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Found 1 result

  1. Mod your own PC with supplies from Mnpctech! The Fractal-Design Define series of Mid & Full towers have Black factory sound dampening foam on the side panels. Here are the steps to installing a custom window in any Define model case. I'll be doing this install without the Black U-channel window molding, so the panel has clean look. Make first initial cut with your Dremel and reinforced cutting wheel, to allow use of Jigsaw and cut the window more efficiently You have created a slot to allow a Jigsaw w/ 18 TPI cutting blade. The blade will cut through the Steel and sound dampening foam. You will have to periodically clean foam debris from the Jigsaw blade. Using a Jigsaw is much quicker than using a Dremel to cut your window I'm removing 1/4" of Black foam from the edge of opening with X-acto knife, so I can install Clear acrylic window with 3M 4010 Tape. Using Flat head screw driver to peel off the 1/4" of sound deadening foam This is where the modification become very time consuming. Reside left on the Steel after peeling off 1/4" foam Small particles of the foam will melt onto outside of window, that need to be removed. Using small hand file to remove small particles of the melted foam. To remove residue of the foam, I dabbed Sunnyside brand Mineral Spirits to a piece of cloth and rubbed off the residue. The Mineral Spirits did not effect the factory paint finish on the Define R3. Residue of foam, before applying Sunnyside brand Mineral Spirits. Foam residue removed. Now you can install Clear acrylic window cut to the dimensions of the exposed Steel, with 3M 4010 Tape
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