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Project Blank

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Project Blank




I'm not a professional modder like anyone else in this forum so dont expect this build to be as awesome as any other build around here

I did a a build log dubbed "Phenomenon" earlier this year and Jess dragged me here to see around

This place is top of the top in term of modding creativity in my opinion

so please bare with me as I'll try to make this as interesting as possible


To cut it short, I’m going to treat myself with a new PC. I’ve been quite obsessed with mechanical keyboards after my last build “Phenomenon” ; which I’ve learnt how to mod it and spend all my PC budget on them and made my bank account cried . Anyway, this time it would be a pc which would run me for the long run, so if anyone expect me to do major or big time mod like I did previously; don’t be, well there will be but its just minor mod. It will be a classic looking build which the components itselves I’ve chosen carefully to suit the build and stand for itself. 


I tried to grab myself the highest quality components my wallet can  afford, not trying to be a cry baby but I have limited option on components here; besides with all those water cooling stuff which I’ve to order from the US, it would cost me twice as much if I have to pay for the custom tax (fingers crossed)


Won't be revealing all the components I’m going to use now, but some components will be taken from my previous build since I think they can still serves me well

Anyway, I will be updating this first post occasionally for some updates; this will be a slow log since I am taking my time to make something perfect for the long haul. Estimated to be done by end of December


And also. I will be playing around with my camera for the shots as well, so stay tuned!


List of components:

CPU: i7 4930K

Motherboard: Asus Rampage iv Extreme Black Edition

Case: Caselabs SM8

RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum (4x4GB) 1866

GPU: 2x Asus GTX 670 DirectCu ii TOP edition

PSU: Seasonic Platinum 860w

Sound card: Phoebus (or none since I’ve external amp/dac)

SSD: 2x Samsung Evo 120gb (Raid 0)

HDD: 2x WD Caviar Black 1TB (Raid 10)


Water cooling:

CPU: EK Full Nickel Clean

Radiators: EK XTX 480 and 360

Fittings: Primochill Rigid and Bitspower adapters

Reservoir: Aquacomputer 880ml Aqualis

Pump: D5 

Tube: Primochill Tube Black

GPU: EK Nickel CSQ for Asus gtx 670 DirectCu ii

Fans: Gentle Typhoon AP-15

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First up !


I received these a few days ago, been a busy week but full of packages especially for my keyboards addiction








And this came in yesterday, will be sharing my love on trooper figures hobby too. I have a few and they will randomly appears on my shots








whats inside are :







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Ok as promised,
I've spent most of my day yesterday assembling the case, had some minor issue but its fixed
apparently I've mistakenly installed one of the back panel upside down and ended up unable to mount the side panel
the case in the manual is matte black and they print the manual in black and white.... :rolleyes:
I've a lot of goodies came in yesterday, not gonna flood you guys with plenty of product shoot photo
pretty sure you can see the product photo in their website or any other build log 
Anyway here's the half assembled Caselabs SM8
Honestly I know I didnt choose the wrong case, this case has everything I want a case to be
well built and that full Al 
and here's the fully assembled one, pardon me for the finger prints
In the other hand I've received new package for my water cooling
I'll be using a rigid tubing from primochill, the fittings will be all black from primo and bitspower
and the tube will also be black though I'm still not sure whether this all black thing would work'
I'll see how it goes if it doesnt look good I'll get some other color tubes
anyway I'll be using a Di water for this time, I'm done with colored coolant staining my blocks
The other thing that excites me the most other than the case is the reservoir
man now I know Aquacomputer make some serious stuff, the quality of their reservoir is just outstanding
and new CPU block for the highlight in the case 
Lastly, as I've said
Wanna share my love for keyboard as well, this thing just came in yesterday along with the watercooling stuff
its a Korean custom keyboard with custom keyset
This is just a few of my custom keyboard collection :P


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I think more build logs need action figures pointing out features :)

That is a wild little keyboard.



those star wars figures is one of my addiction, good for photo object :)

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After playing around and some test fit




Decided to finally disassemble the old rig, drain time!




and so from this.... which took me months of planning and execution




to this in an hour




:(  :(  :(  :(


anyway this is the comparison with the new SM8






and the workspace which is more like a war zone right now




Next one will be some paint work for the rad, the vinegar, DI water, primer and paint are all ready but again its nearly midnight  :rolleyes:



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