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Found 14 results

  1. I'm doing a quick mod for February PDXLAN. I am using a Nanoxia Cool Force 1 case as the base of the mod. There isn't really a theme per say..but maybe one will present itself during the process? So first, here is the case I am using..
  2. Inspiration This build was inspired by the new transformers movie The Last Knight and the design is based around a battle damaged Optimus Prime. I wanted to not only modify the case but the hardware as well, It will feature a Nvidia 10 series GPU, a new Intel Kaby lake CPU and z270 chipset. With all my builds I try to learn new techniques and challenge myself to do more as a Modder.
  3. Hey everyone! Been a while since posting a new log, but I recently had an amazing opportunity to do a mod for Cooler Masters suite at CES2017! Even as busy as I have been I couldn't pass on the offer. The time frame was extremely limited, I think after all the parts arrived I had about 5-6 days to build this that is why I am posting the log now even though the build is finished, I would of never had the time to do it while working. Even with the constraint on time, I still manage to pack this Mastercase 5t with some cool stuff so lets take a look shall we? The theme is something I always wanted to play around with, just creating a build with sacred geometry and patterned polygons through out. I believe its rather appealing to look at, and somewhat draws you in to keep looking. It is a rather open ended theme and can go many directions so I figured it was something I could use to make a mod in less than a week. So first off this would of never been possible without Cooler Master as well as the other companies who pitched in to help get this project done! Cooler Master - Mastercase 5t, v1000 Power Supply, and 6 Jetflow Fans. Nvidia - 2x EVGA GTX 960 Avexir - 16GB Blitz DDR4 Ram, and S100 SSD Primochill - Maxcord Paracord, Revolver SX Fittings, D5 Pump, D5 Pump Top and mount, PETG Tubing, and True White Opaque Coolant. Swiftech - Apogee X2 CPU Block, and Extreme Performance 360mm Radiator. Thank you all so much! So heading into the work, unboxed everything and started started installing to get a feel for it. (Originally planned on the Gaming M7 motherboard from MSI but the board ended up being DOA, so right before filling the loop I had to switch it out.) (I was also going to use 1 msi 960 before Nvidia got on board) Now into the modding we go! First was a quick paint job on the Primochill pump brackets. Then on the case I first peeled the foam off the front cover then CNC cut some patterns on the front backed with painted mod mesh for some enhanced front airflow for the radiator to be placed in the front of the case. The next mod was a magnetic power supply shroud made of laser cut acrylic for the front of the case. I used 1/8" red for the base and 1/16" black on top to fit flush right behind the tempered glass. The Top layer caps the magnets and allow them to be glued in place. After that I installed the radiator, and made a custom grill with 2 layers of laser cut acrylic glued together. Moving right along with the watercooling I made 2 of my favorite things to make, water manifolds! I went with the glued style this time because of time constraints and I didn't want to worry about possible o-ring leaks or anything. I pocketed out the base which was .5" acrylic, then laser cut a .125" cover plate, and a 1.25" trim to cover the glue bubbles. Then I sandwiched them all together with Weldon 4 and tapped the fitting holes. Next up was the graphics car back plate, combined into a gpu shroud, combined with a SSD mount and a d5 pump mount lol. Nvidia was able to spare 2 960s for the build, they happened to be the ITX cards. So I designed this shroud to fill out the case a bit more and incorporate the other hardware. Then I made some cable extensions and wire everything up! After cables came the tubing! Then it was time to fill er up!! One last thing before wrapping it up. I made a window skin for the back door panel. Since the tempered glass is very nice, I didn't want to remove it, and I didn't want to obstruct the front window, so on the back I made a magnetic skin to bring the theme all the way around the build. I laser cut acrylic, layered it, and embedded magnets just like the psu shroud. Then I built a matching show plaque, and crated it up for shipment! Here is a few pics from CES! That is it for this update! I hope you enjoyed it! It was so much fun and really pushed me to accomplish as much as I could in only 6 days! I am grateful for the opportunity a look forward to the next collaboration! Also expect to see some Mastercase accessories available soon on my website! I will be back with a final photo update in the next few days to a week! Also I will be doing Cyprus29 photos as well to be on the look out for that update also! Take care see ya in the next update!
  4. NZXT H630 mod, Doppler effect, by DeKa (completed March 11, 2015) Hello everyone,This is my first post in this forum, Bill Owen recommended me to publish my work here and I will do the best I can as my English is a little limited. I know Bill Owen's work since the start my modding disease. His work inspired me to start in "this" we do around here. madnesses, oh yes. The Primochill fittings revolver I use this mod not sold in Spain, I bought in Germany ... his fault. I am Argentine and I live in a town near Barcelona, Spain. For some time I have been working on various advertising and design projects, but for the last couple of years I'm focused mostly on the PC Modding. I am hoping that my latest productions will catch the attention it deserves, hope you like it as much as I liked doing it. I used a chassis that I personally really like the NZXT H630 and modding Doppler effect. A very minimal, rough and dull looking but extremely quiet. It is also robust and has very discreet lines, with a little work and creativity, looks like a great chassis. One goal of this mod was to work and keep it simple, subtle with minimal lines, using colors typical to that of Asus Republic of Gamers but with a touch more white (not wanting to repeat both reds). I also wanted to create a computer where silence predominated, and for this I used a liquid-cooled high-end custom and distribution of ventilation chord. A minimal, powerful, extremely quiet design and the highest quality components!Below I detailed a worklog ... The Worklog... But first, a look at the finished mod :P Materials / Index Chassis NZXT H630 Black Paint Dust filters Hardware Asus Maximus Extreme VI Intel 4770K 4x4Gby TridentX GSkill RAM 2400MHz SLI Nvidia Gforce 770 Asus DirectCU II OC Corsair AX1200 PSU Corsair Wiring sleeve Samsung SSD 840 EVO 256Gby Samsung SSD 830 256Gby Asus Republic of Gamers Front Panel Liquid cooling components: Radiator EK CoolStream XTX (360) 3x12cms 11FPI 2x14cms 30FPI Koolance Radiator CPU Block EK Supremacy - Nikel block X4 Monarch Memories EK EK-FC770 GTX x2 DCII - Nickel EK-FC680 GTX x2 DCII Backplate x2 EK-FC Terminal - Plexi EKWB D5 Pump Storage with nano coating + TOP Aquacomputer Aqualis Corsairs AF 140 fans x3 x3 SP 120 fans methacrylate rigid pipes Fittings Primochill Revolver temperature sensors and other ... Lighting, wiring and sleeve. Lighting and Wiring Lighting blocks General lighting Sleeve The chassis, modifications and details This ultra tower NZXT is very quiet, versatile (although very large) and robust ... it doesn't come with a window but is internally buffered by acoustic panels so it was something less to worry about. The window mount had to keep up sound damping, and the side door was completely replaced by 6mm methacrylate, much thicker than normal (almost the total thickness of the cover) methacrylate but I gave both the structural robustness as soundproofing needed. As the window would represents most of mod tower’s personality I thought it would be a great idea to continue the front / top of the chassis in it with panels of red methacrylate and black aluminum also would bond everything together... Even had been thought over the idea of illuminating only the red methacrylate structural lines but it was impossible to reach the left side, although it would have been really good, I abandoned the idea. I completely removed a huge rack of hard disks compartments, as I had no intention of using it, no mechanical hard disk here (shhhhh) and I could take advantage of the extra space for a low 3x12cms radiator fin density (FPI), family of noiseless coolers. The remaining gap had to be covered up, and I did so using the same material I used in most of this mod, 1mm thick aluminium that had been painted the same black as the rest of the case. Other smaller the holes were plugged with a double sided film the same colour as the chassis, there was no sense to use a any other material and I kept it like that to preserve the possibility to easily remove it in the future if needed. Painting, matte finish:For teh whole mod project, I used Vallejos Premium water-based paints, specially created to apply airbrush paintings, even though it is very easy to apply and cover a lot with one hand, it lacked the expected resistance the I experienced in other paintings of the same type, perhaps it was because it was a fine pigment (for airbrush) layer ends up being too fine and even more so in areas where I sanded, clean surfaces, with a pre-coating and subsequent matt varnished, it was easily scratched. To combat this effect as best I could, I doubled the manufacturer's recommended application, both the color and the matte varnish. It paid off, I ended up with a though, perfect finish. The absolute black colour box was rough - too black, so had to try break the monotony, I decided to paint some parts like the H440 model, but matte metallic red. The red metallic color is not your typical striking red, but rather a more discreet and applied it along the edges and in the front side USB panel, I tried to paint white grids but it started to sway from the line I wanted. I painted black, red and imitation aluminum ledges which I applied in specific areas which you will see further down. Dust filters: The tower comes with lower, upper and front filters, but in reversing the airflow due to loudness issues, the rear fan instead of sucking, it will be exclusively dedicated to injecting airflow as this will be where the most dust would collect the filter had to be outside, to clean it regularly and comfortably without having to open the entire chassis, so I took the screws on the rear fan and with a little help of velcro, attach to the back just where I wanted it, a fine mesh of pvc sandwiched between two pieces thick light adhesive bonded together, fastened by wing nuts layered with recycled parts. The filter without being anything special, it does the job and is practical. Also place fixed filters in large parts of the chassis with passive ventilation. Hardware: The motherboard: The rear connectors on the motherboard are covered on the inside with a thin piece of bent acrylic adhesive lined anodized aluminum painted black imitation, fastened with Velcro to be easily removable if needed.I also subtly applied a metallic red RoG logo heatsink on the chipset to the mod, so it dits in the middle of SLI, then it gets illuminated by the light of the top graphics card.I made a black matte painted piece of 1mm folding aluminum, I placed hovering with screws on the lower connectors on the motherboard (hd-reset-hd led-USB front-AAFP, etc) used to lighlight the ledge where the PSU is placed, besides giving a brilliant aesthetic look it also hides many cables. RAM: The memories modules had to put in RL and this required removing the stock sinkhead and replace the monarch of EK, seemed like an easy task but it got nicely stuck in memory chips, so very carefully, and with a lot of patience I took art and skill not to damaging any components leaving them ready for the waterblock.
  5. Hello there ya mod monkeys!! Well I have been busy lately! Finished up Grey Matter, started my Fractal Design build, and also started a 4x2CNC build. I took the case feet from my Fractal build and moved them to this project because I have a good idea for them. I want to thank the companies so far supporting this build, I appreciate it! About this project: Again I was looking into color schemes that are not often worked with, I wanted to do something unique and creative like Grey Matter, so I decided to use a ROG theme!:thumb: Haha just playing! I decided on a polished copper and white theme, I am calling it Cyprus 29. I came up with the name because the first copper mines in the world were located on the island of Cyprus and 29 is the atomic number on the periodic table for copper. I have some copper sheet, white paint and acrylic, polished copper finish paint, polished copper vinyl wrap. I will be using white Primochill revolvers with 1/2" copper tubing and white pastel liquid. Its going to be an interesting theme and a lot of fun to do! Here will be the compiled list of components: <> PC Components: [x] Case : Cooler Master HAF 935 [x] PSU : Cooler Master V750w Semi-modular Gold Plus [x] CPU: Intel [x] MoBo: Asus z97 Sabertooth [x] RAM: [x] GPU: 2x Evga 780 GTX [x] SSD: 2x Corsair Force LX 256Gb - Raid 0 [x] Optical: <> Water Cooling System: [x] 2x Handmade acrylic waterfall reservoirs [x] Primochill 1/2"OD PETG Tubing [x] 15x Primochill Nickel Plated Bulkhead [x] 50x Primochill Revolver Fittings - Straight Knurl [x] Primochill Intensifier Sicle Colors [x] Swiftech Apogee XL - Clear - CPU Block [x] 2x Swiftech Komodo-NV GPU Block [x] Swiftech 240mm Radiator [x] Swiftech 360mm Radiator [x] Swiftech PWM MCP35x2 Pump - With Heatsink <> Mod Parts: [x] 1/8" white acrylic sheet [x] 1/8" clear acrylic sheet [x] 3/8" aluminum clockwerk case cubes [x] 3mm white LED [x] Mod/Smart white MaxCord paracord [x] 2x Mod/Smart 20 light LED board Parts bought from MNPCtech.com M3 PC Radiator screws. PC Modders Mesh Sheets. Rubber U-channel panel edge and window trim. Alright. With all that out of the way, lets take a look at this beast of a case. First thing I did was get it out of the box and tear some of it down to start planning the component orientation. Thanks again to Cooler Master North America for the case! In case you missed them on he Black Frost Fractal build, here are the beast mode case feet from Casefeet.com. I am going to paint them copper and make white rings for them. One gripe I found about the case is these glued in filters, they are a paint when it comes to modding. So I proceeded to razor them all out. For the component orientation I decided on, I will be using the small case on the bottom as a pedestal. and I also flipped the case so the back door is now the front window so I can flip the motherboard 270°. then I did a little prep work and painted the mesh. I painted it a bright white and the plastic panels will be painted with polished copper. Ill have some of that next update. First I scuffed the mesh then washed it off. Let it dry then tack cloth it. Then I sprayed paint adhesive then the paint follow by clear coat. I am using acrylic lacquer paint now as opposed to acrylic enamel in the past. Well that is what I have for now. I should have an update at least once a week, I try for every Monday. I hope you enjoyed it and are excited as I am! Talk to you all very soon!
  6. Hi guys, Been a while since I've been active on the forums I've been super busy with a new job, move to a different city and pretty much a whole new life! Glad to say that I'm back and with a very exciting project! As the banner suggests it will be based on the Dead Space games and it's my entry for this year's Cooler Master Case Mod World Series as well as the ANZ Edition of the "World Series". I am going all out with for this project and trying some modding techniques I haven't done before so stay tuned and enjoy the build log! I'm gonna give a little hint and say that this will NOT be a clean build I would like to say a huge thanks to Cooler Master Australia for giving me this opportunity as well as ASUS Australia, Kingston HyperX, Avexir, Bitspower, Primochill, CableMod, PLE Computers and a new addition from a friend of mine, Kristian from MercoMods! SPECS Case - Cooler Master MasterCase 5 Maker Motherboard - ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme Assembly CPU - Intel i7 6700K Memory - 4 x 4GB Avexir ROG Certified Red Tesla 2400Mhz DDR4 GPU - 2 x ASUS STRIX GTX 980 SSD - 2 x Kingston HyperX Fury 240GB SSDs PSU - Cooler Master V1000 Cables - CableMod Fully Custom Individually Sleeved Cables + MercoMods Custom Braided Extensions LEDs - CableMod Magnetic RGB LED Strip Radiators - Bitspower Leviathan Slim 240 Radiator, Bitspower Leviathan Xtreme 360 Radiator Fans - CoolerMaster JetFlo 120mm Red and White LED fans Pump - Laing D5 with Black Bitspower MOD Package - Pump Top + Casing Reservoir - Bitspower D5 Top Upgrade Kit 150 with Cascade Tube Effect Fittings - PrimoChill Revolver SX Matte Black + Various Bitspower Carbon Black angle fittings and extensions Tubing - PrimoChill Copper Tubing CPU Block - Bitspower Summit EF GPU Block - 2 x Bitspower VG-NGTX980ADIIS For now I'll start with the packages received from Cooler Master: A mysterious box (though the thread title might hint at what's inside) JetFlo fans and a V1000 power supply Stay tuned for more guys! Cheers, Alex
  7. Hello everyone! I hope everyone is excited for the MSI Pro Mod Season 3! It is an honor to be asked to judge this contest as well as contribute a demonstration build! I will be doing a black and white theme mod using a Thermaltake F51 Suppressor case designed around the MSI z170 Krait Gaming Motherboard. The name of my build is the Achromatic Serpent, meaning colorless snake. Thanks to all the sponsors for the contest! Without them this would not be possible! In addition to the contest sponsors, Primochill will be providing my build with modding materials and supplies like acrylic, cables, sleeve, and accessories! Let’s move on with the hardware for the build! We have some great components that I cannot wait to mod! A few big boxes of goodies! Here is the canvas I will be working with! The Thermaltake F51 Suppressor! Well follow that up with the center piece of the build, the MSI z170 Krait gaming motherboard! You can also see the processor installed, thanks to Intel, we have a Skylake i5-6600k processor! To go right along with the crisp black and white theme is the MSI GTX 970 Graphics Card! G. Skill hooked the build up with some new DDR4 Trident Z memory! This RAM looks slick! Moving on to the 850w Tough Power Modular PSU from Thermaltake! Some super sweet white LED Thermaltake Riing Fans. Last up from Thermaltake is the Water 3.0 Extreme S all-in-one Cooler for the Intel Skylake processor! Next well show the Ttesports peripheral components that will be modded to the black and white theme as well! Well start with the PoseidonZ RGB mechanical keyboard! Here we have the Ventus X Gaming mouse! Last up from Ttesports is the Shock 3D Gaming headset! This thing is super comfy! That wraps up the hardware intro, we also have some SSDs on the way and should be arriving soon. I already began work on the F51 case by breaking it down to bare metal and removing the guts. Now I am ready to start installing my custom acrylic interior to best show off the hardware installed. While I am working on the case I have the hardware installed on my test bench where I will be testing all the hardware before modding it. After drilling out the rivets and removing the interior I can begin my mod with the nice blank canvas! It won’t be blank for long though! This is where I left off for now, I am working out the final design ideas which I will share next update. I wanted to have the case gutted and ready to start the rebuild going into week 2. Next update I have quite a bit or work planned so it should be a mod packed update! I can smell the plastic chips already! Thanks again to the contest sponsors and to everyone stopping by and tuning in! I will see you in a week!
  8. Hey guys! A while back I had great talk with the guys from Fractal Design and we agreed to start a mod together! They sent over the Define R2 XL, which for it's low-price is an absolutely fantastic case, even without modding! First of all I'd like to thank the sponsors of this project, before we move on to the modding. Fractal Design, Noiseblocker and Primochill were kind enough to come on board for the build and I can't thank them enough! Without them, this project wouldn't be the same! Fractal supplied the chassis, Noiseblocker sent over an army of E-Loop fans, because why run anything other than the most gorgeous fan in production? :) And Primochill are going to be supplying the watercooling goodies that will keep this beast cool! Here's the final concept for the build (The Primochill D5 CTR Phase II reservoir will be on the back wall) Hardware list: Motherboard: ASUS Rampage IV Extreme - x79Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-3930K Processor (12M Cache, up to 3.80 GHz)Graphics card(s): KFA2 GTX770 LTD OC "White Edition" Memory: GSkill Ripjaws Z, 32GB @2133MHzPower Supply: EVGA NEX 1500W Supernova (got a great deal, don't judge me, plus planning additional GPUs at some point. :D)SSD: Samsung 250GB 2.5-inch 840 EVO SSDStorage drives: Seagate Barracuda, 2TB @7200PM, 64MB CacheSound card: ASUS ROG Xonar Phoebus SoloCooling will be done via: CPU Block: EK Supremacy, LGA 2011Radiators: EK Coolstream PE-360 (x2)Pumps: 2xD5, still undecided on brand, probably EKFittings: Primochill Revolver Rigid Compression fittingsTubes: Primochill PETG 1/2'' OD Hard-tubingReservoir: Primochill D5 enable CTR "Phase II" (more info later)GPU Block: More info laterHere are some of the glory shots of the products they sent me: Fractal Design Define R2 XL: Noiseblocker E-Loop 120mm fans: Here's my small army of E-Loops! :) The package from Primochill will arrive at a later date, but expect some juicy photos of the goodies as well! :) So, without any further delays, lets move on to the mod of the case! :) The entire chassis is gutted out, and replaced with a fresh, new, 2mm thick Aluminium inner-frame which I whipped up a while-back. Dual 360 radiators (can safely fit push-pull with thicker rads) go in the bottom, HDD's will be mounted in the back in a special sheet-metal bracket. Motherboard is rotated 90 degrees to face the top of the chassis, where I've offset it by 60mm to allow ample room to route the cables behind the custom made I/O cover-slash-PSU mount. The front bezel and feet will be replaced with a sheetmetal version of the first and a new plate that will act as a base for the chassis. Both made from 2mm aluminium. (Still not ordered since money, sadly, doesn't grow on trees...) So, after I finalized my plan, I went and gutted the case. The white material inside is actually a 5mm thick PVC sheet which I had in mind to use before I decided to go all out with aluminium. And here is the actual aluminium frame itself: (more on the cubes in a bit) Sorry for the phone pics but my DSLR wasn't with me when I needed it... I'll retake the photos when I get a chance! :) Now, the cubes are something I got from a buddy of mine, Jim Weist from Clockwerk CaseMods. He is such an inspiration and has been very helpful through the entire process. Big shout out goes to him, so definitely go check out his build! Here are the cubes he shipped to me from the US, he actually sells these and they are rock solid! The frame doesn't budge at all! 3/8'' cubes (9.525mm) tapped at all sides for M3! He'll also be hooking me up with a nice custom reservoir (which you might have spotted at the very top of the chassis, over the CPU) I hope you guys liked the way this is starting off. I'll try to keep the updates coming as fast possible and you guys can expect one by the end of this week the new frame will go inside the chassis! :) Cheers bros!
  9. PROLOGUE I recently acquired a Cooler Master HAF XB case from a friend. At first I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it. I have several builds currently in the works and I wasn't sure I wanted to take another one on, at this time. However, after having the case in my possession for a few short days, I changed my mind. The more I studied the case, the more ideas came to mind. I knew I wanted to do something different with this case. I also wanted to try some techniques that I haven't used before. I wanted to do a completely different theme then any of the other builds I've done before. I wanted something supernatural. I present to you: With contributions from: - Components - Cooler Master HAF XB Case Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 Motherboard AMD FX-6300 CPU Powercolor Radeon HD 7970 GPU Crucial Tactical Tracer 8 gb 1600mhz Memory Cooler Master Silent Pro Hybrid 1050w PSU Samsung 840 250gb SSD - Cooling - XSPC Raystorm AMD CPU Waterblock XSPC Raystorm 7970 GPU Waterblock 6x Cooler Master JetFlo 120 White Fans Swiftech 8-Way PWM Splitter Alphacool NexXxoS ST30 Full Copper 240mm Radiator Alphacool NexXxoS ST30 Full Copper 360mm Radiator Swiftech MCP-655 Pump Bitspower D5 Mod Pump Top V2 Bitspower D5/MCP655 Mod Kit Bitspower Water Tank Z-Multi 400 Reservoir PrimoChill Rigid Revolver Compression Fittings PrimoChill Rigid Acrylic Tubing Mayhems Pastel Coolant - Miscellaneous - MNPCTech Billet Machined Aluminum Case Feet Lutro0 Customs Teleios Sleeving Tek by Design Proline Brushed Stainless Steel Fasteners Prologue Chapter I Chapter II Chapter III Chapter IV Chapter V Chapter VI Chapter VII
  10. Greetings from the Dirty South PC Mods shop once again Mad Modding Monkeys This time I am going to be working on a Tribute build to Superman in Classic Colors. First off I would like to thank my Sponsors without their generosity my builds would not be anywhere near as awesome. http://www.icemodz.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Icesleeve https://www.facebook.com/tekbydesign http://www.lepatek.com/eng/ http://www.enermax.com/ Be sure and swing by their respective sites and FB pages to check out all the Killer Gear they have to make your RIG look Beast!!!! Here is a look at the Hardware that is going to be going into our build. CPU - Intel i5 3470 3.2ghz Quad-core /w Bitspower ICE Blue CPU Block Mobo - Biostar TZ77XE4(Custom Painted Blue Heatsinks, and Di-Noc) Ram - G.Skill Ripjaws 2133mhz DDR3 4 x 4Gb /w Bitspower Universal Ram Block kit Blue/Blue SSD - SANDISK 120Gb SATA III SSD PSU - LEPA MaxBron 700Watt 80+ Bronze certified RAD - XSPC 360mm Slim High Performance, Black Ice 360mm X-Flow Rad, XSPC 120mm Pump - XSPC D5 Vario /w Bitspower Mod kit(Blue) & PPC's Custom Pump Top Fittings - Primochill Ghost Compression 1/2" x 3/4" as well as a few Monsoon 3/4" 90-Deg rotary fittings Res - Bitspower 40mm tube Res Tubing - Primochill 1/2" x 3/4" tubing GPU - EVGA GTX 660Ti 2Gb & PNY GTX 660Ti (SLI) Fans - Enermax T.B. Vegas Trio 9 x 120mm, 1 x 180/200mm T.B. Apollish Blue and 1 x 140mm T.B. Apollish Blue(PSU Fan swap) So lets get this Build started. First off we did a live unboxing http://www.twitch.tv/dirtysouthpcmods/b/481331321 Then we Drilled out the Rivets for the I/O Plate & Cut a hole in the bottom of the Case to mount our XSPC 360mm Rad http://www.twitch.tv/dirtysouthpcmods/b/481499486 Here is a look at what it looks like. Perfect Fit!!!!!!!!! Then we painted the Chassis RED We then Painted the Chassis Red The Rad and I/O Plate Yellow Well thats it so far. Need to get some more paint. Be back later. Be sure to check out our weekly Live mod show every Wed 10am-2pm http://www.twitch.tv/dirtysouthpcmods Where was I ahh yes. Marking up the Side panels, and the Top panel for windows. Got them cut out and hung up for paint. Now I'm not going to lie this was a bit late after a long day. So my cuts weren't all that strait. Time to bust out the Grinder with a Flapper Wheel so these will have to re-painted. Currently I am at odds with keeping the Mobo tray and painting it. Or replacing the whole thing with 1/8 clear acrylic.However 1/8" acrylic tends to bow under weight. (That's why I usually use it for Windows.) Just hoping once I get the board on the Acrylic it will stiffen it up. Guess there is only one way to find out huh. Ok where was I ahh yes. Well decided to Paint the Mobo tray. Painted the Front Panel and Xigmatek GPU Coolers Handel and 5.25" bay covers Painted the Mesh Red...Looking good We were going to cut the top and put a window but with the release of a new Product by Enermax we have decided to leave it intact. Paint is done..Just waiting for the last bits to dry. Alright now that the Paint is done. It's time to see about squeezing all this hardware in here. Got the XSPC EX360mm Rad on the bottom topped off with Enermax T.B.Vegas Trio 120mm Fans. The Black Ice 360mm X-Flow Rad is mounted on the front with more Enermax T.B Vegas 120mm Fans. The Primochill CTR 240mm Res. All fitted with Monsoon Right Angle Rotary(3/4"), and Primochill Ghost Compression Fittings(1/2" x 3/4"). Got the Biostar TZ77XE4 Mobo w/ Custom Painted Heatsinks and Di-Noc Mounted to the Mobo Tray. The Bitzpower Blue ICE CPU Block and Ram Block /w Custom Di-Noc Trim. Kitted out with Monsoon Right Angle Rotary 3/4" and Primochill Ghost Compression Fittings 1/2" x 3/4" Mocking up the two GTX 260's(Thanks Angel Cruz for the sweet deal on the second card) With Xigmatek GPU Coolers(Before they were painted Blue) Whoaaaa thats a REALLY Tight fit. There is about 2mm to spare so the fans work fine. Alright now to address the stock screws. The solution Tek By Design "Proline" Button Head Fasteners(Polished) Thank you for your generous contribution to our build. Some of what will be posted next was covered in this weeks live show. http://www.twitch.tv/dirtysouthpcmods/c/3414063 Alright time to get started Modding our PSU, but first lets take a closer look at the inside. As you can see this PSU is Oozing with Quality Components Ok so first up is a Fan Swap on way to custom sleeving and paint. Stock Black Fan has got to know. Going to replace it with an Enermax T.B.Apollish 140mm in Blue Its already looking good. Just wait till I turn it on. Bazinga Now I gotta take it apart and Prep it for Paint. Well while I wait for the weather to clear up I'm going to get started on the sleeving process. Thank you Mundi from ICEMODZ for all your support. A look at all the awesome stuff from ICEMODZ. Thank you Mundi Ok so lets get started. First up the easy one Molex Next up Sata Cable. Now the Real work starts the 8 and 24-pin connectors Ok guys thats it so far Still waiting on the weather to clear up so I can paint the PSU. Right so the weather is still crappy so I'm still working on sleeving. And I'm out of Red Sleeving have to wait for more to come in. Alright While I'm waiting for the rest of my sleeving to come in Lets get busy with the rest of the PSU and a GPU upgrade instead of using 2 x GTX 260 I will be using 1 x GTX 660 Ti Tearing it apart Getting ready for its Wrapping And our 660 Ti is going to get the same treatment. Ok had a change of heart on the front panel. We ended up taking a couple pieces of clear acrylic and covered the back side with Red Vinyl. We then took some Blue Vinyl and cut out the sponsor logos with the vinyl cutter and put that on the front side of the Acrylic panel. Then we attached it to the front of the panel with 3M double sided tape. We then put one of our ICEMODZ.com Red LED's behind it and you get this effect. We did the same thing with the 3.5" hot swap bay. but with Yellow and there you have it. and of course after I have already painted the Mobo plate we got a wild hair and decided to go ahead and make a new one out of Plexi. We also decided to cut the Top panel and put a clear window on it. with a 200mm hole for our 180/200mm Enermax T.B.Apollish Fan (Blue) Look'n good Now to see about dealing with what can only be described as a Skittles Bag after it has been blown to pieces. Alright thats all I have at this time. Need to order a new Res as the Primochill CTR I already have sitting is wayyy too large. And I haven't Decided what I want to do with the GPU's yetI didn't like the Blue vinyl wrap so I ripped it off.
  11. LEGION Hi guys i am back with another NZXT Case Mod / Build. This Project will be the NZXT Phantom 820 Case and the name of the Build is "LEGION". This Build log will have allot of details and some parts of it may even be guides as i would like to share as much of the process i go through with you guys.Including Mistakes if they are made and how to fix them. As always i would like to thank my sponsors for helping me with the build because without them it wouldnt be possible.And i do this because i want to and appreciate their help. Not because they make me. Huge Thanks goes out to: http://www.nvidia.com/page/home.html http://www.primochill.com/ http://www.ekwb.com/shop/ http://www.nzxt.com/...product_all.php http://www.enermax.com/ http://www.avexir.com/ http://www.mod-smart.com/ http://mnpctech.com/ Hope you guys enjoy the Log and the build as it comes together. Keep watching for more updates. MybadOmen
  12. Build-log Chapters:Chapter 1: Introduction and hardware list (You are here) Chapter 2: Primochill & Mod/smart goodies! Chapter 3: Installing the system and running it on air (temporary) Hello guys and gals! I assume some of you already know me, for the rest - My name is Desislav, I'm a 23 year old kid from Bulgaria with tons of love for custom built computers and 3D modeling! This is my first high-end PC for the past 7-8 years so you can imagine how overwhelming it all is! :D I just want to take a moment and say that this will not be a case mod, rather a build. It will be made around a PrimoChill WetBench, which in my humble opinion is one of the sexiest benches to hit the market!I mean come on.... Look at it!: I dubbed the project "Frostbite" since I plan to do a little "sanding" on the tubing to achieve a an effect as if the liquid was freezing the tubing. All of the blocks will be repainted in white to match. The sleeving and fittings will be white as well. I hope I can find the perfect match and do ruin it. Over-using white can lead to a disaster imo. Everything needs to be in balance! So, let's go over a couple of things! What's the idea behind the build? Create a build based on a test bench which looks as amazing as it performs.Learn proper overclocking of high-end components.Get comfortable with water cooling.Create a machine that gives amazing performance for 3D modeling, rendering and gaming at the same time. Why I'm doing this? Back in the day I saw Daniel Cannon's (Singularity Computers) Bitfenix Prodigy mod (Client Build 6) and it really got me interested why would anyone want to waste their money making their computer all fancy when you can invest only in performance... I fell in love that build and started doing my research, found a few groups and saw some pretty awesome projects unfold... and I really wanted to make one myself! I do a lot of 3D designs (will post my latest work in a section here, on the forums, later. People who know me, know how much effort I put into everything I do. The thing is, my current notebook (and main "rig") is not powerful enough anymore... It's a Dell XPS15z with a dual-core i5-2400m... You can imagine the horror I live each day trying to render huge projects! This setup will allow me to take my work to the next level!Because it's just freaking awesome! End. Of. Discussion. Hardware list:Motherboard: ASUS Rampage IV Extreme - x79 Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-3930K Processor (12M Cache, up to 3.80 GHz) Graphics card(s): KFA2 GTX770 LTD OC "White Edition" I don't care what people say, this is the sexiest GPU in production + It's an absolute beast! Memory: GeIL PC3-19200 2400MHz 32GB C11 EVO Leggera QUAD CHANNEL kit (Currently using my Corsair Vengeance 1866 CL9 8GB kit due to financial reasons :D) Power Supply: Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 1500W SSD: Samsung 250GB 2.5-inch 840 EVO SSD Storage drives: Currently using my old Hitachi drive. Will be upgrading to WD but haven't figured which the best ones are right now! Sound card: ASUS ROG Xonar Phoebus Solo Cooling: For a while this rig will be running under Air. I want to get comfortable with overclocking under Air before I get into liquid cooling! Heatsink: Noctua NH-D14 Fans: Noiseblocker NB-eLoop® Series 120mm CPU Block: EK Supreme-HF Ram Blocks: EK-RAM Monarch x4 - I'm hoping on a clean, non CSQ version! Motherboard blocks (still thinking about it): EK-F KIT R4E - Hoping these come in clean as well! GPU Water Blocks: Now, here's where it gets a little tricky! Since the GPU's are non reference GTX770s, there are no blocks currently available for them! Here is where the awesome guys at ModWithMe (from here on written as mWm)! The one and only Phame is going to be helping make a really unique block for my GPUs (and my friend Hukkel's GTX680 as well!). We are still thinking about the overall design of the block but it will be extremely clean and subtle. We don't want things to be over the top now, do we? Fittings: PrimoChill Revolver Rigid Compression fittings Tubing: PrimoChilll 1/2in. Rigid Acrylic Tube 24in. - Clear - 4 Pack x2 Flow indicator: PrimoChill Vortex Clear PMMA Flow Indicator with Smoked back plate Reservoir: PrimoChill 240mm CTR™ (Compression Tube Reservoir) Advanced System Pump: Swiftech MCP655 1200 L/ph Pump with Variable Speed Control Pumptop: PrimoChill D5 CTR Cap I know this was quite the long read guys, so I hope you don't hate me for it! Now I want to take a moment and give a huge huge THANK YOU! to the AWESOME guys over at PrimoChill and Mod/Smart for agreeing to sponsor my project! They sent me a huge package of cool stuff recently and can't wait to show you guys what's inside! Those are two boxes full of goodies! Photos of those in the second post! Now. Let's talk design! I do a lot of 3D modeling and always try to visualize the stuff I want. Over the last few months I got good enough to make the models I want/need so I decided to go for it and render a model of what the bench will look like. So, without any further delays, I present to you Frostbite in it's almost finished form! (I still need to decide how tubing will be routed.) I might not be going 4-Way SLI since there is a little incompatibility issue with the sound card, but you can get a good idea of what it will look like. Moving on! I got a nice photo of all the hardware together (even though the boxes were already opened lol) Now, we can move on the unboxed photos! I couldn't help myself and just had to mount the CPU and cooler on the Rampage IV Extreme... I gotta say it looks daayumn sexy! Got to say... That heatsink is just MASSIVE! I actually had to remove my Vengeance's heatspreaders so I can fit them under it (with the fans mounted)! Anyone who's ever seen NB E-Loops knows how sexy they are... They are even sexier in real life and I got to say the sleeving on those is just... amazing. They come with two different sized extensions to fit all your length needs! The CM Silent Pro M2 is ... just a huge huge BEAST of a PSU! It's semi modular and those cables will be shrunk to like ~10cm to allow for extensions to be added. 120Amps on the 12v rail? Why not... :D You get a lot of options on what to connect here! 4pins, SATA power, 8+(6+2) pins... Amazing! The ROG Xonar Phoebus Solo is also a sexy looking card! I was mind blown by the sound difference I got from the second I first played something on it! For all you audiophiles out there, this is the way to go! Sorry about the quality on this one, seems like my hand moved and focused on the wrong part of the card... What do you guys think, paint it white? ;) Well... Now. I guess it's time for the most important part of my build. The one that tickles my white fetish. The crown jewel in my collection. The KFA2 GTX770 LTD OC "White edition" I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. That PCB though... Makes me drool by just looking at it! So this will be it for the first post. I haven't taken photos of the SSD since... well it's featured in my photos of building the bench! Stay tuned for that in the next post! Again, huge thanks to PrimoChill and Mod/Smart! I hope you guys enjoyed thread. I tried to make it as simple as possible and do keep in mind this is my first build log so I hope I did well. I encourage people to tell me if I've done something wrong so I can better myself for future updates/buildlogs! Cheers,d* :clap:
  13. Hey guys whats up I'm Nick other wise known as Dirty South PC Mods. Going to be working on a build for my Gamer Girl that likes Spiders. First off I would like to thank my Sponsors. http://www.bsmods.com/ http://www.icemodz.com/ Thank you for your support :D Ok so lets get this build started. Ok here is our Motherboard an ASRock Z77 Extreme 4 1155. The heat sinks didn't really go with my overall theme so we are going to paint them Pink. First I taped the Contact Points of the Heatsinks. Then we shot them with Etching Primer And then with Krylon Floresent Pink. There we go much better. Here is a look at the UV color change effect. the Pink turns Bright Orange :D Used a double sided male coupler between the Phobya 400 Pump and the Primochill CTR Like so Prepping the Fans for there Pink Doom :P Since you can't use regular spray paint on Plastic We first used Krylon Fusion in white as a primer and will be shooting the Pink over that for all the Plastic parts. The Phobya 400 Pumps is going to get the same treatment. This is the case we will be using in our build. a CoolerMaster HAF 922..We are going to be cutting a full window, Trimming the 5.25" Drive cage down from 5 slots to 2, Removing the HDD cage. And paint the Motherboard Tray, whats left of the 5.25 Drive cage, I/O plate and front panel mesh Pink. Alright and I'm back and shes Naked!!!! Time to pop some Rivets Ok we removed the IO/Expansion slot plate, Motherboard Plate, HDD cage(went in the trash) and 5.25" drive cage Some White Primer on the IO/Expansion Plate First Coat of Primer on the Mobo plate Measuring up for the Side Panel Window cut. Always use an Awl or old screwdriver thats been stripped to mark your drill holes to keep your drill from walking We wanted rounded corners so we are going to use a drill for the corners Ok most use a Dremel or a Jigsaw. I prefer my 90,000 RPM air powered cut off wheel Same this was use to trim down the 5.25" drive bat from 5 to 2 slots Let The Pinking Begin Pops shooting the second coat of Pink Alright the first set of Icemodz cables are here Here is a Link to the Unboxing Video we did for them. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfUj9sFNxs0 Man thats a bright Pink. Alright so I ordered some Pink Di-noc and some Mirrored Pink Film for the CPU Block and the Lamptron FC-2 Fan Controller we will be using Here is the Water Block will be using for the CPU its an older OCZ Hydroflow from about 2009 Wrapped the Chrome Portion of the CPU Block in the Pink Mirrored Vinyl Got the Case riveted back together and the ASRock Z77 Board with our OCZ Block on there not too shaby!! Got a first Radiator Installed the XSPC 240mm Rad in the Front where the HDD cage Had formerly been. The Primochill 120 CTR UV Pink Res and Phobya pump in there Ok not to crazy about the Pink Mirrored Vinyl going to try the Pink Di-Noc And now for the Lamptron FC-2 There Optical DRive is receiving the same treatment And I don't like it going to tear it off and paint them to match the rest of the front panel There much better Found a cool Halloween decoration with Spiders on it and made it fit in the case. also just got the Primochill Advanced LRT Tubing UV Pink Wrapped the PSU in Pink Di-Noc to Match the CPU Got the BSMODS 5050 RGB LED Strip installed This thing is awesome I highly suggest going to the site and getting a set http://www.bsmods.com/Mod_Shop.php Also here is a short unboxing and demo video of the Product in action http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4yVHRXeiHE Ok we got her all tubed up going to be adding a second 240mm crossflow Rad to the top later Ok was thinking of sleeving these Front Panel Wires But I got a better Idea. I found some UV Pink 18g wire so I am going to change out all the FP wires to this wire Here is a look at the color change effect in the Black Light. Got the 120Gb Kingston SSD Mounted behind the Mobo plate. This is our Video Card EVGA GTX 550Ti. Going to be custom Painting it and the New Xigmatek PSU with a Spider Web Design Xigmatek 700 watt PSU I picked up from PPC's on clearance for $25 Got the New Icemodz Custom Cables and UV LED Lights in there check out his site he does awesome work. http://www.icemodz.com/ Also here is another video of the unboxing and Demo of the lights Outside as well as Inside the case. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fp4nYBbLdI0 Well thats it for now guys I'll install the Newly painted PSU when I get the second Rad, GPU Block and Flow Indicator in. Feel Free to stop by the Dirty South PC Mods Facebook Group page and Terror-Byte Gaming Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/DirtySouthPCmods/ https://www.facebook.com/TerrorBytegaming BS MODS Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/bsmods Icemodz Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/Icemodz/ As well as our Youtube Channel for awesome Unboxings, Reviews, Game footage and more!!!! http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLECU0qhXsLMkSb_q See you soon :)
  14. Hello Fellow Modders I'm Nick. I just won Primochill's Pre-Production Wet-Bench . It is the only one in the world outside of Primochill's doors. This is the Pre-Production Model, the final model will undoubtedly have some changes to it. Keep posted for video reviews, up close pics and to see what happens with it. First off I would like to thank my sponsors http://www.overclock.net/content/type/61/id/1540692/width/500/height/1000 http://www.bsmods.com/ http://www.enermax.com/ http://mod-smart.com/ And of course Frank N. Stein Thank you for my spot in your Booth at Quakecon 2013 and for Sleeving my Power Supply Cables. https://www.facebook.com/frank.n.stein3 Thank you very much for your support. It is greatly appreciated. :up Hardware Processor - Intel i5 3470 3.2 Ghz Motherboard - Biostar TZ77XE4 Ram - 16 Gb(4Gb X 4) G. Skill DDR3 2133mhz Ripjaws series RAM Video Card - ?????? HDD - Seagate 250 Gb x 5 PSU - Ultra X4 750 Watt Modular(Sleeved by Frank N. Stein This mans work is sick wait till you see it later.) Cooling Fans - Enermax T.B. Vegas Trio 120mm x 3(Thank you Enermax for your generous contribution to our build :up ) Water Block - Bitspower Summit EF Ice Blue Acrylic Top Ram Block - Bitspower Blue Acrylic RAM module with Blue RAM sinks Reservoir - Primochill CTR in Liberty Blue Fittings - Primochill Ghost Compression 1/2" ID x 3/4" OD Anodized Blue Monsoon 90 Deg. Rotary 3/4" Bitspower 20mm Extender Tubing - Primochill Advanced LRT in Brilliant UV Blue 1/2" ID x 3/4" OD Pump - Swiftech MCP655 /w Bitspower mod kit(Blue) Radiator - XSPC EX360 Pure Copper Compact High Performance Radiator Fluid - Primochill UV Purple Intensifier Fluid Accessories Sleeving - Mod Smart/Kobra sleeving in Black/UV Blue/Carbon (Thank you Frank N. Stein for sleeving my PSU for me.) Lighting System - BSMODS.com 5050 Waterproof RGB LED strip with Wireless Remote Power Switch - BSMODS.com Security Key Switch Radiator Grill - Primichill 2 piece Rad Grill in UV Blue This is the Motherboard we will be using the Biostar TZ77XE4. The MOSFET and South Bridge cooler are this Sunburnt Orange color and that is not going to work with our theme so we are going to remove them and paint them Blue to go with our theme. Taped up the Stainless rod that runs through the MOSFET heat sink and the contact point. Not bad. I like it. (That is not the RAM and CPU cooler we will be using for the build I'm just using them to test the temps after I painted the heat sinks.) Going to be covering the I/O panel in Di-Noc Carbon as well as the Plate that covers the on-board sound card. Whoo hoo I like Boxes. New Bitspower CPU Block & Ram Block in Ice Blue, XSPC RS360 Radiator and Primochill 1/2" ID x 3/4" OD Advanced LRT UV Blue Tubng. Now we take the CPU Block apart so I can Put some Di-Nock on the Black part. Now we do the same for the Ram Block. Got the CPU Block installed on the Board. And the Ram Block. . Well things got interesting and we got to build the Wet-Bench at Quakecon 2013.(Thank you Frank N. Stein for all your help.) Here are a few Pics we took While we had it put together at Quakecon 2013. First set up once I got it back home. The Ram Block and CPU Block are too close together so I have a Kink in the Run from the CPU outlet to the RAM inlet. Going to need to order some fittings to get rid of the kink. Using a back up power supply while I wait for my Cables to get back from Frank N. Stein A look at the Res and Pump A close up of the ICE Blue CPU and RAM Blocks by Bitspower Thank you to our Sponsor BSMODS for the 5050 LED RGB Lighting System Got them installed not too shabby effect with the lights on. But when we turn off the Lights. :) Really Digging the effect of the Enermax T.B. Vegas Trio Fans. :up Had to order some fittings to fix the Kink in the Tubing run from the CPU Block>RAM Block. Ordered 1 Monsoon 90 Deg. rotary fitting(Anodized Blue) and 1 Bitspower 20mm Extension(Black they don't make Blue :( ) Got the fittings installed they worked perfectly to take care of than nasty kink. Time for a bit of leak testing. And while we are at it lets take some close-ups. Ordered a couple more Monsoon 90 Deg. 3/4" fittings and a new Swiftech MCP655 /w Bitspower Mod Kit (Blue) And more waiting. Be back soon. Got the first Monsoon 90 Deg. Fitting installed has to use a Bitspower 20mm Extender to get rid of the kink from the CPU Block to the RAM Block Got the Swiftech MCP 655-B installed with the Bitspower Mod kit in Blue got two more Monsoon 90 Deg. Fittings to go from the RAM Block to the Primochill CTR Ok Got two more Mosnsoon 90 Deg fittings to go from the Primochill Pass-through to the CPU Block.(had to use a 40mm Bits power exstender to raise the fitting on the Primochill Pass-Through so its just as high as the CPU block fitting. Ok got the last three Monsoon 90 Deg Fittings for the Pump and the Radiator. Picked up a Primochill Vortex Flow indicator. Got the PSU in Ultra X4 750 Watt Full Modular And of course This can't stay stock so we are going to cover it in Di-Noc Now the cables are going to be Sleeved by the one and only Frank N. Stein. But I think the ends need to be sexified just a bit. Cables just came in from Frank N. Stein super sexy I'm sure you will agree. Frank this sleeving work is just phenomenal!!!! Sleeved the Pump wires with some of the leftover Mod/Smart Kobra sleeving Frank N Stein sent me I pulled the GPU's out of my 900D build to take some nice pics of Frank N Stein's sleeving work. And now we fill the loop and leak test(always leak test with all the cables disconnected from the motherboard and GPU's. If possible use a different PSU for leak testing.) Well guys that's it for now going to take me a couple months to save up the cash for the GPU's thinking of a couple GTX 760's..... Hope you enjoyed watching as much as I have building. C-ya Later.
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