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Simple Fan Port Mod

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Hey all, Sort of new around here... so  thought I would share this.. Need to start a build log also, lol!.


I am building a new Watercooled Rig, and am trying hard to optimize the cabling. I wanted to use a Fan controller to control all of the fans... and since there 18 fans total (three rads with push/pull), I needed to use some Multi-Fan ports that I could hook up to the fan controller. That mean a fan port with a fan pigtail on it...3 or 4 pin, and I wanted 4 to 6 fans per port.

I chose the Lamptron FC9 Fan Controller... it has four channels that can handle up to 50 watts each. It uses standard 3-pin male fan plugs to hook the fans up.

I looked at every multi-fan port I could find, and didn't really like any of them. I did find a few.. that with a few mods.. would do the job.

Particularly, the Phobya 6 Fan port http://www.frozencpu.com/products/14094/ele-936/Phobya_4-Pin_Power_Distribution_PCB_6x_3-Pin_Block_81097.html?tl=g47c121s424

It is a very small unit.. easy to fit anywhere in a case, and easy to modify also. It has a four pin Molex adapter on it for power, soldered to the PC board. Easy to remove and replace with a fan pigtail, by anyone with basic soldering skills.

I planned on using the pigtails supplied with the Fan Controller... as they are already sleeved.. and easy to work with.

Like so:

Fan port with 4 pin Molex still installed:



Circuit board after I desoldered the 4-pin Molex... and have the fan pigtail in place, ready to solder






A closeup of the back of the circuit, with sidelighting to show the detail. Soldering the pigtail is completed.



Covered the new connections with Heatshrink to add an extra layer of protection:






Replaced the Velcro on back of the boards and mounted them in the case, and plugged up the fans. As you can see, I am also cutting the fan power cables to the shortest length possible and reterminating. Just trying to reduce the cable clutter as much as possible. Both of the ports here only have four fans each... but I did plug an empty plug onto the other ports, to ensure nothing "hot" could be touched to anything metal.


Close up of the Front Fan port:



Inside front of case:



Close of of top Rad port:






I hope someone finds this helpful, and look forward to hearing what you think!



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