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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all. Project Sofia came to light one day when I was watching Sofia The First on tv with my 4 year old daughter. One of those grab a coffee and chill for 5 minute times. I was already in talks with Antec uk on a project,myself and my fiancée own a few antec cases.media centre and my personal build. Whilst watching the kids show with my daughter,the colour theme and build came to life. Something small,clean lines,elegant, like Sofia in the tv show,and it had to have a wow factor on the colour scheme. So I passed my plans on to Antec,and the green light was given. SPONSORS ANTEC UK :- http://www.antec.com/?lan=uk MSI UK :- https://uk.msi.com/ Team Memory :- http://www.teamgroupinc.com/en/product/T-Force%20Gaming Alphacool :- https://www.alphacool.com/ Watercool:- http://watercool.de/en/home Re Born To Be Wild :- http://www.reborntobewild.com SPECS:- CASE:- Antec Cube MOBO:- Msi Z270i Gaming Pro Carbon MITX CPU:- Intel i7-6700k MEM:- Team Dark DDR4 3000mhz in grey. PSU:- Antec High Current Pro 850 watt. GPU:- Sapphire RX480 8 gig. SSD:- 2 x Kingston Hyper X 3K 240 gig M.2:- Samsung SM961 256 NVME. FANS:- Antec Truequiet 120 UFO white. WATERCOOLING:- RADS:- 1 x Alphacool 240 mm Eisbrecher Pro XT45. /. 1 x Alphacool 120 mm Eisbrecher Pro XT45 CPU :- Watercool Heatkiller IV pro Gpu :- Watercool Heatkiller IV pro RX480 RES:- Alphacool Eisbrecher 250 FITTINGS:- Alphacool 13/10 Eiszapfan compression fittings TUBING:- Alphacool 13/10 Acrylic COOLANT:- Mayhems pastel purple. CASE:- Antec Cube CASE COLOURS:- EXTERIOR COLOUR:- House of Kolor fine Pavo Purple with metallic flake. INTERIOR COLOUR:- House of kolor Snow White pearl. MOTHERBOARD:- Msi Z270i Gaming Pro Carbon MITX PSU:- Antec High Current Pro 850 watt. That's it for now,more updates coming soon. Thanks
  2. Victorian Desktop My wife’s laptop is no longer working happily, so she’s asked for a desktop. Well, I can’t leave well enough alone, so why would I build her one in a stock case (of which I have several laying around), when I could do another scratch build project?! This case will be another wooden scratch build, as many of my projects are. I have some old cast iron pieces that will be incorporated into this project as well. It’s going to be built out using solid mahogany, and will be finished in a way to emulate a lifetime of use. I don’t really want it to look brand new, as the cast iron parts are not, and we like the look of them as they are. A special thanks to G.Skill for sponsoring the memory for this project!
  3. I figured, I've been showing random design pictures for my ideas on this one for a little while in the shout box, I might as well throw up a design thread for it... So, the back story, for those who don't know. I'm a hobbyist woodworker in addition to what I do here. I love combining the two to come up with a custom wooden case. Originally my idea for this case design was to use one of those shiny ATX Billet aluminum motherboard trays that Bill was/is going to make. Then make the design such that I could fit 2 360mm radiators in the front on their sides, and have some fun. My sticking point with that was... ATX. I don't run SLI or XFire, my server has the RAID card and storage space, and the TV-tuner is in one of my HTPCs. I don't really need to have a full ATX motherboard... So I've ended up buying an mATX motherboard (Asus Gryphon) instead, and adjusting the design for mATX instead. I like to keep things as small as possible yet still accommodating the hardware I want. This is what I came up with, and ultimately the design I'll likely stick with
  4. Corsair announced a new line of H80 and H100 coolers today. The updates look very promising, and it's always nice to see companies innovating on existing ideas. Some of these improvements are quite daayumn impressive... The [MAGNETIC!] mounting bracket, increased performance, and software UI to name a few. I like! Improvements include: Improved rubber tubing (better flexibility and durability) OD increased to 14.3mm (correct me if I'm wrong, Brits, this should mean 1/2"ID, 3/4"OD tubing diameters) Now shipped with Corsair's new fans designed for better rad airflow Completely new magnetic fully universal mounting system. No screws, no hassle, scratch resistant. [To clarify, this is for the mounting bracket on the back of the mobo] (is this real life?) Out of the box ready to interface with Corsair's V2 Link software. No more button on the heatsink itself. You can now use a pretty and effective UI on your PC instead! Customizable (via software) RGB LED logo. Prettttttttyyy! Source: http://www.corsair.c...id-cpu-coolers/
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