case: A shot of the inside holding the E-ATX P67 FTW motherboard. I honestly think that my kids could curl up inside this thing. But I don't think that the inside is "open" enough. So I set out to removed some excess metal. The hardrive bays are ugly and a little overkill for me. I'm not going to be running a server in this chassis so out they come: It was about 16 rivets in total and a couple were a pain to get out because of where they put them. But the final result is a wide open space: Now I know my kids could fit in there. I then set out to figure out what options I had for radiators. Once it's all done There will be enough hardware in here to heat a small house. I already knew that a 420 was the max in the top due to the top panel and the way it fits together. And in stock form a single 140mm could fit on the bottom and the back. And I also knew that there was no way I was running any radiators outside the case. So I did a just for fun test fit and found if I really wanted I could have fit a 560mm rad in the bottom as long as the bottom tank was short: The down side to that was the PSU would go on the top and that would knock me down to a max 140mm rad up there. So a 420mm was going in the top. Then because I removed the front drive cages that opened my up to two 140mm fans. Knowing that I wanted maximum cooling but I was trying to stay close to the depth of the 5.25" drive bays I decided to stack two of the Alphacool XT45 280mm rads. And yes I know that it isn't the most efficient setup, but it let me fit the most rad surface area in the space that I wanted. Here is the pic of the setup: Here is the setup with a 140mm fan on it: And here it is installed in the case: Plenty of room top and bottom. There was going to be a couple of drain ports drilled into the bottom but since I did this Alphacool released the Monsta radiators. Now I'm pretty sure I'll sell these and switch it over to a single Monsta 280mm radiator to cut down on one set of fans and also cut down on a little bit of plumbing. I also got the top 420mm radiator and decided I was going to do a push pull configuration with the fans. But since I went with the 60mm thick UT60 radiator space between the radiator and the fans inside the case was at a premium. See here: So whats a guy to do? well lets put the pull fans on the outside of the case: Problem solved... Or is it? Well that won't work. There are a set of supports for the top panel right where the fans go. So out come my trusty cutters and bam: We have fan clearance: And there is still plenty of room in the 5.25" bays for a fan controller of another small bay device. But not so much on the back of the case.
  4. Hello! I should state from the inception that this is not an E.E.L. project, regardless the fact that it has my username attached to it. This is a documentation of a rather high-profile client (that I have chosen to remain anonymous for everyone's safety) of Performance-PCs' system build that I've been charged with handling. I was asked kindly to create a project log for it, so I calmly stated that I would if the person asking would slowly put away the firearm that was against my temple. Now, you won't find the usual muck that you've come to expect from E.E.L.'s foul and decadent project logs. In fact, you may very well find it difficult to find sarcasm. Yes, amazing, isn't it? But what you will find is consummate professionalism. And the word "genitals". Let's get started, shall we? What I, the hired gun, will be working on today is a small, teeny, tiny little case from CaseLabs. Yes, that CaseLabs. And they are known world-wide for very teeny, tiny, microscopic little cases. The case in particular is none other than the TX10-D, with some expansions chosen by the client. See? Like I said, very small! So, some boxes started showing up out of the blue... I really thought perhaps we should have isolated some of these in case of (highly unlikely but probable) explosives, but the odd looks and mumbling from the co-workers put that idea to rest rather quickly. I began to tear into some of these when I had some time to do so like a child on X-Mas morn, only to realize everything was to be assembled. So it really was like X-Mas morn. Alright... I guess I have some work ahead of me. So, a smidge over an hour later, I have this...refrigerator, or something, sitting in front of me. Man, it's a lot smaller than I thought it'd be! But it still beats a Japanese efficiency apartment. Alright, play-time is over. Time to get some work done, right? Right. I began assembly of the motherboard trays which allow you to slide them in and out of the case (innovation!); they have some handy, well, handles present that I need to install on the tray. I noticed something rather interesting... Apparently CaseLabs does things so swiftly that they forget to remove the screws from the handles before powdercoating them. LOL. No biggie. Just a torque-wrench or something will get it loose. Moving on, the usual collection of "vandal switches". ...Notice I didn't say Bulgin? It's because they aren't Bulgins. Bulgin is a brand, in case no one knew that. :) I'm guessing Mod/Smart or something based on the housing. Oh well; it works fine. Moving on. Let's take a look at some of the modest gear going in this build. First up is a pair of rather slow, lower-tier CPUs here... Oh, and hey, a couple more slow CPUs! Wow, four CPUs? Must be something going on. Found a Bigfoot NIC in the box too. A box full of some waterblocks from some company called MIPS... Never heard of them. :rolleyes: And an overview shot of most of the modest gear going in this build... See? Not a lot of money in this at all! Some RAM or SSDs or something... Some kinda motherboard or two for stuff... I guess these are video cards? Is that right? :shrugs: Some kinda RAID card for stuff... Some kinda modest PSU for like, power, or something... Sound cards? I dunno. Some more RAM and stuff. There's more I guess. But let's get started on tossing some of it in here, okay? Should be a cakewalk, right? ...Right? :unsure: I'll be checking in periodically with more modest stuff to share. Toodles!
  5. Log Completed Sept. 2012 Final Photos Computer Power User Magazine spread CPU Mag Dec. 2012 issue (digital edition) Well, hello there! It's been a little while; not too long though, right? I think? Actually, it's been way too long, indeed. I have some explaining to do and some dirty laundry to air before we get started on this new project log; the 1st of quite a few project logs that have been clogging up E.E.L.'s brain like three runs to Taco Bell in one day does to a lactose-intolerant without any fiber intake, so please afford me this much if I run off-topic before there really IS a topic, okay? I'm going to answer the main Q that some of you may be thinking right now, assuming you're familiar with me/my work from the past, so here we go. 1). What the bloody-jumpin'-freakin'-hell happened to you!? Well, see, the short answer is, my life has been turned upside down and back again. The long answer is, my long-time career-shattering job I was in possession of for close to two decades was ended. Not by choice, but by necessity (because of the piss-poor economy Stateside). I worked for a small business; family-run. I was the only non-family employee, but the odd thing was I was probably the most-valuable considering I was keeping them afloat with over 60% of the income from my department, but I was let go because the company was going to go under if they didn't let SOMEONE go; that person was me because I didn't share the last name with the rest of the employees. The worst part was, I was told on the SAME DAY I SIGNED A LEASE FOR NEW PROPERTY; was given the bad news when I returned to work that early afternoon. Needless to say, I was VERY irate about it. The pseudo-boss I had gave me the news with tears streaming down her face, along with her brother. I'm sure they were crying because the only person who could actually DO any of the work was being swept out the door like a two-day old turd on the brand-new carpet. But I digress. For those that didn't know, I was (am) a graphic designer and t-shirt printer. I have been tinkering with it since I was 11 years old. To put it into perspective, I worked on Macs when they had a killer reputation for quick and powerful processing, and it was the ONLY graphics platform available. My first "illustration" program I touched was MacDraw. I recall when Photoshop came out--the first one. Illustrator 88+. Etc, etc. Bottom line is, I had been around it for quite a while. And I loved it. I enjoyed every minute of it. I miss it more than I could even begin to iterate here in a stupid project log. It was (still is) a big part of me, and not having my print-room makes me feel naked and incomplete in an odd way. I spent so many hours there; so many records played in there; so many gallons of sweat spilled there because of no A/C on occasion and working in a 100+-degree room. I remember watching the Sept. 11 attacks on an old tube TV from Sears-Roebuck (with wood-grain!) in that room. I enjoyed that place, and enjoyed my job. And it really wasn't a job to me. It gave me an outlet to push my creativity out and flex that muscle we all seem to have (at least those creative types out there). I put in overtime, but wasn't paid because I was salaried. I loved those 2 hour lunches too. And my own keys to the place. And the 2-am modding escapades in that building! I was modding there when a hurricane dropped right on top of us and my car was flooded out. Bottom line is, I was very sad to see it go. So now I was unemployed. That fast. I was given what they could afford to me to help me out, but I was screwed, plain and simple. The hell was I going to do? I needed something QUICK, even if it was temporary because of the lease on the new rental being a major increase in rent. But, those $30/hr paychecks will be hard to match. Then I recalled something. The manager of Performance-PCs had offered me the modding dept about 6 months prior and I kind of laughed softly in his face about it because it was a couple tax-brackets lower. Hell, that could work. Right? So I talk to the owner about it all; explained the situation, etc. I'm hired easily. But things are really bad, financially speaking. I won't go into specifics, but things really sucked in comparison. A month later, I'm miserable. Work is so different. And irritating. And suffocating. The lady is feeling a little ill, but nothing really clicked. Then, on a whim we get a pregnancy-test... Yup. Positive. Oh. My. God. So life gets any more interesting. We scramble to get the wedding plans cemented; making everything from scratch including the clothes and cakes. We get it done. And it was beautiful. Perfect. PERFECT! And we get the house we were fighting with the bank over and I rely on my impeccable and exorbitant credit to float us into the house. I really believe had I not had such stellar credit, we would be sleeping in a cardboard box right now. And nine months later, the most-beautiful thing in the world to me was born. And it changed my life. For the better. Made me, along with his mother, a whole person. Complete in every way. Except, for those awesome paychecks I still miss. There is so much more to the story, like failed business attempts and massive debt, but I'll leave it there. Enough has been said, IMO. You get the picture. I miss my laser. ----------------------------------------- Now, time to move on the dirty laundry I mentioned earlier. Heh. Heh. Now, those that know me personally know I do not take kindly to being snubbed or mistreated in any fashion. I'm a very easy-going kind of dude, and I afford respect to everyone. But sometimes, some just piss me off. And that includes companies. Computer supply companies. For those with a longer memory can recall I was graciously given an article in Custom PC for my Blu-Bawx I scratchbuild project, thanks to the infinite kindness of Antony Leather and the rest of the staff at Custom PC magazine and Bit-Tech. But--there's a downside to this. There was prize-pack from misc. companies for having your mod or whatever in the mag. Prizes from companies including Corsair, Cooler Master, MSI and QuietPC. Guess what? I only received the gear from Corsair and QuietPC. ***update - As of August 27th, the issue has been resolved with Cooler Master due to the exhaustive help, support and badgering from Bill Owen, Antony L., Richard S., as well as some help from Nic - Cooler Master US and the Cooler Master rep that actually has a brain in his gourd - - Mr. Wu from Cooler Master Taiwan who put his foot down and fixed the whole issue. Infinite thanks, Mr. Wu! Your reputation proceeds you, kind sir. And it should be pointed out that there was no help at all from the UK team. Shame on you guys! :nono: *** MSI didn't respond to ONE attempt at contacting them. Nothing. Nothing! So, here's the bottom line with this issue. I didn't necessarily care that much for the prizes I was supposed to receive because they were mid to low-end gear and I tend to use good stuff myself, but I WAS going to give it to my step-daughter for a system for her. So, good job, MSI! You made my step-daughter cry, you morons! I had been using MSI boards off-and-on for a while as well. Socket 478 days I loved their red-PCB'd boards, since red-n-black was always my color scheme. But, because of this snubbing, you guys have lost me as a customer and supporter as well. You guys suck. You have a new name to me.... or three... I think "MSI" probably stands for this, since they don't seem to want us modders to use their gear, right? Or, perhaps this in my case: Nah....I think it just means this: So here it is, you jackasses. Enjoy it. It's for you. Eat my @$$ Award just for you. -------------------------------------- Now, finally, with all that BS out of the way, let's get to some friggin' moddin'! At least, assuming I haven't been banned at this point for my rant. :lol:/> This project is based around a Lian Li PC-A10 chassis. Back when Lian Li really new what the hell they were doing. What an awesome case. And so much potential! Being the new, svelt, and affordable E.E.L., I was able to snag a couple of these extinct cases from work on the real-cheap because they were both missing mobo trays and one was pretty beat up. I was basically sponsored these cases, for the low cost I paid for them. The irony of it all was, I happen to have an A10 mobo tray in my arsenal of computer parts I've pack-ratted over the years. :lol:/> So, that takes care of that. This build is for my best friend, who has been extraordinarily patient with all of this. He gets the 1st stab on these cases. His theme is always a "biohazard" type of thing. Some recall my previous build for him based around this idea. Well, he loves it. And who am I to mock him for it? ...I do. Yes. :lol:/> But still. To each their own, right? So, here's what I'm going to do: That's what he saw a little while back when it was in the preliminary stage of design, but-- I gave him the option of a "weathered" build or a clean build. He chose clean. ....sooooo, he gets weathered. :lol:/> I'm such a rebel. Let's take a look at the chassis, shall we? Nothing special. At least, at first glance. Some one had applied a horrid psuedo-carbon fiber vinyl film to the front door. I'll fix that. Oooooh, I will. It's in bad shape, but I've seen a lot worse. I can turn it around. Some dents on the panels, etc. I think it'll add to the theme though. I love the layout inside. Seriously. For the smaller size of the case, you can really fit some serious cooling in here. I love it. Let's start stripping her down. A lot of surgery needed. A lot of wiring I'll no longer need! Oh yeah...these are gone. Let's remove the racks, here... These are definitely gone! This too... Let's get rid of the top IO ports too. I'll need some room to work and maneuver so this will make it easier. There. Simple. I'll keep this thing for later. They always come in handy! There's a little fan controller built in. It's gone too. Peek-a-boo! This is going to be really fun! Now, hopefully I can post again within a couple more years! :clap: Forgive me; It's been a little while since I've been in the driver's seat and my log-fu is a bit rusty. Not unlike this case will be. I'm sorry, guys. Truly. I'll be a better modder. I promise.
  6. This mod will be an NZXT Switch 810 in matte black, with a green and black theme. I'm enacting a sub for sub principal. if you sub/comment on my logs, mention yours or have yours in your sig and I'll do the same! Parts List! i7 3770k @4.7GHz cooled by Danger Den M6 Nickel Gigabyte G1.Sniper 3 2x4GB Corsair Vengeance Pro 1866MHz @2200MHz 9-10-9-27 MSi Twin Frozr III 7950 @1250/1650 Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB Crucial M4 256GB NZXT Switch 810 Matte Black Cooler Master Silent Hybrid Pro 1050W REEVEN RFC-01 Hardware Labs Black Ice GTS 360 in push/pull with Corsair Air SP120's FrozenQ Liquid Fusion V 250ml black helix res Monsoon compressions, rotary angled fittings, green LED plugs Swiftech MCP-655 pump Duralene tubing HP 2311x 23" 1080p monitor KBtalking Pro keyboard with Cherry MX reds and O-rings Razer Naga Epic Razer Goliathus Extended Klipsch Promedia 2.1 Asus ThunderFX DAC Thanks to the sponsors! Gigabyte Thanks for giving me this awesome Gigabyte G1.Sniper 3 z77 motherboard! Thanks for believing in me Irene! Performance-PC's These guys were one of my first sponsors, and of course since then I've become their hardware rep! Hank still makes me prove my worth for sponsorships though! Thanks for working with me from the start! They provided a FrozenQ Liquid Fusion V Series Black Helix res as well as a few other smaller goods. Monsoon Cooling Thanks for the awesome fittings! You guys advanced the look and uniqueness of my build by letting me have the awesome angled LED fittings and plugs! Can't wait to test them out! KBtalking Thanks for providing a KBtalking Pro keyboard for reviewing! This keyboard is very unique, and the Bluetooth functionality is just what I wanted! The video review will be coming soon as well as modifications. Corsair Memory Thanks to the people at Corsair for providing all 13 fans, 10 of the 120mm SP fans and 3 140mm AF fans, for this build. The cooling power will soon be put to test with some serious rads including an Alphacool Monsta rad. REEVEN I'd like to thank REEVEN for providing the amazing RFC-01 fan controller for my use. It has served me well and will serve me well in the future! Danger Den Finally, I'd like to thank Danger Den. They were my first sponsor, and I love the products they gave me. It's sad that they had to shut down! I wish I still had my best sponsor around to provide any items I wanted from them. I will continue to use and love the parts I've gotten from them, especially the Danger Den M6 Nickel block that will be featured very soon.
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