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**New air cooler CRYORIG R1**

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I know most everything here is H2O but a few of us can't afford to get wet.. yet. 


New company CRYORIG has their first cooler showing on their website!  


Looks like it should be a very nice cooler.  Ticks all the boxes; PWM fans, offset to clear RAM not too wide, not too tall, good mount design.




Looks like they want to start at the top.  Will be interesting to see how it compares with the best air. ;)

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It's going to be locking horns with Phanteks and the new Deep Cool, nice design though and uses a slim push 140mm to overcome memory clearance issues.

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Will be locking horns with more than Phanteks and Deep Cool; also with Silverstone HE01, Thermalright Silver Arrow SB-E (3 versions), NH-D14, Akasa Medusa and several others .

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News release from CRYORIG

We are proud to Introduce to you CRYORIG     

 CRYORIG LLC, announces the arrival of the R1,
CRYORIG’s first flagship CPU cooler.

 Officially founded in 2013, CRYORIG is a fresh new comer to the PC peripherals and Cooling market but with a core team of seasoned veterans.  Our team’s resume include experiences with renowned brands such Thermalright, Prolimatech and Phanteks.  With our experience and drive for innovation and improvement we are proud to present our very first flagship dual tower solution, the CRYORIG R1.

 The R1 is an accumulation of years of research and design.  Putting good use to our multiple manufacturing and design patents, the CRYORIG R1 is jam packed with multiple one of a kind features.  The long list of features include our patented DirectCompress™ full contact soldering process, Jet Fin Acceleration System™, Heatpipe Convex-Align™ and Displacement Optimization™  Systems.

 The R1 will be featured in two flavors, the R1 Universal and the R1 Ultimate.  The R1 Ultimate will have two XF140’s full 140x26mm fans, and the ability to add a third XF140.  The Universal version features one XF140 and a thin profile 140x13mm XT140 silent performance fan, offering terrific performance with almost no tradeoff for performance and compatibility.

 The CRYORIG R1 Ultimate, XF140 and XT140 are set for release on January of 2014 and the R1 Universal is set at February 2014 for select countries.

 Please visit www.CRYORIG.com for the latest product information and release dates.

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Well I just heard there are 2 CRYORIG R1 coolers. 

CRYORIG R1 Ultimate with black shroud and 2x XF140 25mm thick fans.



CRYORIG R1 Universal with white shroud, a XF140 25mm thick & a XT140 13mm thick fan.



Release seems to still be on schedule too. 

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Finally got price & pics of R1 Ultimate with black shrouds! :clap:
CRYORIG R1 Ultimate - MSRP of $89.95

A Closer look at the CRYORIG R1 Ultimate

CRYORIG’s first launch product the CRYORIG R1 Ultimate is the accumulation of years of research and design.  CRYOIG is now revealing a more detailed explanation and closer look at the R1 Ultimate’s extremely long list of trademarked technology and patented designs.

DirectCompress™ Soldering
CRYORIG’s patented DirectCompress™ Soldering, increases the actual contact surface between the heatpipe and heatsink fins.  Traditional soldering requires a cut out area next to the heatpipe through hole in order to pass through soldering tools.  DirectCompress™ Soldering requires no cut out and has on average at least 10% more contact surface compared to traditional soldering, and the more contact surface the faster the heat conduction.

Heatpipe Displacement Optimization™
On aluminum sheets, heat spreads out in a radial direction.  By displacing the heatpipe alignment on the heatsink fins, our Heatsink Displacement Optimization™ allows for better and more evenly spread heat conduction on the fins compared to traditional linear alignment.

Jet Fin Acceleration System™
The individual tower stack on the R1 Ultimate is separated into two sections, the wider gap air intake and the high density exhaust section.  By the laws of fluid dynamics, the increase in fin count in the exhaust section squeezes airflow and increases exhaust air speed.  The increase of airflow speed in our Jet Fin Acceleration System™ allows heated air to leave the tower faster.

Heatpipe Convex-Align™ System
The R1 Ultimate’s Heatpipe Convex-Align™ System allows for more heatpipes in a given area, optimized heatpipe placement in the copper base, and improved alignment with your CPU.  With the Heatpipe Convex-Align™ System, each heatpipe functions to their maximum TDP capacity.

Acoustic Optimizations
Acoustics are just as important as performance.  That’s why both the XF140 and XT140 140mm fan integrate acoustic optimizations.  Both fans featuring High Precision Low Noise (HPLN™) Sleeve Bearing and the detachable Acoustic Vibration Absorbers that gives the fan a snugger fit while canceling vibration and noise at the same time.

Patent Pending “MultiSeg™” Quick Mount System
CRYORIG’s MultiSeg™ Quick Mount System, features a 1.5mm thick mechanical structure reinforced metal backplate and precision pressure calculated spring screw mounting system.  The MultiSeg™ Quick Mount System delivers a quick, ultra secure and sturdy all in one solution on Intel LGA115X platforms.  Mount your R1 Ultimate in a matter of minutes.

Product Warranty
Besides the trademarks over trademarks of features, the R1 Ultimate is offering up to six years warranty upon product registration.  Each CRYORIG product (besides the CP9 Cryo-Paste) will come with a unique VIP Product Registration Card.  By registering your product you not only extend your product warranty to the max of six years, you also instantly become a CRYORIG.com VIP member.  VIP members are instantly eligible for our worldwide VIP prize draws, and get a chance to win limited edition products and more!

Product Specifications


Dimension ( with fan )            L130 mm x W140 mm x H168.3 mm
Weight ( with fan )                  1248 g
Weight ( without fan )             936 g
Heat pipes                               6mm heatpipe x 7 units
Copper Base                            C1100 Pure copper nickel plated

Dimension                               L140 mm x W140 mm x H25.4 mm
Weight                                     156 g
Rated Speed                            700 ~ 1300 RPM ±10 %
Noise Level                              19 ~ 23 dBA
Air Flow                                   76 CFM
Connector                               4Pin PWM

The CRYORIG R1 Ultimate is scheduled for release on Jan. 2014, in select countries and regions.  North America, Japan and Korea MSRP is set at 89.95USD.  Please stay tuned to CRYORIG.com for further launch information and regional pricing.

For detailed explanation of the R1 Ultimate please visit:

For full high-definition product photos of the CRYORIG R1 Ultimate, please visit:


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Haven't heard what the R1 Universal MSRP is yet. 


I'm hoping for testing before Christmas. 


I've been told as well as fan differences shroud colors there are also some subtle differences between R1 Ultimate and R1 Universal coolers..  no idea what it is yet.


I'm expecting the 2x 25mm thick XT140mm fans on R1 Ultimate to out perform the 1x 13mm thick  XF140mm  & 1x 25mm thick XT140mm fans on R1 Universal.

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I would expect it will perform at least as good CLC.  I don't trust these CLC coolers.  Their total cost is less than just a pump or radiator on real H2O systems and are just not as dependable as air coolers.  The only thing that ever fails on air coolers is fans.  CLC have pumps that are the usual reason they fail.. and when pump stops there is no cooling until you replace the CLC.  When a fan stops on air cooler all we need to do is put on another fan..  any fan will do until proper replacement arrives.

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thats a good point. I guess i'm just stuck with how big and clunky they are. not saying they dont do what they are meant to i just can't get over how they look ;)

all that being said the big thing is does it work. if it works then looks are second fiddle.

I have been a huge fan of the CLC's as of lately but you are right. if they die.... your dead unless you have a air cooler handy in a pinch. and doing a custom loop gets pricy pretty quickly.

all that said its one of the least ugly ones ive seen. i remember the coolermaster(i think) ones that looked like a jet engine. those were pretty interesting visually.



i really need to look deeper into the water cooling custom loops (PM me links to good resources if you can thx)

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Just had a knock on the door and received an early Christmas present! 


New CRYORIG R1 Ultimate!  So pretty!  :wub:

Will try getting some pics of it with TC14PE, Macho HR-02, maybe Silver Arrow SB-E.  Don't think I'll have time to test it until after Christmas but will it as soon as I get the time!

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Had an early Christmas present!  CRYORIG R1 Ultimate showed up late yesterday so decided to post a few pics. Very good first impression!  
Side view without fans and shrouds.

Closeup of base from side (shrouds on)

Not as deep as 14PE

Everything you could need is included.  Even extra fan clips and rubber corner mounts.

XF140 fan and included accessories


XF140 vibration mounts are the real deal.

More later.  

Merry Christmas!

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Sorry for the delay.

Just getting over the flu. 


Got R1 mounted and running some heat cycles to make sure it's seated.


Have to admit I'm liking the way it's performing on these cycles. ;)

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Sorry for the delay.  Had the flu or something.  Whatever it was it was no fun.  So was a couple weeks behind schedule and finally getting all caught up.



CryOrig have now released the R1 coolers and fans in Japan, Korea and Taiwan.  Today I've seen two German retailers having them priced €69.90.


Have most of the testing done now.  I have absolutely no complaints. The CryOrig mount is a pleasure to install, R1 Ultimate is beautiful and performs great. I'm not ready to say it's the best but it is definitely right up there.

I'm now building my Define R2 with the R1 Ultimate to use for a bit and take some photos.. LOL... My photo "skills" and "studio" are a joke, but will have some pics up hopefully tomorrow.

Than I'll be back on the test station for more testing of PH-TC14PE and Silver Arrow SB-E for comparison to R1 Ultimate. As soon as I start running these test I will be able to say just how good I think the R1 Ultimate really is.. but until than I don't actually have confirmed comparisons.

Reason is my original testing was done with a GA-EX58-UD3R under i7 920 and that changed to a GA-X58A-UD3R. Rest of components are the same...  my gut feeling is test results if not identical will be very close to what they were before.. probably less than +/-2c.. and as much as I would like to have tighter tolerances, with all variables in play I believe it's realistic. Results are probably only +/-1c, but to be safe I'm saying +/-2c.

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As R1 Ultimate is on a slightly different setup than I used for Phanteks PH-TC14PE and Silver Arrow SB-E testing (GA-EX58-UD3R died; replaced with GA-X58A-UD3R) I can't really compare stats until I do some more testing with them on this motherboard. As it stands right now I believe it is cooling better than they did by 2-4c. In fact I think it's very close to Silver Arrow SB-E with TY-143 130cfm 2500rpm fans. And when I tested the I tested 14PE with TY-143 fans it was 2-4c cooler than SA SB-E w/ TY-143s. I have not ran the TY-143 fans on R1 Ultimate yet but do plan to.

Needless to say, R1 Ultimate is a keeper. :D

The MSRP is $89.90 US but the German internet price is € 69.90.. Subract 19% VAT and that is closer to $79.00.


Vortez review says UK price is £53 (£44.17 + VAT).. although I have not seen anyone advertising it here yet. If that is true than about $73.00.


Comparisons of R1 Ultimate show:
Silver Arrow SB-E Extreme 2.6c cooler,
Silverstone HE01 is only 0.5c cooler,
Dark Rock Pro 2 is 4.1c warmer,
NH-D14 SE2011 is 7.9c warmer.

Vortez only monitors room ambient, the themperature of air going into cooler / radiator. :wacko: 

Not using cooler/radiator intake air temp when testing in a case means CLCs have definite advantage over air coolers because they are ingesting cooler air. :angry:

  • CLC move more air through case (their fans are additional exhaust from case)
  • CLC dump all their own heated air outside of case
  • air coolers dump their heated air inside of case
  • raising the case air temperature
  • every degree warmer the air going into cooler/radiator is translates into CPU being warmer by similar amount

My hypothesis is that is why results of reviewers using case testing systems show CLCs having cooler CPU temps than top air coolers..   while open bench test station results show CLC and air coolers temps being very similar.

Regardless I monitor air temp going into cooler. That's the critical temperature, not what the room temp is.

I know offtopic.gif

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