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Best compression fittings for norprene

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Hi guys i'm looking for compression fittings for EK-Tube ZMT, i want tygon but, in Mexico only sell EK, Swiftech and XSPC with official reseller. My cousin will go to USA the next month and he return in plane, then, he can buy only the fittings. Which do you recommend or think is the best option for $7 or under per fitting?

Fittings size (3/8-5/8).

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Hey there,

TBH there isn't too much of a difference in the compression fittings from

different manufacturers I've used (though I've been told Bitspower is a step

or two above the rest, but those are also very expensive).

Whatever more or less standard fittings you can pick up should work OK from

what I know, just make sure they're the right diameter and have the right

thread size. If you get rotary fittings, maybe pick up a spare or two, they

can sometimes leak at the joints (hasn't happened to me yet, but I've read

about it from others' experiences). If you're just going to use straight

fittings there really isn't much to worry about.

One thing possibly worth considering is the plating quality on the fittings,

but I have not yet had any bad experiences personally with bad plating on

fittings (nor have I read about it happening to others so far), so I can't

really say too much about that which would be of use to you.

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