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I've always wanted one, and you're not helping!

Looks excellent so far.

It was ton of work...so glad it's almost done.


Great work man.  I guess this means no more working out?



That's why it looked brand new.

Sneak peak! Soooo close to racing.







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Well here it is. I'm going to call it done.

Still waiting on buttons to show up so I can drill the two outer panels and finalize wiring.

Waiting on files to transfer to my network drive then I will install an SSD with fresh install. Stay away from the track infield....I will be racing! Hope to get my rookie season started this week if I get enough track time to feel comfortable.

Oh yea put a nice 3" long scratch in my monitor!! Good excuse to get 3 new ones.










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Awesome man!


Buttons came in today. The red buttons without the dome have a pretty long throw with no click so I will likely use the domed ones for their short throw and audible click or I may use a row of each. Also think I may put an android phone I have here not being used in the right panel.

Need to think about it...the DSD boards only handle 24 inputs and I think the rotaries will take up to 12 each I may need to change to encoders. I read somewhere that iRacing will only handle 4 USB inputs. More studying to do. May need to use Xpadder.

Anyway here are some pics,I will drill them in the CNC today and will likely make another panel for the right side one for the phone and one for switches then I can decide.







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This is definitely worthy of spending time on the fan page!



Thanks,that was unexpected.



Super job. How come so many switches?

It will eliminate the need for a keyboard in game. Like brake bias where I would need to bring up screen with an F key then use arrow keys for an adjustment. I plan to keep it down to 64 inputs so I will only need to buy two boards. Still learning the ins and outs. The Android dash may be tricky also as it needs a server program installed to send wireless signal to phone. Not sure how that will work since I never game on wireless.

Anyone know if I can use both wired and wireless together? Wired for game and WIFI for the phone.

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OK I got one side done but still undecided on the right panel,going to sleep on it. Going to order encoders and more switches today.

Did a quick video since camera was sitting next to me. Nothing fancy just some holes.


Dang I should have wiped off the finger prints!!






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I'm running iRacing. I ran around 200 laps in test mode Sunday and jumped in 3 races to start on my rookie card. Monday I ran 9 40 lap races to get my score up enough for my oval D licences.  :D  Now to get started on my road course rookie card.


Man this sim is so realistic. Now that I'm out of rookie cars they will need to be setup for track conditions and that means everything; tire pressure,track bar,alignment,wings and even gear ratios etc.!! 


The iRacing NASCAR World Champion was honored at the NASCAR award ceremony and received a ring and a check for $10,000!


This Sim sucks up hours like a black hole!!! I did get part of my mill painted though.

I actually woke up with sore arms this morning....guess I need to start a training regiment. :huh:


MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my Zoo Monkeys. Please spend time with Family and friends,leave the Dremel unplugged.

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Finally all done with the dash panels and wiring. Also have iRacing Dash app running. I love the app but it messed up my idea of running the yellow buttons as F keys since it operates off of default keys,going to see if I can enter 2 keys today. One thing I do like it brings up the appropriate black box when going to a different screen. Really makes it easy for fuel and tire adj. etc.
Been having a blast racing as I get more and more comfortable with it. Also now that I'm out of rookie seems I'm running with more A,B and C class drivers and wrecks are not nearly as frequent. I purchased Rockingham and National Impala and just been having a blast with it. My lap times in test are good so now just working on nerves and constant lap time during the race.
Still need to label buttons and clean up all the wiring mess. Triple monitors will be next on my list.


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YES it's a blast....but like I said before sucks up time like a black hole,time I don't have right now!

Races are now every 2 hrs vs every hour in rookie class. Soon they will be full length races with pit strategy and pace car action. With that you have to learn car adjustments and fuel conservation. I'm pretty sure I will have a heart attack from stress during a 3.5 hr race!!!

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