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Found 10 results

  1. When another tubular chassis came out in the past couple of years, there were several people who said “It would be cool if you could run your watercooling loop through the frame”. Well, that’s exactly what the folks at ID-Cooling have done. Read the Full Article Review HERE
  2. Car manufacturers give face lifts to their older car models, to attract new buyers. Well, Phanteks has done something similar to the new improved Enthoo Luxe. The Luxe Tempered Glass edition is a “face lift edition”, and this small change has made a great little improvement. A lot of case makers have joined the tempered glass trend, that was started by In-Win. But, I feel Phanteks is starting to take that, to the next level. I have to say that I’m so happy to see a hinged glass panel on a case. This makes me less worried about dropping the glass panel on the floor and watching it break. The Luxe as a case, is the perfect sized case for folks that plan on running some serious hardware. It allows you to hold ample amount of hardware, cooling, and storage devices without making any compromises at all. The added tempered glass panel creates a nice view inside your case, and unlike acrylic, it does not attract dust or is easily scratched. The smoked glass panel is perfect, and it’s not a cheap thin piece of glass either. .......... Check out the full review here...
  3. Mosquito takes a look at the Anidees AI7 ATX case in this review. Be sure to subscribe to TheModZoo to be sure you don't miss future reviews and videos!
  4. In a first for The Mod Zoo we’re taking a look at the Streacom FC5 Alpha, which is a silent chassis. Unlike other manufacturers who call their case “silent”, this one actually is; it’s completely fan-less and intended to be used as a passive heat-sink for the CPU as well. Check out the Full Article Review Here
  5. Deepcool have come out with a couple of wacky cases in the past, (Steam Castle, anyone?). The Dukase, however, is a more traditional case aimed at the entry level market. It’s got a removable top panel as well as a front door, which are nice to have at an entry level. The Dukase boasts some other features typically reserved for more expensive cases as well, including SSD trays, removable 5.25″ bays and a PSU shroud. Check out the Full Review Here!
  6. Mosquito takes us on an overview of the Streacom FC5 Alpha. Be sure to check back for the full article review! Be sure to subscribe to TheModZoo for more!
  7. Thermaltake have been taking a much more aggressive approach to bringing feature packed and water-cooling friendly cases to market. The Core x9 was previously the big dog of their line up, with support for a lot of radiator configurations, and the ability to stack multiple cases. What if a more traditional tower case was more your style? Enter the Core x71. Check out the full article HERE.
  8. Phanteks has become known to create novel cases. Our Munkys have visited their suite at CES and found two new cases on show. The 916 and a glass side panel version of the Evolv ATX. Click Here for the full article! Be sure to check back for further coverage from The Mod Zoo at CES 2016!
  9. Hey there guys and gals, I just did a review article for Dragonblogger, unboxing and reviewing the Bitfenix Comrade PC case that I recently bought. Please feel free to take a look at it and let me know what you think. I believe that you may just be a little surprised with this particular article, but you have to check it out to find out... ;) I'm receiving NO compensation for this article, btw, in case anyone was wondering, but this is the beginning of my re-launch as a blogger, reviewer, etc. Article url: http://www.dragonblogger.com/bitfenix-comrade-unboxing-and-review/ Oh, and Jeremy told me to post it here, in case anyone wondered. ;)
  10. Jesse takes a look at the all new Cooler Master N200 MATX case, available for only $49.99 will it be able to provide the right features? Cooler Master’s latest case offering is a mini tower packed with a lot of punch. Just a quick look at the case and one can see the simplistic approach taken by cooler master here. I’m a big fan of simple cases as they provide for the most usability for any kind of user. Cooler Master was able to add support for a 240mm radiator in the front right out of the box allowing the use of 240mm CPU coolers such as the Corsair H100i. The case comes with two 120mm fans. 1 in the front as intake and 1 in the rear as an exhaust, and if that was not enough for a case this size they also included spots to add a 140mm or a 120mm fan on the top and a 120mm in the side panel. The case allows users to add up-to four 2.5” SSD/HDDs and three 3.5” HDDs, the case also features a 5.25” drive bay for optical drives and fan controllers, and a 3.5” bay for when you are feeling a little “Old School”. You would need to remove the 3.5” bay if you want to place a 240 radiator in the front. If water cooling is not your thing you will be glad to know the case supports air coolers up to 160mm tall, and the front mesh panel with two 120mm fans will ensure airflow over all your components. The case’s interior is designed in a very smart away and maximizes the space and allows the users the option to try out a few unique ways of placing the drives in the case. The case has space for any of the newest and largest graphic cards like the GTX 690, GTX TITAN, and AMD HD 7990 (SLI or CrossFire). The case supports mATX and ITX motherboards allowing for some powerful gaming / LAN setups. Cooler Master N200 dimensions (L) 445 x (H) 378 x (D) 202mm / (L) 17.52 x (H) 14.9 x (W) 7.95 inch Edgy asymmetrical design with full mesh on the front panelMini tower with great expandability that supports up to three 3.5" HDD and four 2.5" SSDSupports a 240mm liquid cooling radiator in the frontSupports high-end graphics cards with a length of up to 355mm/14inchSupports air CPU cooler heights up to 160mm/6.3inchSupports SuperSpeed USB 3.0Removable dust filter under the PSU for easy maintenanceYou can see and read more details on the Cooler Master N200 Product Page Before I get into more details I would like to thank Bill Owen and Cooler Master for the opportunity to review this case. Page 1 of 3 123 → Last » Click here to view the article
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