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Found 1 result

  1. ©º°¨¨°ºDISCO SCORPIONº°¨¨°º© FKA Compaq'D I decided to give this a name that was more suited to the mod. Sorry if there's any confusion... Since it's in the fun of the recent RGB sickness craze i thought why not! Hi guys First off i Can i say that there are some AMAZING builds on show here in TMZ's member work logs and i promise to take some time over the next day or so and comment in them. I did spend a lot of today reading and watching a fair bit of forum content... and WOW that spider mod Anyways i'm not here to show off my stickers stuck to a case and i'm not here to blab on about my content and concepts... i just don't have them... i fly by the seat.. old skool Alonso Bistro style I have a few ruff ideas then i mod to make them happen... nothing in design or sketch up to show..So you guys just have to trust the visions of a mad man. This mod is kind of a piss take... im not making fun of the modding scene.... but the direction the demand has taken. Punters only want RGB and RGB and a bit more RGB... then chuck in some more RGB. SO the mod will be just that... RGB! and cause i'm a plex modder and have a ton of scraps lets just go with that. For note. I try really hard NOT to copy and paste a working work log from one forum to the next. I feel it's an insult to the ppl of that community as each community is made up of a core of different modders who deserve my respect for the time they are about to give up for me. So with without further ado and no clue it's disco time. A humble junker PC, salvaged from a bin (im not a proud man!) The funny thing was i had intention of modding this case...... it just didnt offer anything.. Until one day i sat it up side down..... and im a moment of sheer madness i saw some potential. So i fired up the old disco booth and started cutting. Removed the front top and some rear metal for the scrap heap and while i was at it gave the chassis a couple base coats of white. Just a working coat for now, a more "arctic white" will be the end colour. The first "actual mod" is going to be a accent led PSU cover. To basically cover that whole bottom boxed section. Do you really need to see how i bend it? or make it... or just the end product of each mod... lemme know And a back board cover to match I know you guys are sayin.... oi! thats not moddin! Your right it aint :P To try and save space and get free RGB im going to incorp the front and rear fans into the panels. Hard to explain hopefully the pics make up for it. Next mod is to start adding the light feature to these panels. The first light feature is to the PSU cover, a simple design to start with. 2 Sections of plex cut, one being clear to carry the rgb light and the other white. The clear get it's top edge routed to help with the light effect. The back of the white panel get a coat of white paint and covered in some 3M black block out vinyl . Left over scraps from a black vinyl roof car wrap. Its not pretty or perfect but it dosnt get seen. Next is to trim away a little from the edges. I light test shows how effective the vinyl works The clear also get a coat of white but on both sides. And then glued together next is to add an LED strip into that pre cut slot and install new panel The inside get covered with some alloy tape or maybe later if PSU permits a proper panel. Some disco shots. Are yas feeeeelin it! lets bOOgie!
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