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Found 14 results

  1. PROJECT ORION Hello all, Today I present to you a mid range gaming build. This project is sponsored by MSI and Silverstone Special thanks to Team Group And Alphacool This is all white build with colorful lights, coolant and details, inspired by beautiful Orion Nebula. Components Silverstone Redline RL07 chassis i7 7740x MSI X299 Tomahawk Arctic motherboard MSI GTX 1070Ti Gaming graphics card Team Group Night Hawk RGB DDR4 3000mhz 2x8GB Silverstone Strider Plus 700W power supply Silverstone LSB01 8 port RGB controller Silverstone FG121 RGB fan grill Cooling Alphacool XPX Eisblock cpu block Alphacool Eisbecher 250 reservoir Alphacool DDC 3.1 pump HW Labs Black Ice Nemesis LS360 radiator Primochill Revolver fittings+ Primochill acrylic tubing Silverstone FQ121 fans Big thanks to the sponsors of this project; MSI and Silverstone
  2. At CES 2017 this year, Silverstone announced their new 800W SFX-L Power Supply. Beating even their own 700 Watter. If packing 800 Watts into a tiny package (4.92" x 2.5" x 5.12") isn't impressive enough. It is Titanium Rated (90-94%+ Efficiency), it has a 120mm Fan (that only runs when needed) and it is Fully Modular. And if you think they are exaggerating about that 800 Watt rating (like Diablotech might do), 800 Watts is the continuous power output rating. The peak output rating is 850 Watts! But, expect to part with between $180 and $200 (Street Price) for all that power :^) And if you need it RIGHT NOW. They are already available at both Newegg and Amazon. Here is a link to more technical information at the Silverstone Tech:
  3. *stands up sheepishly* Hi everyone, My name is Peter and it has been ten years since my last mod For, my first those of you who don't know me (I've been a weak-ass forum participant), My first ever 'proper' case mod was called Refurb - back in the Pimprig days: My last mod (2007) was a DVR that I had built out of a shuttle case and PS2 screen: Things have changed a bit since then though - nowadays, I don't really have the time or motivation to maintain a custom water loop or change out my hardware every month like I used to. I tend to do video editing, VFX and motion graphics in my spare time and have been using an (ugly) Silverstone Raven RV01 that I had been given to review back in 2008. Before you judge me too harshly, I just needed a quiet, stable workstation that would do the job I need it to do - nothing fancy (obviously) Anyway - enough of the public shaming - I've had an opportunity to get back on the mod programme thanks to a generous donation of a Corsair H100i AIO loop from an anonymous benefactor who shall remain nameless (unless he calls himself out here). You see, my CPU is struggling with the summer heat and the stock Intel AIO watercooler that I've shoehorned into the case just isn't cutting it (did I say enough with the shaming? Guess I may have been wrong there....) I have also switched out my wife's PC internals into a smaller case and am in the fortunate position of having a spare, empty Silverstone FT01 case which I reviewed years ago. It's not the best designed case out there (you can't take the 'removable' top fan filter out!!) but the internals are all attached with screws - which is great from a modding standpoint. The plan will be to move my gear out of the Raven and into this - making a few modifications beforehand in order to accommodate the H100i and possibly use up some of my old case moddding supplies that I have lying around (I'm a bit of a hoarder of useful things) Oh, for my last bit of public shaming: where I am living, I don't have space to put my PC on my desk... So on the floor it has to go. Lights and flashy stuff are unlikely to be happening, but we'll see Anyway - let's get into this. The case internals are pretty standard. I've removed the drive cage that sits between the 5.25" and lower drive bays as well as the 200mm fans in the roof and front. I'm planning of either ditching the 5.25" bays or trimming them down to keep the top one (maybe two). Unscrewing the 5.25" drive bay housing, I can get the Power/HDD Led assembly taken out to see what I have to work with: Thinking on where to place the radiator, I was considering mounting it above the 3.5" cage; making a mount out of the 5.25" bay housing. The plus side to this would be that it leaves room for fans to push air through the radiator as well as the option for pull fans to be added: The downside to this though is that I don't have the option of having a DVD drive in the machine - which I use surprisingly often - and that I'd need to install a bare fan in the lower section to move air over the 3x HDD's. Option B was to install the radiator and fan in the space between the HDD cage and the front - which is a very tight fit: The plus side is that I get the 5.25'' bay option back but it's tight and I'd have issues with having room for radiator mesh in the front. I decided to make a couple of temporary mounts by cutting out the strip of metal on the front (it was always going to be taken out anyway) to test fit things and help me decide. Messing around, I actually found that I liked the idea of mounting the radiator externally - Usually I don't go for that kind of look but this one had appeal for some reason. I'm running with it and will be doing a couple of aesthetic and practical things as well to (hopefully) help it fit in That's it for now - next update soon!
  4. This afternoon it finally happend! My new case the Raven05 by Silverstone arrived. It arrived in absolute perfect condition, lucky me. Seeing her naked the first time is always exciting! :D But what's inside her was not that much (until now). Right let's stay serious for a moment. These are the parts I will use in this build, they all come from my previous build 'The Quiet Viking'. So that'll be: Asus Sabertooth Z87 i5 4590 with Scythe Ashura Crucial Ballistix 8GB 1600mhz RAM Nvidia GTX 770 with Rajintek Morpheus Samsung 850EVO 120GB SSD Seagate 7200RPM 1tb HDD All powered by a Corsair RM650 PSU After installing my motherboard I noticed that there was not much space left between my CPU cooler and the case. But I checked the fitment and I was all good. On to some minor modding. We all know these pesky small frontpanel connectors (here on the right). What I always did until now is replace them with the connector you get on internal USB2.0 cables. (here on the left) The result then looks like this. It's cleaner IMO and it's certainly easier to plug in! (why are we not funding this?) Next on my list was the PSU install and that went on like a breeze. Seems like Silverstone did some thinking, holes in the handles to reach the screws. Good Job! What would be a build log without a dog? Right, my next subject was my GPU. I installed 2 of my Noctua S12 Redux on it to replace my clicking Enermax fans. Why isnt everything powdercoated like this? :huh: It fits! A bit closer to the bottom fan than I expected but still more than enough space. Storage has been fitted aswell. The SSD is being held in place by magic. Well actually it's double sided tape... And we are done! took me only about 5 hours and about 10 years of my life because of all the cable management frustration. But look at it youself. And she lives! I hope you enjoyed this quick build log, but keep this thread in your mind more to come!
  5. Silverstone have long been in the enthusiast computer case market. They were one of the first to offer all aluminum cases, one of the first to make cases specifically targeting HTPCs, and has generally had premium offerings for those seeking a high end case. Silverstone had a run of cases that they called the Raven series, which featured aggressive designs with great cooling. At a retail price of about $80, Silverstone have certainly checked the affordability box, but does it come at a different cost when you start using it? Let's take a look and find out... Check out the full article HERE.
  6. this is my mod of a Silverstone TJ07 case the computer is called sabertooth. The motherboard is a Asus sabertooth x58 witch is getting a bit long in the tooth excuse the pun. xspc water block on the processor and some custom ones adapted by me. the graphics cards are r9 290x with ek water blocks on and back plates. there is a 480 rad cooling the graphics cards and a 280 cooling the mb and processor with 8 fans on the rads in a push pull config Apart from the overkill rings on the front and the fans most of the other parts are second-hand or reused off my old system. The case is painted with candy apple red with metal flake the inside is metallic black with holographic metal flake. the first thing i did was to invert motherboard holding plate then i put the hd rack from my old computer in i put aluminium plate in the front and cut the holes for the fans and overkill rings trying find where i was going to put the water pumps the motherboard water blocks i have used old ones of ebay and made copper bottom to suit motherboard then came the painting because of the case is aluminium it needed etch primer then filler primer two coats of metallic silver then four coats candy apple red two coats of metal flake four of lacquer this is the finished computer thanks for the help from the people at Mnpctech post this
  7. It begins... Unveiled at CES 2014 the Raven RVZ01 became the first SSF member of the Silverstone Raven series of cases, this gaming chassis is among the best of compact designs I've personally seen for cramming a fully-fledged enthusiast PC into an impressively small space (I hope so at least or I'm screwed). Being a member of the Raven series, the RVZ01 is very aggressive looking and features the same design found on the much larger RV04 (ironically I thought it's bigger Brother looked cheap and tacky lol), it's also worth noting that Silverstone have also released a more conservative styled version of the same chassis called the ML07. Measuring 382mm wide, 105mm tall and 350mm deep, the RVZ01 has a capacity of just 14 litres and weighs 3.71kg, making it only slightly bigger than the Xbox One. The RVZ01 has support for enthusiast grade kit in abundance however; GPU's up to 13" (330mm) long can be accommodated - technically leaving enough room for pretty much every GPU currently on the market. The case is designed to either stand vertically as a conventional tower or lay flat as a desktop case - the Raven logo can also be orientated horizontally regardless of whether the case is used as a tower or desktop, which is a nice touch. The case itself has a matte black finish (the paint is of a very high quality), while the plastic front panel and side are fairly finger print resistant, the steel side panels (top and bottom panels dependant on case orientation) are extremely prone to gathering fingerprints. If you lay the case flat in a desktop type orientation the left and right side panels are ventilated to allow hot air out, Silverstone has gone with a positive air pressure design. Some of the ventilation slots can also be used to install the rubber feet which are provided in the package should you choose to stand the case up like a tower as I have - alternatively, when laid flat like a desktop there are self adhesive rubber bumper feet that can be used to raise the case about a centimetre off the ground. The fan grills are machine cut into steel panels that I mentioned earlier (top and bottom when the chassis is in the desktop position, side panels when positioned vertically). The top panel features a single 120mm fan (CPU intake, removable panel) grill while the underside panel (non removable panel, basically the floor) there are two (GPU intakes), the third smaller grill is for the PSU. Three magnetic dust filters come included with the RVZ01 - a highly practical way of keeping dust out of the RVZ01 and can be quickly removed for cleaning without having to take the case apart. The dust filters work extremely well due to the fan configuration of the RVZ01, the air drawn into the case is filtered; the positive pressure then means dust can't get in through the unfiltered slots/vents around the case as the airflow is constantly being expelled from these openings. And now to the build itself… The brief is simple enough (he says now), R@v3N will utilize an overclocked Intel i5 4690K, with a view to energy efficiency to facilitate a general purpose come gaming rig with some graphical cojones and a decent onboard audio capability (tall order I know and did I also mention I wanted it to run virtually silently?). We'll just have to see if I can pull it off... ;)
  8. Original title was: Unusual Unboxing | Cooler Master Cosmos II Mod | Surprise Alert I guess I really tricked a lot of people believing this was an unboxing thread, so I decided to change this title so people know this is a case mod build not a traditional unboxing, even when this is not traditional at all. A huge box, says the UPS guy. There was also a bigger box on the outside, keep that in mind. I am not tall, but this case is. Protective film removed Something seems missing.... Can you tell? Wait! What!? WTH is that? So.......... it is this side? Not bad after all. Fan cable routing. shot through PCI slot. H100 is temporary. I know it's still messy.
  9. Also seen here on my personal website: http://www.design4paragon.com/power-mac-reloaded.html First glance of Apple computer was around 1999 when i was still in high school, and it was the iMac G3 with color transparent shell. It just looks amazing, still does today, but I never got a chance to touch or use it. Then I went to college to study industrial design, and one of our professors like Apple's design a lot, and talked about Apple highly all the time. He had a Powerbook G4 Titanium. In my junior year, our new campus was established, and we were given a digital media design lab with all Apple desktops. I was the monitor of my class, and I bargained with my professor to have class on digital media design in the new lab; he agreed. For a whole semester and summer, we were using Powermac G4 Quicksilver models. Back then, we also had all Cinema Display with Powermac G4. For use who all used CRT monitors, this is light, thin, vivid. Yes it cannot adjust angle and stuff as today's standards, but CRT users don't adjust angles much, period. We also received a Sony DV Cam to shoot. It was not the one-hand-operating one; it is the ones media used 11 years ago on people's shoulders. I believe people still put them on shoulders. TA told me it cost the same as a VW Polo. I like to take things apart, but not that DV Cam. Powermac G4 on the other hand, did not escape. In 2000 to 2004, computer case design was a lot different from today's criteria. There was no cable management grommets, routing behind motherboard tray, not even motherboard try. Most PSU still run with 80mm fan on the back as exhaust, and rarely some models use 120mm bottom mounted fan as intake. You don't see thumb screws on side panel often either. I had a magnetic screw driver on my table all the time in college. This Powermac G4 is different, just pull the handle and everything is right in front of you. IDE cable can be used like ribbon, folded 90 degree turns everywhere. Simplicity itself is not simple. It is still very hard to see any case design has better style and more detailed touches, even in today's market. look at that IDE cable on the right hand side. Yes thick bezels. Would you use this for 3 screen surround? Power and digital signal run in the same cable, as we all know here. That is why I didn't buy this monitor for this Hackintosh build.
  10. After my Mini's big bro took a dump, I needed to put my modding skills towards something. As that build was my primary gaming rig, something had to take it's place momentarily. Little did I know how much I could actually get out of this little guy. My GT500 workstation is where I get all of my work done here in the lab. I was hesitant to tear into it as the little FT03 can be a bear to work with. Brilliant cooling design yes, roomy, not at all. Before I started, this rig held an Intel 4770k on an ASRock Z87E itx board powered by the Silverstone Gold 450w PSU. Standard Corsair 1600mhz LP Vengence and several Samsung 840Pro SSDs. Solid building blocks for a workstation, but could this setup handle heavy OCing on both the cpu and gpu? I have seen other builders use 780s, tis and Titans, but I had not seen many in the wild. Could this end with the fastest FT03 Mini on the planet? Maybe? With two hurdles to deal with, being only a 780gtx SC instead of the higher end TI and a motherboard that isn't known for big clocks... First off, I removed the drivers and the EVGA 750ti SC (great card by the way). Putting a 780 GTX in this case requires some cutting. The card is around a 1/2" too long to fit in this case. Both the case and the plate that holds the feet needed trimming. I have seen some ugly cuts out on the net and the right way to do it is with a cutting wheel and dremel. Measure twice, cut once, file last. Make sure that you plan out reassembly carefully. One missed step will require a tear down in which you will need to start all over. Sata, I/0, power connections etc. all need to be made first. Then the gpu and lastly the plate for drives (which I modify for the GT500 to hold SSDs). The large stock fan no longer fits. That's okay as I wanted Scythe Silent Typhoon 14s in push/pull. I still need to clean up the cut, but I am thinking this whole case is going to be painted, so that will come later. Testing on the bench went great as I stopped at 4.8ghz with a 1200mhz clock on the gpu. Great temps there but now it's time to bench inside the case. I will be back with more pics, temps, and benches shortly. No comes the fun part, game testing! Anyone up for some Titan Fall or BF4? Look us up on Origin,"jallen labs." -maestro0428
  11. Some of you may have seen my work on the FT03 on various web spots before (including this site). I build a ton of PCs every year and try to make a few for myself each year also. I haven't gotten to the point when I am just too picky and my expectations have grown out of control. So I am going to make the best FT03 possible (to hopefully get over those previous behaviors). I want to address every detail of the case itself and how to configure the hardware in it. I do have quite a few tools at my disposal, but will farm out what I can't do in house the right way. Hardware is hardware and it will have decent components (and they are likely to change often anyway). I have narrowed down all of the parts that are going to work for the next couple of months and I have most of them anyway. My budget is $2000 US (for the tower only). This adventure started in June of 2012 and must be complete and operational January 1st 2013. Off we go.... Components list: Silverstone FT-03 in Silver/White rev. 1 (this does matter as issues I will address have been updated in newer revs) Intel 3770K (has run at 4.5ghz for over a year and will most likely stay that way) ASRock Extreme 4M Z77 Corsair Dominator 1600mhz CL10 8GB x4 ASUS r280x DCII Top rev. 1 (the new one comes out this week) ASUS Xonar DX 7.1 Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD Samsung 840 Pro 128GB SSD x2 Western Digital Black 250GB HD x2 Seagate Cuda 3TB HD Seasonic 620w M12II Modular Power Supply Various bits that I used or modded along the way. Cooling bits list: Zalman LC 320Q AIO H2O (yes custom h2O would be tasty and it could happen...) Scythe Gentile Typhoon 120mm 1850rpm fan x2 Sharkoon Silent Eagle 1000rpm 120mm fan Gelid Solutions 1600rpm 80mm fan x2 Gelid Solutions Silent 4200rpm 40mm fan x2 Various other bits I will show along the way. Link to manufacturer: http://www.silverstonetek.com/product.php?pid=291&area=en ^these are the best stock photos I have seen. -Still going through photos. I am so unorganized. Here is a link to video of the initial assembly. It is low def, poor lighting, etc. It's only 2:30 though, so its not so bad. I am not trying to advertise with this, so if the intro/logos are no go, feel free to remove it as that is not my intention. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ORuBPOUML8 Components in that first assembly included: Bone stock FT03 Xeon 1245v2 ASRock Extreme 4M Z77 Corsair Dominator 1600mhz CL10 8GB x2 Nvidia Quadro 4000 HighPoint 2720SGL Rocket RAID/SAS to 4 sata cable Samsung 840 Pro 128GB SSD Western Digital Black 750GB HD x4 Seagate Cuda 3TB HD Seasonic 520w M12II Modular Power Supply LG Slot loading DVD burner Stock Silverstone 120mm fans x3 Xigmatek S1283 heatsink
  12. Hardware Overview Finally I talked one of my friends into building a custom computer, so I ended up with a table full of hardwares. I tried to talk to him in to black & red, or black & white color scheme, but he is a huge New Orleans Saints fan. So color choices are limited for a lot of hardwares. Looks good. A lot of people do this type of shot. This SSD was on sale, and that is the main reason to choose it. It is so good value I even bought one for my wife's build, which was posted here before. Not a lot of accessories, only a SATA data cable which was never used. I remember XLR8 text in gold on some of PNY's graphic cards, so I was expecting the same here. It turned out to be a warm grey. Very popular choice. I suggested i5 for gaming, which is the purpose of this build, but he preferred i7. Can you read the SN? Stock cooler not in shot. Guess what this is. Household LED strip actually. It is cheap, a lot of lights, remote control to change color, cannot ask for any more. I originally recommended stock cooler and get the shroud gold plated or powder coated. He thought it would be too much trouble for me to go through for his build, so we switch to this ACX version. With protective film. Without it. Wish it was gold. Details determain design. 780 Ti is way over his budget. Again, details determain design. Quite standard right? Gold motherboard is very rare to find. I remember a gold one on Z77 platform from another brand. Is it gonna match? This is definately yellow. That's not golden, missing orange tone. Yellow again. If it was gold heat spreader, how will the performance be? Surfacing coating vs bare metal, difference is quite minimal actually. It is listed as marigold, and with this picture: Side by side, this is how it looks. Our plan is to disassemble it and use it internally. I have done this to 4 of my external drives in the past 5 years, all of them are still working fine. We are willing to take the risk. Will be naked soon. He demans a blu-ray writer. To be honest, I don't see the reason for it. Simply ugly. After I painted this, I saw this, but it was too late to return the ugly one. We were thingking about Cooler Master Eisberg 120 switching to gold tubes, but H80i was on sale and has LED. THE selling point. Reason for H80i over H100i is RV01 doesn't support 240 mount. This was purchased over 1 year ago when it was on sale. Great deal, great PSU, and it is gold. Modular sockets for future awesomeness. GOLD!! Main character. He was almost certain with NZXT Phantom 530, and I sent him a link. He then switched.
  13. What is Project : Air ? It's gonna be a tj08-e build. I rarely see any tj08-e worklog. Big fan of MetallicAcid's tj-08. Mine is going to be simple and I'm gonna pay more attention on small details. I'm going to use black and red theme believe it or not. What is the inspiration ? Never owned a ROG Board, so why not? I'm gonna use black as my main color. With a few red highlights like my fan's led and board's led. Why ? I'm moving to England to study. I need a fully working hardcore pc. I mean I love my Package build but it's in Malaysia. Since I have a titan just collecting dust so why not create a air-cooling build. So since I'm travelling, I picked a small form factor again. I normally hate small form factor cases but I hope I can do it justice. What to expect ? Things to expect in this build is that this build is going to be around 1 to 2 months. I have most of parts here. You will expect disaster, a little bit modding. Some types of rant. You will expecting a very clean build. Meaning no airbrush or any airbrushing details. Only spraypaint will come close to this. A very special window I have planned. Aircooling
  14. Quadb0x, redefining the home workstation. I am building this system with a few goals in mind. My workflow consists mostly of designing in Google/Trimble Sketchup, then exporting to Kerkythea for rendering. This is all done on one system - my Pentium G620 M-ITX build. While Sketchup performance is acceptable, renders take a long time. Metropolis Light Transport rendering is very CPU intensive, requiring a lot of time to complete. With my Pentium build, an acceptable quality 1280x1024 render would take 10-12 hours, obviously this will not do. One thing MLT rendering likes is cores. Lots of cores. Being able to split the workload efficiently over multiple physical cores will massively speed up the render portion of my workflow. The base of the build came about at a LAN party. The LAN was held at the offices of a renowned IT supplier in my home of Auckland. In a lull between the epic frag fests, I spotted the board sitting lonely in a display case, feeling sorry for itself. Such epic hardware, I had to ask the manager what the deal was. Apparently they ordered the motherboard for a high end NAS system. The customer's required RAID card however, failed to work in the board, nor did a couple of other options. This led to the board being put on display, left to never process a file or warm up a room again. A deal was agreed on, and the board left with me after the LAN concluded. Arima was a server and workstation motherboard and related products supplier that was originally based in the USA. Their final contract was to supply quad Opteron motherboards to Google. However, many corners were cut in the implementation of the system. Due to Google's servers using custom spun Linux distributions, Arima saw no need to complete the ACPI code in the BIOS, as Linux can run with minimal support of it. Microsoft Windows (even server variants) need not apply here. Along with the Windows limitation, various issues are present in regards to video card, RAID card, CPU and RAM support. The video card support is a trial and error affair, with many cards not working. This was solved slightly with later BIOS versions, but not truly fixed. CPU support is limited to Barcelona Opterons (≤2.5ghz) - Arima went under before the Shanghai (≤3.1ghz) processors were released. All in all, it is a capable, but limited, platform. I am, however, working on a modified BIOS, as well as a CoreBoot implementation for the board. My core design goals for this build are: Cheap - I have a VERY limited budget due to various factors Quiet - It will be running 24/7 in my own room Air cooled - Minimal hardware maintainence is important, set and forget Powerful - multiple cores, lots of RAM Storage - lots of storage The system will provide multiple roles. It will be my primary workstation, rendering in Linux, modelling in Windows VM or WINE, along with other jobs.. Specifications are as follows: Arima Argo AR-11 Motherboard Silverstone PS02 Chassis 4x AMD K10 Opteron OS8347PAL4BGH B3 1.9GHz quad-cores 16x 512MB DDR2 ECC REG 533MHz 2x SATA 3 7200 RPM Hard Disk Drives 1x FSP Hexa 500w PSU 1x XFX HD4550 1GB Graphics Card (for now) 1x ****fenix 140mm fan 2x Coolermaster PSU fans (scavenging ftw!) And so we begin! The Opterons: The board: Lots of pins! (1207 to be precise) Design hints will be added to each update, so you can see where we are going. And so we begin some work! First up, it's a 'free' mod. Polishing caps. We begin with: A bit of a scrub later and we get this: After the polishing (except for a few stubborn caps :/ ) I then went and stripped the plastic sheath off the other capacitors: And it still works! Need to get better coolers :/ Next update will bring some chassis work, and some more board mods! (I will clean the board after the board mods are done.. No point at the moment :P/> )
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