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thank you soooooooo much ! ;) ;) ;)


i'm waiting for March to buy a NZXT H440 to make a my mod...
I will have some "tools of the trade" to make it right ;) ;)


Thanks to everyone for this awesome forum.

Long life to ModZoo ! :lol:

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I have no pictures (and way late to the party).. but I was cutting a 140mm blowhole in steel case door with my trusty 3/8" drill and a Bosch 140mm Hole saw. The case door was secured pretty well, and I was being careful to keep that drill under control (lots of torque, lol! But have done it many times, successfully!). I was in my basement work area, right next to the washer / dryer. Usually a great area for me to work! I did have the stereo cranked up... sort of maybe rattling the walls a little bit.. if you know what I mean?


What I didn't take into account was my girfriend coming the corner with laundry basket full of clothes, and bumping into me while I was trying cut the hole (she didn't hear the drill because the Deep Purple was blasting Speed King at a gazillion decibels! (yea, I am that old!)) And she didn't see me kneeling on the floor, because she is only 5'-2" and that laundry basket (which she proceeded to drop on my head) is bigger than she is.


That hole saw got off level, and dug in before I could get my finger off the trigger, crawled over that case door and bit my left hand pretty good (holding the door to brace myself)... as well as chewing up some ugly spots in that case door. I got it under control before it did much damage, but it definitely scared the X&)S&(*^  out of me... those hole saws are SHARP!


Of course, the girlfriend freaked out... and dealing with that was worse the the pain in my hand, and the agony of looking at the big silver gouges in that brand new black case door, lol!  No stitches (although I probably should have).. but we just cleaned the wound well (she dug out some of the shrapnel with tweezers) and we steri-stripped it, and wrapped it.


After a couple of day, I finished off the blowholes, dug out my sander, and hit that door pretty hard. Got most of the gouges out... and painted it it to match the case as best I could. Doesn't look too bad..   ;)  (just sharing.. I know the prizes are gone! :P!  Belated Congrats to GraphGrenoble!!)

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Hé-hé !!!

A delivery right to my place this morning:









Really want to thank all the MNPCTECH staff, especially the boss, Bill :P
I thought about my future mod, and realized that my Antec 300 needs to be done !!!
So i'm working right now on Sketchup to make something cool, and use the right tool for modding it !

I'll keep you in touch guys !!!

P.S: OMG, i've got the S&W protection glasses... the same as Bill Owen himself !!!

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I was opening my new corsair case that I bought for my first PC build, and I was just so excited that instead of getting up to go get something to cut the ties off, I decided to jab at them with a screwdriver that was next to me. Needless to say, I jabbed the case, and put a nasty scratch on the side. I learned a valuable lesson!

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    There's a thing here. Somehow it moved to the top of the page, but I didn't do it. No, really! But still, Cheaps is likely to blame...
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