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Found 4 results

  1. Ok, been lurking a while checking up on build logs here.. while trying to find and excuse to mod a pc.. first i will introduce myself; im a sculptor and woodworker in the trade of art-restauration. im a swede but i live in south spain (murcia) since 15 years back. with the economical crisis i have gotten to have a lot of "sparetime" between work in my trade, so i try to learn new stuff to make the best use of the time. the last 2 winters i have made medieval crossbows (functional replicas) the 2 winters before that i built my own subwoofers (4x 12" subs) and so on. since i work with wood i had scraps around and it was an easy first choice to make projects involving that.. so this winter i felt like doing something different, using my old pc as a starting point i wanted to make a media/movie pc for my lady. rules i got for this project: *minimum spending of money (i just built a new pc for myself so i will use what i have left of the budget) *recycle everything i can (use scraps of materials i already have) *try to make things from scratch when possible this Pc will not have front ports, it wont need it. the mobo has 4 usb ports so it will be enough for its new life. also i will not install any optical drives, since this pc is for watching movies and series online. the gear that will go inside the case: GPU: 9800gt 1gb asus mobo: asus p5kpl-am ram: my old 2x2gb ram i had. cpu: Intel® Core2 Quad CPU Q8400 @ 2.66GHz PSU:conceptronic 500w So in other words im recycling pretty much everything,.. almost all material im going to use is limited to stuff i got in the workshop. now i gotto say i got a lot of junk in there so i tend to find stuff i didnt even know i had. i found some old scratched acrylic sheet scraps. now the state of the acrylic is not the best so i will give it a go with an idea i got... day 1 *stripped the pc carefully *spent a few hours salvaging thru my junk, found acrylic, some 12mm aluminium tube and 1 more old pc case. day 2 *cut and modified the 12cm front fan hole and back fan holes (i think they are for 8cm fan) *cut 1 piece of acrylic *more salvaging, found an old floor fan with nice mesh. also from 1 old desk lamp i salvaged a few small items i will show later on.. day 3 *cut an other sheet of acrylic. *decided i should put one more 12cm fan in the case. this one on the top of the case. i started marking it today. side notes: its hot here in south spain. the 2 small fans in the back sooner or later will not be enough this is why i will add one more 12cm fan, also the 9800GT and the CPU run fairly hot. i will actually have to look into buying some small CPU cooler since the intel factory cpu cooler didnt do too well before.. the cpu cooler will propably be an arctic cooling alpine 11GT... fans will most likelly be of the brand Nox they are cheap and i had good experience with the brand before. i picked out 2 red 8cm fans for the back, and one red 12cm for the top and for the front 12cm im going for a fan with red leds.. ok some design thoughts: the front acrylic of the case will be of a frosted white look when the pc is off. the frosted acrylic is a piece of transparent but sandpapered acrylic sheet, and it has a piece of red acrylic glued/fixed to its back. when there is no light the red acrylic shouldnt show. the front is separated from the case 2,5 cm to get airflow. the separators are aluminium tubes. i prepared the tube allready, glued with epoxy a oak dowel inside of it. later i will drill holes thru them for fitting the screws that will fix the front to the case. sooner or later i will mess up im sure. i got limited material so it would be a bummer. but i think i should be able to find workarounds.. at the moment i got only one big problem, its the fact i dont know how to solve the on/off button issue.. i would like to make one myself ( i got the interior parts, the switch+cables from an old pc case) but im not really sure on how to make it into a feature in the case.. i will have to look closer at the scrap i got... ill update with a few pics of the process.
  2. 2 dear friends call me and say, "if we walk out of here a bit of CASES to give you", I do not ... I repeat 2 times in the afternoon are at their laboratory (thanks DAVIDE and Mattia). Among the various cases and pc to fix or throw that gives me, I see one beautiful, I hasten to load everything into the car. Once I downloaded the situation between what to keep and throw away, inspect it this mystique homes with words, but I can not figure out what model it is and what brand, presents a disc on top of the arms with plastic protruding seem at first sight not split. The case is in poor condition (at least externally) dirty, greasy I do not know what, scratched, with 3 missing pins and bad smelly too ... but the interior is in excellent condition with no rust ... and dry with a nice fan supplied . I go home and when I have a moment of free time I start looking for the model to understand more, at the end I find that is a cooler master mystique 632S, I look good and I find that the front panel can be opened with LED lights there is no That's why that disc placed on top of the case ... it served to open it ... as well as turn it on .... Anyway I find the case beautiful and functional, I love the square houses and mighty, examining it I discover within the selling price of 115 euro ... but!Set it up this guy! and will have to work hard. Here is the complete model. I was planning to take a nice Hackintosh, I also have a nice motherboard tested and kept ready for use ... I decided to fix it and reuse it as cheaply as possible, so farewell furniture front panels (but does not matter) because out of production and the pieces parts are no longer available .. Besides a nice fresh coat of paint, I decided to remove the hard top (I don't like it), having regard to its uselessness, and put a key switch tube, recovered one cannibalized from an old server 486. The put it next to the doors wirefire, audio, usb superior, aesthetically it will look good. I remove the circular disk that I do not absolutely love it, and that ruins the linear aesthetic that I like, but I find that there are a lot of holes due to the various cables that connect: led hd, on, off and reboot, in addition to its indentation of 1 mm in the sheet, so I decided to use a two-component metal putty to close everything and get a nice flat surface, I had never used it before, I'll put 2 strong recessed handles that will give you a more powerful over the comidità to be able to move here and there, it is a big job because the surface must be perfectly flat, otherwise after painting you will notice the slight defects (I'm a perfectionist :) ) I close the holes on the opposite side with scotch of paper, I would not want too much putty comes out, because once it is solidified like cement. Preparing to remove the panel in its entirety, for degreasing surfaces use a fantastic product that is generally used in the case, cleans perfectly even plastics pcs old (but does not make them go white when yellow, my macintosh remain so sigh!). Here are the components disassembled, I have to say I'm filthy, because as I said, I'm going to do a daayumn Hackintosh, then keep it at home on your desk, a nice washed and disinfected think it's a must. The components washed ... but I have not yet decided whether to repaint, maybe a different color ..! Separately wash the dust filters with a normal detergent. Here at the end of the color of the remaining water .... Roll out well and clothes, now the filters smell .... I leave in abeyance, now I have to figure out how to proceed with the color, I made several photomontages with photoshop to give me an idea ...While I think about it, I proceed to the removal of color on the left and right bulkheads and the bottom panel (it is black too).Here is how to present the internal structure without the 4 panels .. In the top panel have to drill to put the key switch and the 2 leads. As for the LEDs take the original structure from the round disk, and then mount it under the panel with glue, but I have to make small holes and I have to be very accurate. This is the small support where the LEDs are fixed. Here's what I need, but I will change the cable with led, now we are both white, I'll put them to the hd red and green for power, I have one full-skatole, disassembled by other PCs and set aside in case of need. I take the measurement from the original disc. Here is the result. Meanwhile purchase on ebay recessed handles FLIGHTCASE 5.19 each, for me they are quite cost also because I try to spend as little as possible and recycle everything, but I like too much, I make sure the measures, but especially the depth, I have available 9 mm stocking by a hair, and the case is wide enough to contain them. Choosing the graphics! I decided to keep it simple change its model name, also because it is no longer an original 632S ... So I call CM632M (cm means coolermaster, M for modified) the name RESURRECTION is easy to see, I find it beautiful. This is a photo montage with grab handles, as it should be. The handles have arrived, SDA, fast shipping. I must say that I'm really beautiful and also heavy. Prepare the panel where I will have to drill the holes. Prefer rounded corners, I prepare with my drill. Once drilled the holes, repositioned the paper tape. After cutting with DREMEL like. I measure for holes I'm going to fix them with screws allen black with a diameter of 5 mm on e bay I found them but I will try in the various DIY in my area but it will be a company to find them. Find exactly as I wanted, in a hardware store stocked "Macciachini" in Varese ITALY. Not all grills are in poor condition, so I paint only the worn and rusty. Polishing with sandpaper and subsequent coats of primer must dry for 12 hours. Front panel mounted again. Remount the bottom panel painted with rivets. Any good self-respecting modder must have a hand riveting tool. Now came the turn of the legs, when I accepted the cabinet had only 2 one without gasket, long ago I recovered from an old case these anti vibration feet I had dismantled before throwing it away, it was the only thing that could be recovered. I mount them ... fantastic! Back to top sheaf where I set the ignition key. I had some trouble to fix the door led, I tried it with silicone ... But it was not firm enough, so I removed, cleaned and fixed again with the note glue ... but I think my next purchase will be a hot glue gun. HOUSTON, HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM! Mounting it with the rivets, I realized that he had committed an error of assessment, the screws that mount the front handle impact the support of the case, housings 5.25 that I had not calculated ... here are the pictures. So I pick up my pseudo Dremel and will practice the cuts, do not want to totally remove the supports (even if they are not vital for the structure) but will cut only the parties concerned. Now stocking everything perfectly. Paint bulkheads. Since my workplace is primarily a balcony located on the 2nd floor for painting I built this box removable, I avoid doing damage, even if the painting is not perfect and has some impurities in theory should paint indoors to avoid contamination. Bulkheads right and left painted, 2 coats of matt black, my favorite. Here it is mounted. Painting logo Mystique. Here are the steps for graphics on adhesive paper. With a lot of patience, precision cutter and cut the mask This motherboard a SMI K9N6PGM2-V recovered from a pc for some reason thrown away. Will travel with this processor, but this also recovered from a damaged motherboard. AMD Phenom X3 8650 Triple-Core 2.3 GHz (HD8650WCJ3BGH) Processor Application logo painted, I decided to leave it all black. Back in 1989 when I was in school graphics and everything was done manually, I had purchased a small compressor and airbrush nib 350,000 pounds at the time, then with the advent of computer graphics has taken a different path, and the guns were always Less frequently used, this material has been placed in the garage collecting dust for all these years, and now I decided to reuse it for decorating homes, with my experience HAZARD AF-024 I realized that using cans for small text does not okay, salivate excessively and the color is deposited on the edges, so the gun is ideal. But I'm missing the cable that connects the compressor airbrush lost ..., no problem ebay comes back to help with a charge of 15 € including shipping. Application of graphical masks this is the result after painting ... up visual Thank you for watching. Google translator PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!! :-)
  3. hello guys this is an old pc case, my spot is to recycle as much as possible, I really enjoyed myself and I have experienced strange things that I did not know before, this is my first experience but I hope to continue, thanks to everyone for visiting .. I mentioned a project in my previous post nuclear server after several thoughts and evaluations, it's time, I opt for a different case I need something that is square and aggressive but above all RECYCLED, I pull out of my garage an old PC ATX mid tower, is anonymous and malconico, but no rust and inteno is in good condition, I have no intention of opening windows in the bulkhead right then I will just decorate the outside. First I remove all panels, 2 side panels, plastiva front and top panel and start sanding with 200 sandpaper, I do not care to do a job of finishing because this house is old and damaged deliberately.Together with the sandpaper I munisco a spray bottle to wet the surface of the bulkhead, and actually a lot better and does not raise dust. I dry everything. I'm going to open a vent in the upper bulkhead that will contain a grid decorated with written pc, can also insert 2 optional fans. I munisco scotch and imitation dremel, the preparatory phase is very delicate and it is worth losing a bit of time. I pause for a moment and prepare the logo to the computer that will be painted on the bulkheads. Mold on adhesive paper laser printing is fine but any inkjet printer also. Cutout with my knife precision. Before painting the bulkheads wipe with a lint-free cloth, this will allow the removal of the powder as an alternative advice NITRO thinner. After the 3 bulkheads painted in matt black, I place the strips of paper for the yellow stripes, I calculate that the yellow stripe puperiore will be divided into 2 in a laratia and the other in the top piece. Prefer carve out a piece of cardboard with the angle of 34/35 degrees 45 degrees is too. I position the logos. And go with spray!! I make it dry and proceed at the opening .... The yellow color was too liquid and has gone slightly under the masking tape, but this is not a problem, what I want is to create a very ruined houses, after removing all the masking tape, I munisco steel scourer , one for washing the dishes, and I begin to spoil what I just painted. It takes patience, but the result will strepoitoso and ruined at the right point, rubbing with steel wool all the smudges disappear, rubbing hard emerges a bit of white (original paint) and is perfect looks even more worn out .... I'm going to put 2 handles on the upper bulkhead, this will give a more evil. I'm going to be modding the dvd player that the floppy, then I remove all plastics, the clean up with steel wool removing the lettering, the clean up finally with a degreaser. And I paint with matte black. Since I have not removed totally the white color of the houses and readers, rubbing with steel wool, you see at the bottom originally as in effect giving a damaged bulkhead, perfect. Next phase grids matte black, the mask of the writing I used the same principle but in negative bulkhead, then painted yellow. And now .... prepare a hole for an optional fan and then place the grid decorated on the front panel. Cutting with false dremel. I set the pan with silicone, but it would be better to think of the perfect hot glue, silicone pette us too long to dry. This is the final result. Thank you for visiting my post and having accepted my bad English.
  4. Hello everyone! First of all, I'd like to make this apparent at the start. This is not meant to be a functioning PC. Now that we have that out of the way, I'd like to welcome you to my build log/idea board. Sitting around one day, I had the strange though of re-using old computer parts to make some sort of sculpture. So, I whipped out some graph paper and started drawing... (warning terrible image below) Here are the materials that I have collected so far: 2 Armada E500 Laptop Motherboards [Picture #1]1 Hp (no idea) Desktop Motherboard [Picture #2]1 Seagate 40 GB HDD [#2]1 Full Sized Desktop RAM module (with 1 Lb. of cheap ebay broken RAM coming) [#2]6 Laptop RAM module [#1 and #2]1 Intel Celeron (No pin Damage/Centerpiece [white arrow]) ... More on this later [#2]2 Lbs. of assorted CPU's (No pins, ebay.) 1 Aluminum Heatsink (PC) [#2]2 Aluminum and Copper Heatsinks (Laptop) [#1]2 Laptop 12GB Harddrives [#1]2 Intel Pentium 3's mobile (embedded in motherboard, might be able to get out.)Assorted Motherboard parts/Accessories (Modem, Network card, etc.) Here are some problems that I would like to address: Now as you can see by my kiddish ability to sketch, I definitely need some changes. Firstly, I need to find a way to allow my turtle's shell to be curved. I've been thinking that I can uses pieces of motherboard cut up to make a smoother curve. Removing the mobile CPU's. Not sure if I want to do this or not, they are located on the opposite side of the motherboard so they would not be displayed if I chose to use the motherboards on the outside. I have to go now--AH! I will post again with more of my ideas/updates/pictures. I'd love to know any thoughts/comments/concerns and I'll be back in a couple of hours. See you later!
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