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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, Its time again for a new build and this time I am going to use my favorite material, wood! After lots of planning I decided it was going to be another ITX build that would still fit at least one 240mm radiator and long graphics cards if thats what I choose to go with. The plan is to use closed watercooling loops for both CPU and GPU to make future upgrades easier. Ive seen quite a few wood builds over the years but nothing that really felt like me so this will be my version, should also be quite obvious what case I was inspired by Huge thanks to bequiet! and Asrock for helping out with the hardware for this build! And here are a few 3D renders
  2. This was a quick scratch build I did as a Christmas gift to my parents. It's got sort of mid-range hardware (older generations), and runs a Plex Media Server, so they can use it to record and watch TV shows, primarilly. It's replacing a computer I built them 10 years ago, that was serving the same function (DVR), up until earlier this year when it stopped working correctly. The front and top are birdseye maple, and the grain flows continuously up the front, around the corner, and down the top. The bottom piece is mahogany, and both are finished with shellac and wax. The rest of the chassis is made from plywood, painted black, and clear coated with semi-gloss rattle can.
  3. First of all a shout out and thanks to Mosquito (Chris) and Bill (Owen) as I regularly spam them with ideas on Facebook and in general they're pretty fantastic guys (at least they haven't told me to #$&@ off yet ^_^ ) that just happen to live down the road from me. Secondly photos will be uploaded as I sync them through iCloud (causeeee I'm lazy) to the PC and I will be updating the primary post rather than doing additional posts as I go along. I Haveeeeee a dream! That dream is to have the cleanest desk in America, without having a crappy AIO and wireless everything, so how do we do that? Let's talk about that: Step 1 - Assess what we already have: A piece of wood from an old Switchboard Operator's table (you know, the olden days, where they routed your telephone calls) Retaining wall bricks from Menards (Like a Home Depot but Minnesota and midwest only) ASUS PG348Q 34" UWS 100Hz Monitor ASRock Z97 Fatal1ty MB an Intel 4970K my current computer (2700K DDR3 16GB ram - 3xSSD - 1xHDD - nvidia 770 4gb edition) Logitech G600 mouse - G13 gameboard - G510s keyboard - G930 headset - F310 gamepad A Steam Controller an extra Corsair AX860 PSU Cardboard and Markers My Puppy Step 2 - What can I do with all this Poopadilly: Draw an outline of what I want with markers on the cardboard make mockups of pieces outta cardboard take measurements order lots and lots of Poopadilly Step 3 - Build There's my Current plan of attack, I will be updating with progress photos as I start to go through. My goal isn't to have the fastest computer out there as I'm using an old MB (not that old) and CPU I had laying around as well as my old SSD's, but I picked up a new 1080, going to watercool it all so I can make it about as silent as can be to me and then take all that and Mount it to the underside of a homemade desk that sits at the precipice of my loft overlooking the first floor. Update log: 5/29/16 - Posting photos and a bit more description into my planning phases of cardboard layouts 6/01/16 - Added links to all the things I've ordered for the system and put up pictures of my completed brick and wood desk
  4. Hello Guys I was putting some finishing touches on one of the Holiday projects and I thought it would be nice to share it with the modding community as well as see what other people did while on the few days off over the xmas break, of course as the wife was the one driving the project it was not PC related but I have something planned on the front soon. some of the photo's are a little fuzzy sorry, Ill take a better one with the DLSR when it is fully set up in the yard.
  5. Victorian Desktop My wife’s laptop is no longer working happily, so she’s asked for a desktop. Well, I can’t leave well enough alone, so why would I build her one in a stock case (of which I have several laying around), when I could do another scratch build project?! This case will be another wooden scratch build, as many of my projects are. I have some old cast iron pieces that will be incorporated into this project as well. It’s going to be built out using solid mahogany, and will be finished in a way to emulate a lifetime of use. I don’t really want it to look brand new, as the cast iron parts are not, and we like the look of them as they are. A special thanks to G.Skill for sponsoring the memory for this project!
  6. Mini Watercooled HTPC It should come as no surprise at this point that I love building small wooden HTPCs; or just adding wooden elements to my case mods, for that matter. When AMD released their 25w socket AM1 CPU’s a few months ago, I thought it would be the perfect platform for building a new low power HTPC. I picked up a motherboard and CPU combo, and went to work. This, however, is where things started to evolve… Once I got the hardware, and found the stock fan, something had to change. I’m sure the stock fan does fine, but I wanted something else. I thought about modding an existing CPU fan to work with the 2-mounting hole configuration, but I quickly came to the conclusion of "Watercool it, because why not". It’s true, I’ve wanted to use one of those 2x80mm radiators for a slim watercooled build for a while, so I thought what better opportunity than now to make that happen. Overkill? Not at all… mostly :D
  7. Hey all im new to the whole building a pc case scene but for as long as i can remember ive always like the idea of building a case so thought why not just go ahead and do it, I looked online at heaps and thought seeing as it was my first one id keep the design kinda simple ,so after a few sketches i came up with a design i rather liked. i noticed online a few that were made from wood and loved them so i have decided to do mine from wood also, As its my first build and specially the fact im using wood i am looking for as much help as possible with advice and any hints and tips to create the best case i can. If anyone could possible help me out i would be extremely great full. If anyone would like any more info please don't hesitate to ask and i hope to hear from yous soon :D
  8. A few days ago roboduck asked in the chatbox what the ideal ITX case would be for the zoo members.He came up with a design of a wood and aluminium case. I really liked the design but there were a few things I'd change about it so I started sketching something. This is what I got at the moment: There are more sketches with more detail coming up :) Feel free to share your opinions with me!
  9. The beginning: AMD released their DTX and M-DTX form factors in 2004, to answer a need for a standardised form factor like Shuttle's dual slot SFF systems. Unfortunately, like Intel's BTX, the form factor never really took hold outside of OEMs. I've been a fan of the form factor since launch, admiring it's almost M-ITX size with the ability to have 2 expansion slots. When the opportunity came up to grab one of Elitegroup Computer System's new H61H2-MV boards, I jumped at the chance. DeToX - the name derived from DTX, and the organic, natural feel of the wood as a medium for chassis work - is designed to look like an older appliance, found in someone's attic and dusted off - maybe something from the late 40's/50's. I chose the flawed sides of the wood to accentuate this, bringing out the 'used and abused' aspect of the design. The cutouts are also designed to accentuate this, not quite perfect, as if it has taken damage over the years. I will be staining the pine a darker, cedar-like tone to help with the effect. The board features Intel Socket 1155, H61 chipset, and a couple of nifty features: Great socket placement compared to most M-ITX boards: And two expansion slots! The design work started by mocking up the proposed hardware in Sketchup and in reality: (missing is the cooler, drives and power supply :P/> ) And then I began cutting the parts. The wood here is 4 and 7mm thick, 3 ply, Pinus Radiata, grown in the largest planted forest in the Southern Hemisphere (Kaingaroa Forest, just a stone's throw from where I grew up) And now for some real work. Mocking up here: I attached the side panels with 'panel pins', little 15mm long nails well suited for working with such materials. The fan here has had 5mm shaved off the frame to enable the blades to sit within the hole provided for it Where I am at now: most of the cutting is done. Need to do some tidying up, then work on the aluminium struts for the corners. All in all, I've spent 6 hours on this so far! And off I go to complete more work. The system specifications: ECS H61H2-MV board Pentium G645/Core i3 (still to decide/purchase) 2x4GB RAM eBay special gigabit card HD4550 (upgrading to the low profile Sapphire HD7750 when budget allows) Flex-ATX PSU (to be purchased) Deepcool Gamma Blade cooler SSD and HDD TBD
  10. Hello everyone I have been building computers for about 5 years now and I thought it would be a good idea to start building custom cases. Here are some 3D models of what I'm planning to make. My first prototype will be very simply and I'm just going to move my current very old rig into it :) Materials will only cost about $40. Once I get more money to do a full build I plan on making a ITX build with water cooling a GTX 670, 3770k all in a size of 11.5" L, 7" W, 13" H. And then I'm going to cover it in Carbon Fiber Film. :D I will be building and getting materials on Tuesday. The orignal thread can be found here The Prototype... This one will be able to hold 2 x 240 rad's in push, possibly a 240 rad vertical in the front if I decided to get rid of the 2 5.25" front cut out. NEW Renders The ITX... This one can hold 1 240 Rad vertical and will be able to hold a GTX 670 or smaller card. --------- Ok sorry for late pic's I started up on Tuesday, but have had the computer taking apart. Some stuff has changed along the way and have gone for a Cube shape The name of the case is "THE CUBE" and once i'm done it will glow, Now on to pic's of first day. Tuesday... Here we are with about 3/4" x 11.5" x 10' $39 went with Red Alder Cherry was $2 board ft more. :banghead: Not spending that money on a prototype. The Shop - I want to thank my very helpful and kind cousin for helping me and allowing me to work in his shop. The old parts going in a new case :o These magnets are Rare Earth magnets that are very strong this will be holding the left, right and top panels on pic's later to show how this will work. Some scraps it's nice wood Getting the sides just right. Cutting the acrylic top pieces Measure twice, cut once :) Tad to much glue, nothing a little sanding cant fix. This is a test piece that will be cut out on the front panel. I hope you can tell it's a Cube. The Scroll Saw is the best tool. This was a quick cutout. So Here we are the next day of work Wednesday, hoping to get more done than Tuesday as we got started late around 4PM, today we start at 9AM... Some more cutting. Testing out the laser ... And yes that blade is at 45o Working on the Scroll saw this is on the front face of the case. This is the very bottom of the bottom panel, it will hold the Front and Back panels on with 2 screws each. Both sides and top are removable for easy access. Lol how do we even keep track of measurements:confused::eek: The front I/O. Well I didn't take many pic's this day to busy working, put in over 8 hours. -------- Back for another day of working (more pic's today) it's Thursday and we are starting again at 9AM. Sooooo many choice what to go for... Of course the very nice Roman Ogee (Top row, third from the right) Got part of the front cut out with 2 5.25 drive bays. I like this Cube These will go on the very top and the acrylic will slide into these Roman corner post Custom fit, and it fit's like a glove, no screw need to secure it. This is what we use to keep the paper temporarily on the wood while we do the cut out's on the Scroll saw. Need's some sanding... Trying to get the Front I/O to fit in nicely This will have some custom trim around it. The very first coat of polyurethane satin finish.(will be 4coats) Waiting for the first to dry. Trying to find space put stuff. More drying... -_- First coat done, now to sand and reapply. A lot of work got done today over 10 hours!:toast: Can't wait for tomorrow! ------- Ok so here we are Fridays work, We start a little late at 10AM. Putting the 3rd and 4th coat on everything my phone isn't picking up all the color from the wood it's more red than the pics. Seeing if the 45's are lining up sadly they are slightly off, but a easy trim can fix this. Again my phone doesn't do this wood justice, once it is fully built I will be using my DSLR. Cutting the cable slots for the motherboard tray. :) Trying to make it a tight fit. The main cut outs are 1" from the side so they can bend easy, in about 1 month I will be sleeving the PSU from Lutro0 Customs This will hold the 2 sides and top panel on with magnets. If a Magnets does every come on glued you can use a pin to pop it out :D (We are using BSI-Inc Glue Insta Cure+) The feet(left) and the top frame(right) Look what just showed up my fans! I hope these are as great as what Ive seen. $50... These feel great and high quality nothing beats German Engineering. Thats it for Friday we put in over 10 hours again, thinking only 2 more work days. We start again Monday. :lol:
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