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[Cases] New budget options, Corsair Carbide SPEC cases

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Tuesday Corsair announced a new budget line of cases, the Carbide SPEC line.  With all three cases coming in at $50-$60 it's hard to argue with the price tag but design-wise these cases seem to let down many Corsair fans and look pretty generic when compared to other cases out there.  To be honest I have a tough time telling 01 and 02 apart.  03 is the best looking out of the bunch I think, the front design is appealing to me over the others.  Thoughts?












Press release: http://www.corsair.com/en-in/company/press-release/corsair-expands-pc-case-line-with-a-trio-of-carbide-series-spec-gaming-cases


Overview video:

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Corsair announced MSRP on their website as $49.99

Newegg lists MSRP at $69.99, so they can claim they've discounted the price to $54.99. 

whether cost is $54.99 or $49.99 is very justifiable for a Corsair entry level case. 

@Cheaps, Mnpctech designed the 400R for Corsair in 2010. When it was announced, people's opinions were split over the design, just like the negative reactions their YouTube video has been getting. Once reviews of the 400R started surfacing with good ratings, the 400R started selling very well, and continues today w/ 5 star rating on newegg... Mainstream consumers dictate the success of a product, not us hardcore enthusiasts..lol 

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