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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I'm Mosquito, also known as Chris, and I have a problem. I haven't posted a case mod in like 2 years ? I'm going to be working on an In-Win A1 case, and this is sort of two worklogs in one. First part is a simple mod, to watercool CPU + GPU in a custom loop with only a simple mod (and some GPU size restrictions). After that, I am continuing to mod the case, to see how much I can fit in this little case This video is the first step in that multi-step approach. I put together this video on a simple mod for installing a custom watercooling loop with minimal modifications First thing I did was some disassembly to get to the bottom of the case, and then used an old radiator template thing I had to mark some hole locations And then drilled out those holes. Note, I forgot to tape the case first, so I ended up taping around the locations I marked for the most part, instead of taping and re-marking. Oops All I had to do was drill 8 holes and it allowed me to mount the fans through the bottom of the case to the radiator This no longer uses the holes in the bottom plastic frame for mounting the fans. You also wouldn't want to anymore, since there is about a 3/16" (just under 5mm) gap between the fan and the plastic frame. No complaints here, as it helps get the fans a little further away Next up, a little test install. I'm using a fan/radiator mounting bracket for the pump/res combo It is worth noting, that fwith my setup I had to go with an SFX power supply. If you had a shorter/smaller/different reservoir arrangement, then you may be able to use the ATX power supply that comes with the case Next up I did some fiddling with the loop order and tubing runs, and installed my PSU I threw the PSU cover over it after installing everything (taped in place for now, which is why it's partially crooked in this picture) Overall, this was a pretty nice compact little build. I'm sure there are people crying out "WITH THAT SMALL OF A GPU YOU COULD HAVE USED A SMALLER CASE", which is true, however, I've also got a 240mm+120mm full custom loop in it I ran this system for a while, actually used it at an Age of Empires II LAN (An old college group still gets together once or twice a year to play the original version, not the HD or Definitive Editions released on Steam), and as my shop computer for a while. Temps were pretty good, and the passively cooled PSU never gave me any trouble. Under typical browsing/music/video streaming duties the CPU would generally sit around 33-35c and the GPU around 31-32c. Doing some bench marks or stress-tests would obviously push things a little further. While running Furmark and CPUZ's stress tests simultaneously, I was seeing the CPU around 68-72c and GPU at around 56-60c. Overall I was quite pleased with this setup, but... it's a little too pedestrian for me, so in the updates to come, I will be taking things a little further, possibly into the realm of pointless ridiculousness, if I can Thanks for checking this one out
  2. I wanted to create a PC that utilized water in a way I had not seen before. I've seen Bubble Walls in stores (Fry's Electronics), aquariums, and shopping malls, but never a desktop PC. The idea was to combine the two elements to make the Bubble Wall PC. The focus would not be on the PC inside (older system I had lying around) but rather a proof of concept to be revised in the future. If the system should fail, i'm not concerned about it in the least. The biggest challenge will be not allowing the system to leak. WATER = BAD FOR ELECTRONICS and that is what makes this project risky and exciting (It's distilled water, but potentially dangerous nonetheless). The power supply in the NZXT S340 is elevated so should a leak occur there will be no shorting of power (great unintentional design, NZXT). PARTS LIST: NZXT S340 case w/ system Sunbeamtech Rheosmart 6 channel fan controller 20 x 1/8" to 1/4" polycarbonate barbed reducing couplings 1/16" acrylic sheet 1/8" acrylic sheet 12ft 1" square extruded acrylic tubing 50ft 1/8" ID PVC tubing WELD ON 3 acrylic adhesive Super Glue
  3. MetallicAcid's TJ07 (working title) Proudly sponsored by: Södertälje Specialsnickeri AB Sweden Welcome to my third project!! In this project, I have planned this project to include the Silverstone Temjin TJ07S, a timeless classic of premium case. I have had an ongoing community driven planning phase over a couple of months, where I have received feedback from the public, and tried to turn that feedback into a 3D render. I have really enjoyed the entire process, and learnt many new techniques along the way. I know that this particular case has been modded probably 1,000,001 times now, so creating a TJ07 that stands out from an already well saturated crowd is already hard enough to do. To make this build even better than my previous projects is an even bigger challenge. Update 2014/03/06 Hello everybody! I know this has been a long time coming :P It is with great excitement that I announce that the project has now officially been started! I am building this project for Demis, a friend of mine. He had fallen in love with the project, and the ideas which I had visualized with the aid of SketchUp and Skindigo - 3D modelling and rendering software. There had been discussions between Demis and I regarding the colour and overall theme of this build, and in the end we both thought that a blacked out stealth build, with subtle gold highlights, with an overall monolithic feel with a simple exterior and neat interior was the best option for this project. The colour scheme comes from the X79 ASUS motherboard. I would like to now show you a visual representation of how this project will probably look like: This project may take some time to complete. This is a good thing in my opinion as it means that I can plan every detail to perfection, and execute those plans into reality with ease and minimal stress. This will be a watercooled project, but in stages. Stage 1 for the watercooling will include just the CPU, with the GPU being air cooled. Stage 2 of the watercooling will include a 2nd GPU with both being watercooled. So you can expect a Rev.1 and Rev.2 of this project over the coming months. Here comes a list of things that I plan to do with this mod: Fabricate Custom made midplate Custom made reservoir wall Acrylic window for top of case Acrylic windows for side panels Modify Extend window for top of case Window opening on side panels Pass-through holes in midplate for hard tubing New power button Sleeve PSU Prepare for painting TJ07 case Custom made midplate Custom made reservoir wall Paint TJ07 case Custom made midplate Custom made reservoir wall GPU shrouds Install Cold Zero parts Water cooling parts PC components I hope you have enjoyed the news. We are both super excited about this project, and want to see it to perfection. I hope you stick around for future updates! With best regards,Justin "MetallicAcid" Ohlsen Update links: Update 1 - Parts ordered and modding begins.Update 2 - Midplate ProgressUpdate 3 - Angled plateUpdate 4 - Cold ZeroUpdate 5 - Motherboard fittingUpdate 6 - Top window cut outUpdate 7 - GPU shroudsUpdate 8 - Side window complete and Icemodz sponsorUpdate 9 - Acrylic windows milledUpdate 10 - Silverstone sponsor and unboxing Strider ST1200GUpdate 11 - Installed front panel, glued into place and installed vandal switchUpdate 12 - EK DeliveryUpdate 13 - Soldering guide and molex completeUpdate 14 - PSU cables sleevedUpdate 15 - Inet joins as sponsorUpdate 16 - EK lends a handUpdate 17 - Hardware updateUpdate 18 - Another hardware updateUpdate 19 - Case is back from powder coatersUpdate 20 - Sponsor update/fans installed/EKWB monoblock installedUpdate 21 - Sponsor updateUpdate 22 - EKWB GPU blocks and reservoir installationUpdate 23 - Piping up the loopUpdate 24 - Final photos/Project finished
  4. By: Complx Hello everyone! Time for my 2nd scratch built case! This time the focus will be around one of my favorite games of all time, Mirrors Edge. And with Mirrors Edge 2 being announced at E3 this year, I thought, what a better way to celebrate than to build a case around the art direction from the game. I will be using this thread as a complete build log, from design, to CAD modeling, construction, and finishing. So lets get started shall we! One of the many reason I feel in the love with the game was the look and feel of the environment, as well as the game play itself. The environment was very vibrant, bright colors, a stark contrast to a lot of the dull brown a lot of games seem to have. For those of you who have not seen or played the game, here are some images for it that I drew inspiration from. For now, all that I have is an initial sketch of what I hope the final design to look like, I will be doing some photoshop work to it and do more sketching and drawing to get some of the finer details work out in the beginning. A overall ideas I have at the moment about the design Completely white exterior, one of the prominent features of the game is its use of white in all of the exterior buildingsBright colored interior, again, the use of very vibrant colors on the interiors of the buildings was interesting to see and I want to incorporate that into the design as wellNeed to be clean, inside and out, no mess no slop. If anyone has anything else they would like to add say, feel free to comment! I hope this goes well and thanks for viewing! Stay Tuned! Feel free to check out the livestream channel, I will be doing a lot of CAD modeling of this project, and you can watch the progress as I go. Times will be random, but check every so often, you might catch me at a time when I'm streaming! Twitch Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/complxdesign
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