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John Morrison

[Contest] Are you an Electronics Designer? Have a lookie here.

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Spotted this this morning, needed to share it with you all.


Hackaday.com is hosting an Open Hardware design contest. The Grand Prize is a trip into space.


"The devices that inform our daily lives were science fiction in decades past. The barriers that once required giant companies to produce such marvels are starting to crumble. Now, one person with one idea can revolutionize the way we live our lives. Be that person. 

You Build the Future. You claim The Hackaday Prize."
That's right, one hardware hacker will get a trip into space as the grand prize. There are incredible top prizes for the other four finalists, and hundreds of other rewards for the most interesting submissions."
You can begin work on an entry right now, and getting started couldn’t be easier. The build details for your entry need to be documented on Hackaday.io. Getting an account is as easy as typing in your email and choosing a password. Make your entry readable, make it graphic, and you can win. The grand prize is trip to space, there are several top prizes, and many many other prizes awarded along the way based on how the community responds to your ongoing work."
That's right. Design an electronics hardware product or item, have it as open source as possible (obviously this depends on if you're using parts that have NDAs and/or closed source code), and you could win a trip into space. If you're unable to pass the medical requirements to participate in the flight, you have the option of a US$200,000 cash prize instead. The main rules in this contest are that you must actually build something, it must involve some type of electronics that are connected to something and document the process!
"Our main requirements have to do with documentation. This includes lists of parts, schematics, images, and videos. Remember, Openness is a Virtue."
With hundreds of other prizes for entries, you have no reason not to enter if you can design anything electronic!
See here for more information:


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