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Orange Clockwerk

[Black Frost] Fractal Design Define R4 - Update Feb. 10th. - Interior Panels and Bezel

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Hello to my Mod Zoo friends!! I would first like to thank everyone for following my last project, Grey Matter! I loved the support and kind words from everyone, it really motivated me throughout the build process. I always couldn't wait to post here to show you guys what I got done, thanks so much! The build is currently entered in the 2013 Cooler Master Contest, wish me luck!!


I am trying to keep the ball rolling right into this next build, Black Frost, a Fractal Design Refine R4 case mod! I was originally planning a different mod, but I won this Refine R4 case in a case review giveaway here at the Mod Zoo. I will be posting a review here on the forums under the Fractal Design thread if you are interested in my opinion, the review will be up soon! The case was really nice so I decided not to waste any time and get on it! Thumbs up to Fractal on making a solid case!


I am attempting to do something different and make this build a little bit more open concept and the goal is to have everything as neat as possible. Most systems are completely shrouded and the slack from the wires is smashed in a box basically. I want to have everything cut to exact lengths and attempt to minimize all slack. I am going with a black and white color scheme with chrome accents to cut down on full fledged paint job and keep this build clean. 


Remember to reference this first post for easy links to all the updates on this project!



PC Components : *TBA - To Be Announced


[] CPU : TBA

[] MoBo : TBA

[] RAM : TBA

[] GPU : TBA

[] PSU : eVGA 650W SuperNOVA 

[] SSD : Samsung Evo

[] OPT : TBA (possibly none)

[x] Case : Fractal Design Refine R4


Water Cooling : 

[] TBA


Key Mods : 

<> Open concept.

<> Chrome copper tubing.

<> Solid PSU wires cut to length.

<> Hand made acrylic reservoir, possibly another style waterfall.

<> More TBA.



I am proud and honored to already have picked up a sponsor for this build:


Huge thanks to Casefeet.com. They have some super beast mode case feet! I am really happy and excited to have them on board! Checkout the site by clicking the logo!





This post will be updated with more information as the build goes on.


With all that taken care of, on to the first update! 


First things first the base of this creation! The Pearl Black Fractal design Refine R4! Here are  some photos of the case, taking it to a blank canvas.















The blank canvas!:clap:





Measured lines to cut the bottom metal out for better air flow for my floor mount radiator Ill be installing.





Unpacked these goodies from Casefeet.com! They came thoroughly wrapped and protected!









I picked up some 1.5" ID O-rings from McMaster Carr on my way home from work the other day and rolled them onto the case feet into the milled grooved for the black stripe effect. There are other ways to make the effect its up to your imagination!







I am still plotting the exact placement for them, I will decide when I cut out the bottom panel.





These are the 24" x 36" sheets of acrylic for the build, also from McMaster Carr. ( I love living 20 minutes from there! :D ) I will most likely have to get more but I am starting with two sheets of each color.





I started making the cuts to create the floor inside the case. I like working with a flat even floor from the start. It makes for good panel mounting and a nice clean look. I made some 1/2" strips for the floor supports. Then Ill be cementing them to the floor panel after i make my radiator cuts and drill my holes for the panel standoffs.













One of my favorite tools here for making precise marks to mount my fence when making router cuts! Every mark its right on the money at all times!









Test Fitting of the floor panel resting on its support strips.





I had some left over U-channel molding from MNPCtech.com from my last build so I put it to use. I covered it with Rustoleums version of plastic-dip so I could make it white. Then I trimmed out the front area where Ill be making a 240mm radiator mount.











Here is a final shot of where I am sitting now, and a shot showing how the PSU will be oriented, and I set in a spare radiator for perspective. The build will actually be using a 240mm rad in that location.







Well that is where I left off last night. I would of liked to been further along but I had another little side project and was busy with the holidays. this build may move a little slower at first because I am currently saving money to buy a nice CNC when I get my taxes back. Once I get that, this build will take off and Ill be taking my modding to the next level! I am super stoked for that! 


Thanks for checking out the build log thus far, stay tuned there is much more to come!! 









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Subbed!  Grey Matter was a sweet mod I enjoyed following ... I have the same case sitting here waiting to be reviewed.  I don't know what I will do with it after that though :P  


Good luck and I cant wait to see where this one goes!

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Subbed!  Grey Matter was a sweet mod I enjoyed following ... I have the same case sitting here waiting to be reviewed.  I don't know what I will do with it after that though :P


Good luck and I cant wait to see where this one goes!


Thanks for checking it out! I'm glad you liked Grey Matter. This one is going to start taking shape soon =D Congrats on winning the case! You should mod yours!

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I feel like you'll get a better feel for what you can and can't do with a CNC router by doing it by hand first. Seems to be true for my woodworking, anyway lol

Looking forward to this one too man!

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I feel like you'll get a better feel for what you can and can't do with a CNC router by doing it by hand first. Seems to be true for my woodworking, anyway lol

Looking forward to this one too man!


Thanks Mos! I cant wait til this gets rollin! I agree about the router though ,I have put it work with that Bosh Colt, I actually saw an attachment I want for it that allows for angled cuts. But yeah I have so many ideas that can't be done by hand that I really want the CNC for, and I have been doing a lot of practice in sketchup, and its able to export .dxf files.


Ive also been looking into building my own CNC as well instead, so I know how it works and get really familiar with it. We shall see, Im about a month away and doing a lot of research now.

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Hey everyone! Got a little work done since the weather warmed up enough to heat the workshop! I'm not quite finished designing the interior so I decided to do all the case work first. All my money for the next few paychecks is going to my CNC so I can get that thing constructed. Ill have limited funds for PC parts so I will be getting one or two parts at a time and doing as much as I can with that. My previous PC is currently for sale on eBay to help me move forward faster. I don't really want to sell it but if it will help me get to where I wanna go faster I will do it. Anyway here is what I am working with so far!


I found mill bits on eBay for my router for much cheaper than sears, pretty happy about that!




I had some 3/8" aluminum cubes fabricated, Ill be using these to attach panels without needing an entire skeleton of aluminum framing. FannBlade did a great job making these for me! I saved a few bucks by tapping them myself.




I mounted one where I am planning my first panels to show how they'll be used.






The first task at hand was making a new rear panel since I will be doing another vertical GPU and flipping my PSU on its side I will need a new orientation of I/O ports on the back. I double layered it with white and black and once I finish the I/O cutouts Ill be adding inlay cutouts on both sides and adding 1/2" trim on each edge.







This is my favorite thing to see when cutting with the Bosch Colt, splitting my pencil lines!:dremel::thumb:






Next I got going on the floor panel. Ill be mounting a radiator on the acrylic floor panel so I wanted to cut out the bottom metal for the best possible air flow.










Once The bottom was cut out I filed it down and trimmed it out with left over U-Channel from MNPCtech.com for my Grey Matter build. I also bolted down the beast mode case feet from www.Casefeet.com






Then I attached the acrylic supports for the floor. The gloss black is going to be bling blingin' on the interior:D










Next I opened up the front panel front top to bottom. I am planning to make a double chamber reservoir attached with chrome tubing mounted in the middle of the front panel and through the bezel. You will see what I am saying as it comes together.










Once it was cut out I decided to make acrylic trim for the opening. I cut strips of acrylic 5/8" thick, then I used a scrap piece of mod mesh to get the spacing correct when gluing them. Once it dried I used a flush cutting bit and trimmed off the scrap. Then I mitered the pieces on the scroll saw so I didn't have to buy a new blade for our 10" cutoff saw.































It was a lot of work just for some trim but it was worth it, it cam out really nice and professional looking. Once I paint the metal I will attach the trim with epoxy and cement it at the corners so it will be on for good. 


Well that's all I have for now. Next Thing up will be the front bezel. I am going to remove the door and make it polished chrome look to match the tubing Ill be using. Hopefully the weather stays above 30 degrees so my heaters can keep up with the cold. Thanks for watching! Stay tuned!


Thanks again to my sponsor thus far:








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Looking forward to seeing this build come to fruition OC.  Grey Matter was a nice build, can't wait to see what you have in store for this one!


Thanks fuzzy! I got a hand full of ideas for this one I cant wait until them come to be =D

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Hey everyone, got a little work in on my case since the last post. I got most of the interior established and started on the bezel. I decided to glue the interior panels together, then when my CNC is done Ill come back and cut out all the recess areas to create the two-tone areas. Not much else to say for now so Ill get on with the update.


Picked up a few new lure lock needles for my acrylic cement.





After making the black and white panels separate it was difficult to make them exactly the same. So after a few I decided to start gluing the panels together before cutting and Ill go back late to make the CNC cutouts.





















After i made the cuts I started assembling the panels in the correct orientation.











I glued some 5/8" trim on the rear panel. I had to router a triangle shape on the bottom corner for it to fit in perfectly.









Then I continued with the installation of the final panels and motherboard tray.



















The last thing I got around to was some work on the front bezel. I cut out all the interior and I plan to insert either acrylic or aluminum panel into it and use white acrylic down the sides.







And that's all I have for now. I have quite a few interesting ideas for this build with the reservoir and tube connections. As I mentioned its off to a slower start due to most of my fund being poured into my CNC build. Hopefully I can either sell my Grey Matter PC to finish my CNC or get some extra work to help pay for it faster. Its looking like I should be finished in 2 months at the current rate I am going. Anyhow stay tuned I will be working this build as much as possible! Thanks for checking it out.


Also thanks to my sponsor so far!



Check out the beastly case feet available!



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Man I'm really late to the party! 

Looks like some great headway.


May I ask why you don't glue panels vs using the sq. brackets? I'm sure there is a reason because I know you can glue water tight!!!

haha yeah man I been doing what I can when I can =D making decent headway on the CNC at the same time lol...About gluing, I want the panels removable for the sake of access when running wires and the final assembly. It will allow easier access to certain areas If I can pop a panel off to get in some where. Otherwise your right I would be able to glue it all together. I'm planning to do a lot of intricate wire and tube routing behind the scenes on this one. Right now I am only gluing together the panels. They are made of 1/8" white acrylic and 1/8" black acrylic. What I plan to do is take the CNC and do cut outs half way through to show color contrasting inlays. At first I was going to keep all the panels seperate with out gluing and cut inlays with the router then glue them together. That proved to be difficult when needing to cut 2 panels to the exact same size and keep them square. So ill just go back either with the router or the CNC and cut in 1/8" to have the other color pop out. It should produce a cool effect and design.

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That's what I figured, it was for access,just curious. I like the brackets for sure.


You must have a rush plan for the CNC! Can't wait to see it in action.

Haha yeah man, I just started putting in overtime at work today, trying to pull an extra 300$ per paycheck to get the cnc done within 2 months. I can't wait to get this thing cutting. Gonna be a life changer. This year I hope to get enough tools together to furnish a workshop. Then bust my butt making anything for anyone lol. Stack up some money and get my own house and turn the whole garage into a machine shop / paint booth. Start making some marvelous mods, design my own parts and also make the CNC 4'x8' and use it to build another 4x4. Then use the 4x8 for production parts and the 4x4 for my mods. Goals are set high time to get Poopadilly crackin! I love building all this stuff and would never work another day cuz Id be doing what I love =D

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