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Sorting completed and in-progress mods.

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Firstly, hello!


Being as this is my first post, I wanted to at least say that before I came in and starting throwing my suggestion around.


I'm a short time stalker of The Mod Zoo specifically, but I have followed Bill and the others for several years, through the mod men and such. I still remember when my girlfriend looked at me strangely when I had my dissassembled case on the floor and I was cutting it up with my dremel. I was around in a small capacity on the mod men forums.


Anyway, my suggestion. I would love to be able to sort the member project logs by completed and in-progress mods, perhaps using sub forums? When I'm up late at night browsing, there's something about starting at the beginning of a log and seeing it all the way to the end that I really enjoy. I certainly enjoy following logs as they are updated, but it's a different type of satisfaction and inspiration to be able to see where a mod started and where it ended, in the matter of a few minutes.


Hope it's considered!


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