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Why can't I just use tap water??

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Y'all have heard it before... DISTILLED DISTILLED and some Glycol or antimicrobial... and now here's why.

Hardware: ASUS ROG Z68, Intel 2600K, GSkill 1600 4x4Gb, HAFwrap

Wetware: XSPC Raystorm, EKWB 360mm Rad, XSPC dualbay + D5 combo, BP RAM kit, BP compression fittings all round.


Loop was filled with 100% pure grade Mississauga tap water.

Running time for loop is from July 4, 2013 until system failed and decommissioned Jan 20, 2014.

Final CPU temp 96C unloaded.

Now here's whats been growing in the Raystorm.











while I wait on the micro report, here's a sandwich


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Someone dropped a boogy in your loop.  Tap is never clean. Even if it was, there's still the gunk that grows on the end of the faucet.

To be fair, You can get a loop to look like that by just handling your parts too much. (Thank God Eel's never around to read anymore.:lol:)

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Yes... City Water.  claimed by my municipal officials to be "superior" ...lolz


and for the record, this was an entirely intentional experiment.

my microbiologist says, "combination of algae, calcium deposits, and mild amount of corrosion.

there was also a pungent aroma of plasticizer...

I've since cleaned the block... will give up after shots later tonite.

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If it makes you feel any better I used some EK EKoolant the blood red one and it turned green in my loop after maybe a year? I'm guessing its due to corrosion and the fact that I didn't flush anything before installing them :\ I also used a silver kill coil in my reservoir so I know its not like algae.. but we learn from our mistakes ^^ this was my first custom watercooling loop so yeah :)

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