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Our Mod Zoo Munky Laboratories are always experimenting and sharing new discoveries. Manufacturers are recognizing that The Mod Zoo is a very influential source for developing new products. Last week ago we showed you how to thread 3/4" OD acrylic tubing to make your own loop. XSPC contacted us to mention our idea of longer male-to-male fittings had been shared with their engineers for possible production. Primochill is another manufacturer that follows our experiments. They recently started offering PETG tubing because of our video guide to PETG. This week Captain CS and Mosquito receive the first retail samples of Monsoon’s new “Economy” hardline fittings. They also share Bitspower’s new “Enhance” fittings and guide you through steps in gluing the optional collar on Monsoon’s “Free center” fittings. A lot of you have expressed concern about how safe this method is, watch their video and find out! 


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