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Found 2 results

  1. Greetings all and welcome to both my first modding project and first work log! This build has been inspired my 10 years of life experience since my first computer build, a hideous and cumbersome concoction in a NZXT Guardian (shudder). After hauling that machine around for several years to college and back, I knew the next computer I build would be smaller and easier to handle. After much searching I chose the SilverStone TJ-08E for the following reasons: -Small(ish) but sturdy case, coming in at 210mm(W) x 374mm(H) x 385mm(D), 30.2 liters -Positive air pressure in the 180mm front intake fan -mATX board (I'm somewhat of a minimalist so mATX is just fine by me) -MetallicAcid's TJ-08E build on overclock.net http://www.overclock.net/t/1353286/completed-rog-gene-v-inspired-tj08-e-matx With the victim as it were being settled upon, I still didn't have a clear theme in my mind. Eventually I settled on a printed circuit board (PCB) themed build. I'm an electrical technician by trade and I've always been draw to the aesthetics of circuit boards. The flow of traces hypnotizes me, and I thought it would be fun to utilize pcbs in my computer. In terms of hardware several things are still up in the air. I'm going with Haswell so I'll have some time to nail the rest of this down. CPU: Intel i5-4670K MoBo: ASUS Gryphon (mATX version of the Sabtertooth) GPU: A GTX 670? Not interested in SLI right now RAM: Probably will be a last minute impulse buy PSU: Leaning towards Seasonic or maybe a SFF SIlverStone PSU Cooling: Closed loop CPU cooler for now, I will do a custom liquid loop in the future ODD: On the fence, waiting for Kyle to talk me out of it :P Enough talk :D the case: Next step was to cut a window. Didn't take any in-progress shots, but here is the after. I picked up some goodies yesterday from Bill, thanks for the hook up Bill! I'm very impressed with the quality of his goods, MNPCTECH is the real deal people, believe me. The mATX case feet are solid. The foot by the mobo tray had clearance issues, so out came cutting wheel... Laying out the cut I need to get some files for touch up but it came out ok All right, I'll get some more pics up tomorrow. I'm hoping to get the case painted this weekend if it would just stop raining around here.
  2. Hoi! I got a request from a friend, he wanted a small computer to play music, watch movies and check his mail and so on. He is building a bar and wanted a PC there. I loooove making sff builds so this is going to be fun. He just wanted a small working computer, but thats boring. Im going to make some smaller mods and make it look really good and fit in to a bar. I started looking around for a nice case and ended up with a Streacom F1C Evo. I fell in love! It measures 200x200x70mm and fits a mini-itx, slotin slimdrive dvd, 2x 2.5" drives. So now Im currently looking for sponsors for a picopsu and some nice looking feet to the case. CDON.com is sponsoring this build with a ASRock E350M1. Kingston is helping me with a 2x4gb kit DDR3. Kingston HyperX 2x4gb DDR3 1600MHz. To-do list. Install 2x 50mm fans. DONEEngrave the Jack Daniels logo on top. DONESleeve everything that can be sleeved.Cablemanagement.Install some nice feet.Install a IR-receiver for a remote controller. DONEThis is what the case looks like: I remembered Wolverine engraving a Jack Daniels logo to a side panel of a Antec P180 and I thought I would make something similar. It will be perfect for the bar. My friend will be so surprised! :) So today Im starting the engraving and Ill be back as soon as possible. Give me feedback ofcourse! :) With kind regards! Johan Nyman
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