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Quick little mod today.  Something easy with old parts.  Just something I needed and well I also needed a mod that I could see then end of sooner rather than later.



Seagate Cuda 7200k 3TB 64MB 6Gb/s

Bytecc Aluminum 5.25 USB 3.0 Enclosure

DiNoc CF

Zalman Heatpipe HD Cooler/Silencer


I had a burner in this case, but unfortunately/apparently I burn too many discs and the drives give up the ghost.  Out it came and it sat empty for a few months.  I had the HD cooler from a previous build as well as the CF film.  The HD was full when removed from one of my workstations as I no longer had room for it.  Hopefully this storage will be part of my network back up...


Test fitting 



Enlarging the holes for to match screws that I had on hand.  Some how, out of thousands, I could not find those exact screws.



The disk, naked and on the pipes.  Rubber mounts remove some disk noise.



All together now.



My assistant... sorting random screws n' such.  Its about time she asked to be taught to build her own rig!  Tomorrow's assignment, find a pink head lamp just like daddy's.




Back shortly with benchies and what not, as well as final photos with my SLR.


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I guess the controller chip is causing some issues.  It thinks its a optical drive and I cannot bench it.  It transfers files plenty fast.  A 2GB file ran at 180-200 Mb's when transferred to a Samsung 840 Pro.


Final shots still coming tonight I think, possibly in the morning.

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Just wait til you see my other project.... an old Orion 225HCCA competition amplifier from the old school days running off of a Corsair ATX, in a amp case running stereo subs in my home theater.  Tests so far it bangs!  I will post up that bit soon.  Still need some parts.


This EXT HD build was dismantled for its HD cooler.  That didn't last long... and now to continue my most important project...





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Thought I would update this.  I have taken apart one of my WD externals and it was an RE4 inside!  No idea they used those.  Moved the heatpipe setup to it and added a new sata/usb controller.  My burner resides in the case, so its time to fab one.  The projects never end.  Pics soon.

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