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[Corsair] H105 240 AIO announced

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Corsair recently announced the addition of the H105 to their line of all-in-one liquid cooling solutions.  The H105 with have a beefier 240 rad than Corsair's H100 and H100i (38mm vs. 27mm) and has a redesigned mounting fixture with changeable colored rings of grey, red and blue.




Link: http://www.corsair.com/us/cpu-cooling-kits/hydro-series-water-cooling-cpu-cooler/hydro-series-h105-240mm-extreme-performance-liquid-cpu-cooler.html?utm_source=Corsair&utm_medium=Website&utm_content=H105Banner&utm_campaign=FrontPage



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To late for some...


Personally they can go shove it right where it's painful and then repeat the exercise until bruised and bloody  :lol:   :D


Sorry personal opinion based on first hand experience of a H100i.

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