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Found 3 results

  1. Many of us are gamers, and those of us who are can very easily name off games that have impacted is in some way. From the joy of playing Super Mario Brothers for the first time, to the excitement of downing a new WoW raid with your guild, and the sobering discomfort of games like Spec Ops: the Line. There have been a lot of games I remember over the years but, the best of the bunch has been the Mass Effect series. Rarely do I see a game that sucks me in so deep that I want to replay it as soon as the credits finish. So it seemed like the perfect theme to use to freshen up the look on my current rig. The subject of this mod is my Thermaltake Core V71. I'll be really honest here, it isn't the greatest case I have ever used. If I had known a year ago when I bought this how much better of a case I could have gotten for a bit more money I would have. However, part of the fun of modding is making what you have accommodate what you want. So I opted to continue on rather than ordering a new case. I will say however, this case is nice for drive space and cable routing. When I build my next system I will likely leave this one intact, minus the water cooling, and turn it into a home server. As for the to-do list, it's nothing too crazy. Plasti Dip the outer chasis. Create a badge for the front of the case. Etch a design on the window. Install a water cooling loop with a 360 mm radiator. Shroud the power supply. Step one: disassemble the case. Unfortunately that means discovering how dirty your computer really is. Probably should have finished dusting before I took that picture... The window on this case bothers me a little because it scratches pretty easily. I still haven't thought of a good way to change it since it is held in with metal tabs that fit through slots in the plastic. Similarly, the metal mesh on the top and front can be simply removed by unfolding a few tabs that stick through the plastic. I must at this point give a shout out to Bill Owen. I first found out about Plasti Dip from his YouTube videos, and I LOVE IT. I have discovered that I am very impatient with painting. Normal rattle cans tend to make me frustrated but, this stuff is super forgiving. Honestly, the best surprise I got from Plasti Dip was the easy cleanup. Yup, all the over spray dried before it hit the floor. A few seconds with a broom and the evidence is gone. :)
  2. Well hello all in the Zoo tonight time for a new build... looking forward to this one... so with out any more messing about lets get started... So the case I will be modding is a Xigmatek Elysium ( Super Tower ) monster of a case (hehe) And the side window is where I will be starting... Now having access to a UV flat bed printer ( at work ) I would have been a fool not to use it so a very big thanks you to Wit-Color ( http://www.witcolor.co.za/ ) for allowing me to use the printer today. https://www.facebook.com/witcolordigital/photos/a.267499143354412.47714.267498240021169/3740067242764234/?type=1&theater The process stared with printing the design onto vynal that was stuck down onto the print bed, this helps us line up exactly where the print will be and also insures that all the printer heads are firing 100%. Emma Frost Now as you can see I'm using Emma Frost as the main theme in this build... (epic pic) once I was happy with the image placement it was time to print onto the window. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9M-bo7eAkQ And this is the finished result. Very Happy with the end product! whats NEXT you ask... well after payday lots of plasti dip and more perspex things, stay tuned to see the winter blow over the Elysium.
  3. I guess since bill didn't post this yet. I would beat him to it. Here's a guide to "Plasti Dip your PC Case" by Bill and Jesse. All credits goes to MNPCTech / MonsterMawd
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