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Found 3 results

  1. i bought these fans thinking that my rig would be a blood red but it turned out to be a very pretty dark plum colored, alltogether unexpected but one i can live with but i was left with these 6 fans i bought not matching the case at all, i want them to be a bright white, my question is if i paint these fans white will the red leds show thru? thanks bunches! airle
  2. ZoPHaR

    Red Hawk

    This build started out as a replacement for my SR-2 build that I parted out last year. During the part out I traded some of the parts for a Rosewill Blackhawk Ultra. The Blackhawk Ultra shares the basic chassis design with the Xigmatek Elysium, and the Enermax Fulmo GT. First off this case is HUGE. Room for 4 5.25" devices, and 10 yes 10 3.5" hard drives. It also has support for up to a 360mm or 420mm radiator in the top out of the box. Which is really nice IMO. Well lets get to it. Current hardware list (subject to change): Motherboard: EVGA P67 FTW CPU: Intel 2600K GPU's: Undecided (originally was going to go with 660TI's) Memory: Undecided PSU: EVGA NEX 1000W platinum or not yet released 1300W GPU blocks: Alphacool CPU Block: Alphacool NexXxoS XP3 Radiators: Alphacool NexXxoS UT60 420mm, and Monsta 280mm Reservoir: Alphacool RePack quad DDC dual 5.25" bay res Pumps: Koolance PMP 400 Fans: Rosewill Hyperborea 140mm (highest static pressure 140mm fan I could find) Cable Extensions: Made by a good friend {uZa}DOA in black widow para-chord I'll start with the original pics and then move into the current state. Stock boring case: All in all not a horrible case. Just too boring for me. For size reference, this is my 1 1/2 year old and 5 year old modeling the case: A shot of the inside holding the E-ATX P67 FTW motherboard. I honestly think that my kids could curl up inside this thing. But I don't think that the inside is "open" enough. So I set out to removed some excess metal. The hardrive bays are ugly and a little overkill for me. I'm not going to be running a server in this chassis so out they come: It was about 16 rivets in total and a couple were a pain to get out because of where they put them. But the final result is a wide open space: Now I know my kids could fit in there. I then set out to figure out what options I had for radiators. Once it's all done There will be enough hardware in here to heat a small house. I already knew that a 420 was the max in the top due to the top panel and the way it fits together. And in stock form a single 140mm could fit on the bottom and the back. And I also knew that there was no way I was running any radiators outside the case. So I did a just for fun test fit and found if I really wanted I could have fit a 560mm rad in the bottom as long as the bottom tank was short: The down side to that was the PSU would go on the top and that would knock me down to a max 140mm rad up there. So a 420mm was going in the top. Then because I removed the front drive cages that opened my up to two 140mm fans. Knowing that I wanted maximum cooling but I was trying to stay close to the depth of the 5.25" drive bays I decided to stack two of the Alphacool XT45 280mm rads. And yes I know that it isn't the most efficient setup, but it let me fit the most rad surface area in the space that I wanted. Here is the pic of the setup: Here is the setup with a 140mm fan on it: And here it is installed in the case: Plenty of room top and bottom. There was going to be a couple of drain ports drilled into the bottom but since I did this Alphacool released the Monsta radiators. Now I'm pretty sure I'll sell these and switch it over to a single Monsta 280mm radiator to cut down on one set of fans and also cut down on a little bit of plumbing. I also got the top 420mm radiator and decided I was going to do a push pull configuration with the fans. But since I went with the 60mm thick UT60 radiator space between the radiator and the fans inside the case was at a premium. See here: So whats a guy to do? well lets put the pull fans on the outside of the case: Problem solved... Or is it? Well that won't work. There are a set of supports for the top panel right where the fans go. So out come my trusty cutters and bam: We have fan clearance: And there is still plenty of room in the 5.25" bays for a fan controller of another small bay device. But not so much on the back of the case.
  3. Continuing with their line of aluminum Legacy cases, Rosewill is coming out with its W1 mITX case soon. The case looks pretty decent with a 140mm fan in the front and rear and up to a 280 combo in the ceiling. Provided it's aluminum, this might be a fun case to cut into. Rumors are a review is imminent B) Link to Rosewill's page about the W1: http://www.rosewill.com/landingpage/legacy_w1/
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