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Hello and Introductions

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I suppose I can introduce myself a little bit. 

I'm a big tech nerd who is obsessed with game console hacking and modifications. On that note, I actually prefer a controller to a mouse and keyboard. Gross, right? Obviously if/when I go toe to toe with someone using a mouse and keyboard, I would get my carcass handed to me. But that's beside the point.

I used to moderate/administrate the forums over at Llamma.com about a decade ago (RIP). For those unfamiliar, it was like Mnpctech except for game consoles. It was even based in MN too! Coincidence? Maybe, but then again maybe not! I knew about Mnpctech and PC modding in general back then, but I was pretty young and lacking funds.. It was far easier to modify my game consoles than it was to mod a PC (in terms of ease AND of finances).

I'm also a pretty big Japan nerd. I used to be into anime, but not so much anymore. Death Note was the last one I watched, and it left a pretty big impression on me... hence the avatar I guess. After that I really immersed myself into REAL Japanese culture (as opposed to anime culture... big difference) thanks to college and international students. I studied the language and history, and visited the country 3 times for a month at a time each. I even ended up dating a few Japanese girls, and then the last one (who I dated for 3 years) messed me up pretty bad mentally. It's one thing to have disagreements in a relationship, but it's a totally different beast when it's extreme cultural differences in addition to those disagreements. Thankfully, it's been about five years since then, and I'm much better now. Just have to keep projects going to keep my mind busy.

Little projects have always kept me centered and level headed, whether life has been at peace or in chaos. And thanks to my curious nature (and the desire to have something unique and custom tailored), that's pretty much how I landed in game console and PC modding to begin with. My very first PC mod was on a refurb Cooler Master case (CM Mystique 632S; pic1, pic2, pic3), and while the case itself is beautiful, the most interesting picture I had of it has gone missing. It was what I actually modded on the case-- I added PS2 and Xbox Controller ports to the top of the case, next to the top USB and audio ports. Probably no surprise considering I'm such a console gaming fanboy! What's even more unfortunate than the missing picture is the fact that my dad ended up throwing away the incomplete case while I was in college. I guess he assumed that since I drilled out all the rivets, it was just a pile of junk. Well shoot, that's what a rivet gun is for right?!

Well whatever the case I don't have to worry about thrown away mod projects anymore. I own a BitFenix Prodigy case that I've cut a window into and lit up like a christmas tree... I'll post that one eventually. But for now I'm going to be posting the project I'm currently working on, which is a red Raijintek Styx MicroATX case. I was drawn to it by it's aluminum construction, the vast amount of storage options it has, as well as a slimline optical drive slot! Soon, either tonight or tomorrow, I will post my current progress with it. And of course, WITH PICTURES. I will also do my best not to make big promises on what I plan to do with it. Realistic promises leads to less "hot air"... and less embarrassment on my end anyway.

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15 hours ago, F4br1zio said:

Hi guys!

I'm Fabrizio and i'm from Italy. 

I met Bill in the old forum (The Mod Brothers) and my passion for modding has never stopped. I hope to feel confortable here with you!

Welcome to the Zoo!  I first heard of Bill through an old coworker of mine, who as it turns out shared shop space with Bill for a while.  Didn't know it until I saw some of Bill's videos a year or two later, and recognized the shop lol

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