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Desislav Kal-El Lesov

Project Frostbite - Primochill WetBench

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Build-log Chapters:
Chapter 1: Introduction and hardware list (You are here)
Chapter 2: Primochill & Mod/smart goodies!
Chapter 3: Installing the system and running it on air (temporary)
Hello guys and gals!
I assume some of you already know me, for the rest - My name is Desislav, I'm a 23 year old kid from Bulgaria with tons of love for custom built computers and 3D modeling! This is my first high-end PC for the past 7-8 years so you can imagine how overwhelming it all is! :D
I just want to take a moment and say that this will not be a case mod, rather a build. It will be made around a PrimoChill WetBench, which in my humble opinion is one of the sexiest benches to hit the market!
I mean come on.... Look at it!:
I dubbed the project "Frostbite" since I plan to do a little "sanding" on the tubing to achieve a an effect as if the liquid was freezing the tubing.  All of the blocks will be repainted in white to match. The sleeving and fittings will be white as well. I hope I can find the perfect match and do ruin it. Over-using white can lead to a disaster imo. Everything needs to be in balance! 
So, let's go over a couple of things!
What's the idea behind the build?
  • Create a build based on a test bench which looks as amazing as it performs.
  • Learn proper overclocking of high-end components.
  • Get comfortable with water cooling.
  • Create a machine that gives amazing performance for 3D modeling, rendering and gaming at the same time.
Why I'm doing this?
  • Back in the day I saw Daniel Cannon's (Singularity Computers) Bitfenix Prodigy mod (Client Build 6) and it really got me interested why would anyone want to waste their money making their computer all fancy when you can invest only in performance... I fell in love that build and started doing my research, found a few groups and saw some pretty awesome projects unfold... and I really wanted to make one myself!
  • I do a lot of 3D designs (will post my latest work in a section here, on the forums, later. People who know me, know how much effort I put into everything I do. The thing is, my current notebook (and main "rig") is not powerful enough anymore... It's a Dell XPS15z with a dual-core i5-2400m... You can imagine the horror I live each day trying to render huge projects! This setup will allow me to take my work to the next level!
  • Because it's just freaking awesome! End. Of. Discussion.
Hardware list:
  • Power Supply: Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 1500W
  • Storage drives: Currently using my old Hitachi drive. Will be upgrading to WD but haven't figured which the best ones are right now!
For a while this rig will be running under Air. I want to get comfortable with overclocking under Air before I get into liquid cooling!
  • CPU Block: EK Supreme-HF
  • Motherboard blocks (still thinking about it): EK-F KIT R4E - Hoping these come in clean as well! 
  • GPU Water Blocks: Now, here's where it gets a little tricky! Since the GPU's are non reference GTX770s, there are no blocks currently available for them! Here is where the awesome guys at ModWithMe (from here on written as mWm)! The one and only Phame is going to be helping make a really unique block for my GPUs (and my friend Hukkel's GTX680 as well!). We are still thinking about the overall design of the block but it will be extremely clean and subtle. We don't want things to be over the top now, do we?
I know this was quite the long read guys, so I hope you don't hate me for it!
Now I want to take a moment and give a huge huge 
to the AWESOME guys over at PrimoChill and Mod/Smart for agreeing to sponsor my project! 
They sent me a huge package of cool stuff recently and can't wait to show you guys what's inside!
Those are two boxes full of goodies! Photos of those in the second post!
Now. Let's talk design! I do a lot of 3D modeling and always try to visualize the stuff I want. Over the last few months I got good enough to make the models I want/need so I decided to go for it and render a model of what the bench will look like. So, without any further delays, I present to you Frostbite in it's almost finished form! (I still need to decide how tubing will be routed.)
I might not be going 4-Way SLI since there is a little incompatibility issue with the sound card, but you can get a good idea of what it will look like.
Moving on! I got a nice photo of all the hardware together (even though the boxes were already opened lol)
Now, we can move on the unboxed photos!
I couldn't help myself and just had to mount the CPU and cooler on the Rampage IV Extreme...  I gotta say it looks daayumn sexy!
Got to say... That heatsink is just MASSIVE!
I actually had to remove my Vengeance's heatspreaders so I can fit them under it (with the fans mounted)!
Anyone who's ever seen NB E-Loops knows how sexy they are...
They are even sexier in real life and I got to say the sleeving on those is just... amazing. They come with two different sized extensions to fit all your length needs!
The CM Silent Pro M2 is ... just a huge huge BEAST of a PSU! It's semi modular and those cables will be shrunk to like ~10cm to allow for extensions to be added.
120Amps on the 12v rail? Why not... :D
You get a lot of options on what to connect here! 4pins, SATA power, 8+(6+2) pins... Amazing!
The ROG Xonar Phoebus Solo is also a sexy looking card! I was mind blown by the sound difference I got from the second I first played something on it! For all you audiophiles out there, this is the way to go!
Sorry about the quality on this one, seems like my hand moved and focused on the wrong part of the card...
What do you guys think, paint it white? ;)
Well... Now. I guess it's time for the most important part of my build. The one that tickles my white fetish. The crown jewel in my collection. The KFA2 GTX770 LTD OC "White edition"
I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. 
That PCB though... Makes me drool by just looking at it!
So this will be it for the first post. I haven't taken photos of the SSD since... well it's featured in my photos of building the bench!  Stay tuned for that in the next post!
Again, huge thanks to PrimoChill and Mod/Smart!
I hope you guys enjoyed thread. I tried to make it as simple as possible and do keep in mind this is my first build log so I hope I did well. I encourage people to tell me if I've done something wrong so I can better myself for future updates/buildlogs! 
d* :clap:

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Chapter 2: Primochill & Mod/Smart Goodies!

So It's time to show off the Sponsored products by PrimoChill and Mod/Smart!
First of is the MARVELOUS PrimoChill WetBench, all white!
I'm going to show you guys the entire assembly (in pics) so you can see how easy it gets assembled. 
Step One - Unbox the beauty and peel the paper from it (This step took a lot of time)
Step Two - Look at it for 5-6 minutes and do NOT do anything else!
Step Three - Attach the feet to the midplate and secure via provided pins (everything installs tooles!)
Step Four - Attach the motherboard tray and secure via provided pins 
Step Five - Install all motherboard standoffs and put the GPU bracket over the three top left standoffs
Step Six - Install the radiator mount. This model comes with a 360/420 mount. Secure via provided pins
Step Seven. Stand back and enjoy this beauty for another 5 minutes.
That's the bench. Easy assembly. Overall it takes 30 seconds to put together and disassemble. Incredibly solid design! You can mount a ton of hard drives on it and you have a lot of cable routing options, tubing passthroughs and it comes with two vandal switches! YAY!
Now. PrimoChill recently released an awesome product called the "Revolver Rigid Compression Fittings". These fittings are amazing. They fit on their Rigid tubing line which is 1/2'' OD! I got these in white as well... Sue me, I love white!
Next up is the PrimoChill Vortex Flow Indicator (VFI for short):
And the ModSmart MaxCord sleeving. I cannot stress how amazing this looks in real life! It feels like silk and I cannot wait to get the cables done. My friend Hukkel from Dutch Lions Customizing is going to be helping me with that! He's been eager to test the new Mod/Smart sleeving so this is an awesome opportunity for him to do so :D
Let's not forget the PrimoChill CTR Advanced res I got! Lovely Frosted 240mm reservoir!
Here we have the D5 CTR Cap that fits the above reservoir on one side and the D5 Pump on the other!
Here's the top of the CTR with a Ghost LED fitting and the PrimoChill G1/4 funnel for easy, spill-free filling!
An assortment of cable clips to help manage the cables when they are done. Lovely addition to every neat-freak with an OCD for clean cables! Well done Mod/Smart!
Again, HUGE thank you to PrimoChill and Mod/Smart. Love you guys!
Next up, pictures of assembling the rig. Stay tuned!:

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Chapter 3: Installing the components!


So here's a little update on the installation of the build as to how it's currently running!


First off I installed the SSD's  and the 500GB storage drive (The SSD's are not in a Raid config)




After that we install the Rampage IV Extreme and the Noctua DH-14




Add the amazing looking KFA2 GTX 770 LTD OC "White Edition"




It fits the bench just perfect....


Shot from the other side:




You can see my old memory just sitting there... waiting to be upgraded... I hope I'll be able to get the GeIL EVO Legerra soon. 




Had to ghetto mount the E-Loops since the normal brackets of the Noctua don't work with them. 




3 of  these running PWM on 800-2000RPM keep my 3930k @79C on 4.7GHz @1.427 volts! Beast fans for a beast system! :)




Thought I'd share this now. I got an EK Supreme HF that a friend was kind enough to send to me for my B-Day as long as the Noctua heatsink and some ICD! Thank you Dave. You're awesome!


It was originally clear but I decided to give it a paint... aaand here we go:




Rocking the PrimoChill Revolve fittings!


Sadly I might have to replace that block... Turns out neither the Monarch X4's or the R4E Mobo blocks come in clean... only CSQ. So seems like I have to buy a CSQ Supremacy as well to have a matching set.


More updates soon guys! Stay awesome!:rock:

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Hey dudes!


It's been a while since I've made an update to the log, but I've finally had some more time to take photos, leak test, unbox some cool products and generally relax over the holidays!


So, this first post will be a few picture of a few products I got from the awesome guys at Cooler Master! They were kind enough to join to project as Sponsors with their uber-epic new line of aluminium peripherals!





So, around the 28th I got a phone call from UPS aaaaand a very big package arrived at my doorstep. 




So. Without any further delay, let's get to the goodies inside it! 


First off, we have all three pieces... The boxes have some awesome design to them and showcase how good everything inside looks!




I got the CM Storm Reaper, CM Storm Mech and CM Storm Pulse-R (just the sound of those names makes me tingle inside!)


I'm going to write my initial impressions about each product below, so do have a read!


First off, we have the Pulse-R! 
















The CM Storm Pulse-R is an amazingly comfortable headset! It fits snug over your ears and provides an insane level of noise cancellation!. The headset connect via (what I believe is) a proprietary connect at the base of the left ear pad and has a two jack and USB connector on the other end. Sound quality has been amazing so far as I tested it in multiple FPS games like Battlefield 4, ArmA 2 and 3 and the new DayZ Standalone. I'm yet to test the mic quality, but that will be soon. Music sounds epic as well on these! 



Next up is the CM Storm Reaper!














It's insanely comfortable, has 3 programmable buttons on the side, as well as 2 other on the top. It's easy to use as a palm-grip mouse as well as a claw-grip. My hands are fairly large and the mouse fits them perfect for a palm-grip (my preferred type). DPI goes all the way to 8200 although I'm more on the 5600-range-type-gamer. The diamond-knurl scroll wheel never loses it's grip and although it was strange at first is very easy to get used to! 



Last, but not least... the CM Storm Mech... The last keyboard you will ever buy!

















It was super easy to transition to the new MX Blue switches I got with my Mech keyboard. The black frame around the keyboard doubles as a carrying handle and palm rest and it is the most comfortable keyboard I've used in years! The backlit keys are in white and they have a few modes (Breathing, Always on and WAS/Macro-only). The removable aluminium plate is probably the best part of this keyboard. You can take it off with the supplied allen key, which I believe is an M2 and repaint/customize to your liking! 


Now, speaking of personalizing... These are all getting powder coated in snow white, to match the entire build. 


I'm going to go out on a limb and say these are by far the most comfortable peripherals I have used in years. I've used maybe 4 different companies so far, but these have proven superior to every other from day one! I will still post a more thorough "review" once I get some more use on them! 



I'll leave you with a picture of my desk setup. Please ignore my old TV-slash-monitor... I'll get it upgraded as soon as I'm done with this build :)






Again, huge thanks goes out to Cooler Master for coming on board. I love you guys and will without a doubt never use any other brand. Ever. :)



Update on the loop coming in as soon as I edit my photos :) 



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I forgot to update the build log here... Don't kill me xD 

Working with the Primochill Revolver fittings and Rigid tubing was an epic breeze! 
So, without further delays, here's the loop! (I had to cheat at one bend with a 90degree adapter from EK... don't kill me :D)
Hope you guys like it! I think as my first ever loop it turned out pretty well! I know there's some stuff that could be improved, like shortening the Pumpto-Rad link, but I was really eager to leak test so I rushed it a little :D
Next up - sleeving... that's going to be a challenge as well! :)
Until the next update!

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