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Mod Zoo iRacing Event Prizes and Winner Announcement Thread.


*Tentative Prize List, More will be added over coming weeks for 1st - 3rd Place Winners



This precision screw driver set is great for small jobs such as fixingSSDs, CPU Coolers, Hard Drives, Mice, or game controllers..

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Welcome to Mod Zoo Racing Team!
MNPTECH and The Mod Zoo with myself have created an online racing league. If you enjoy motor sports then this sim (not a game) is for you.
This section will be for posting top 3  winners of each race. Schedule is set for 2 races each week,one for Road and one for Oval. Each season will be 12 weeks long dropping worst two for each driver essentially best 10 week season. This will help when drivers can't make a race.
As the sponsor of Mod Zoo Racing Team MNPCTECH will be offering prizes to top 3 winners each season. Prizes yet to be announced.
Special Thank You to Bill and his Team for this opportunity to this growing PC community.
Season 2 MZR Truck Series starts 7/30/2014
Thanks and Good Luck.

Official Season 2 Schedule 2014​  
MZR Truck Series
All races Wednesday @ 8:00 P.M. EST
Track Temp: 65F
Wind: N @ 0 mph
Humidity: 0%,0% fog
Clear skies.
Fixed setup with 100% fuel load.
1 quick reset

1. 7/30 Daytona 80 Laps
2. 8/06 Iowa 10 Laps
3. 8/13 Michigan 80 Laps
4. 8/20 Charlotte 80 Laps
5. 8/27 Dover 120 Laps
6. 9/03 Chicagoland 80 Laps
7. 9/10 Talledega 80 Laps
8. 9/17 Texas 80 Laps
9. 9/24 Atlanta 80 Laps
10. 10/01 Auto Club 80 Laps
11. 10/08 Homestead 80 Laps
12. 10/15 Indianapolis 100 Laps


Standings Link


Official Season 1 Schedule 2014​  
MZR Truck Series
All races Wednesday @ 8:00 P.M. EST
Track Temp: 65F
Wind: N @ 0 mph
Humidity: 0%,0% fog
Clear skies.
Fixed setup with 100% fuel load.
1. 5/7 Daytona 75 laps    1st. Kyle Meeks  2nd. Jeff T. Martin  3rd.Terry Belanger
2. 5/14 Charlotte 85 laps  1st. Vincent Viney  2nd. Art Seeger  3rd. Kyle Meeks
3. 5/21 Las Vegas 80 laps  1st. Terry Belanger  2nd. Jeff T. Martin  3rd. Brandon Furr
4. 5/28 Dover 120 laps    1st. Kyle Meeks  2nd. Nathan Miller  3rd. Brandon Furr
5. 6/4 Texas 80 laps    1st. Kyle Meeks  2nd. Micheal Updegraff  3rd. Len McNeese
6. 6/11 Auto Club 80 laps   1st. Kyle Meeks   2nd. Len McNeese   3rd. J.D. Reyes
7. 6/18 Phoenix 85 laps    1st. Mark Robertson   2nd. Dwayne Dunn   3rd. Jamie Bullard
8. 6/25 Kentucky 85 laps   1st. Nathan Miller  2nd. Dwayne Dunn   3rd. Kyle Meeks
9. 7/2 Iowa 120 laps    1st. Graham D. Hood  2nd. Marc Nichols Jr.  3rd. Brock Hubble
10. 7/9 Rockingham 80 laps  1st.Kyle Meeks  2nd. J.D. Reyes  3rd. Dwayne Dunn 
11. 7/16 Homestead 200 laps  1st. Kyle Meeks  2nd. Bobby Price  3rd. John Estes

Point Standings
1. Kyle Meeks = 403 (+7 Pole)
2. Vincent Viney = 402
3. Marc Nichols Jr. = 364
4. John Estes = 348
5. Terry Belanger = 338
6. Michael Palmer = 329 (+1 Pole)
7. Kerry Woodward = 315
8. Nathan Miller = 280
9. Billy Rodenbarger = 276
10. Len McNeese = 269

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Series update:

Attention all drivers!


After realistic weather set in practice race we have decided to run fixed weather setting to help Corvette gain back some traction entering corners.


I would like some input on weather for GT3 series since we will be running open setups.


Weather sets and fuel loads have been updated in post #2. Servers have been update with new sets for the season.


Please take time to practice new weather sets and calculate pit strategies where needed.


Good Luck!

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First race in the record book!

Trucks @ Daytona 75 Lap  5/7/2014


We had a great turn out with a field of 20 drivers. Qualifying was very tight with just 5 tenths between first and last!

The 75 lap Daytona race went caution free! That really had drivers working on pit strategies for the whole race and making sure drafting partners pit stops were planning same tire and fuel amounts for the green flag stops.


Race winner Kyle Meeks was fast and smooth all day with very well executed pits stops,with Jeff T. Martin and Terry Belanger rounding out the top 3. Great race guys!


Congrats to Nathan Miller for his Top qualifying time of 52.369. +1 added for Pole Position.

Fastest race lap of the day set by Art Seeger with a blistering 48.800.


Yes there were couple crumpled fenders but nothing that threw a caution. Great driving keeping trucks under control!

That left top seven drivers on he lead lap.


What a great group of drivers with plenty of give and take till the end.


Thanks again Mod Zoo Racing Team for great turn out and an absolutely amazing race.

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Please welcome MaxSpeedTV.


All truck events will now be live broadcast by MaxSpeedTV. They will handle live broadcast that included's full commentary and instant replays. Thanks you Rudy and his staff for fitting us in there tight schedule.


Event can be watched live on the MaxSpeed TV website.

All events @ 8:00 P.M. EST. with racing actual race time 9:00 P.M. EST.





Sample screen capture:


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Daytona Corvette Classic #1 in the books.
We had 11 drivers in the field. With Brian Brewer sitting on the pole with a time of 1:44.396.
The start of the race proved to be a problem for Brian when Kerry W. bumped his read bumper in turn one and spun him out. Not the day Brian was looking for! 
That put Nathan and Marc battling for the lead most of the race. Several drivers were fighting for traction on the slick hot day in Florida.
Congrats to Nathan for the win,with Marc and Kerry following for 2nd and third place.
Brian Brewer was flying to try and regain a spot on top with fast lap of the race, 1:43.841.
Nice job guys!
1st place: Nathan Miller

2nd place: Marc Nichols Jr.

3rd. place: Kerry Woodward

Top three:

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Race #2 @ Charlotte
Crazy race at the 1.5 mile track last night. The hot summer day proved to eat up tires causing many to slide into the wall.

Race ended on one of the 4 cautions with total of 15 laps under yellow. Vincent Viney was able to bring it to the checkered in first with Art Seeger and Kyle Meeks close behind in 2nd. and 3rd. place.
Micheal Palmer sat on the pole with a 29.964 and fast lap of the race was Kyle's 30.089.

Great job to the whole MZR Team! Special thanks to Terry Belanger for the time he spent on the setup for the race,trucks handled great!
Video for the race in post #3 of this thread.

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We will be running a fixed setup for race tonight built by Kyle.

Track temp will be 65 deg. 0 RH,2 mph wind and clear skies.

Fuel load back to 100% due to race bumped up to 80 laps from 60.


Don't forget it will be broadcast live.


Practice will stop about half way through for short drivers meeting then we will resume practice so it doesn't interfere with the live stream.


Good Luck Team Mod Zoo Racing.

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If I don't make it due to work, I'll be watching online.  Good luck everyone!


PS Can we get the Corvette series points updated?

Thanks for the heads up I thought I had it updated!

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Another great turn out for the truck race at Dover. The one mile track held true to it's nickname the "Monster Mile"!
The concrete surface proved hard on tires and concrete wall were equally hard on the fenders, Marc recovered nicely from an early indecent to lead the final segment of the race but his tires just couldn't take the punishment required to hold off Kyle and Nathan's run to the finish line.

Great well deserved win goes out to Kyle Meeks with Nathan and Brandon following 2nd and 3rd place. Nathan put on a great charge at the end to try and take over the lead but rubbed the wall on last lap killing his drive out of the corner.

Great job to the entire Mod Zoo Racing Team!

Sorry for some reason screen shots are no longer working on my PC....when I get it fixed I will update it here.



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We have decided to shorten the Corvette season to make room for the Nationwide 12 week season.

Please look at the updated Corvette schedule.


Also the GT3 season will be move to Sat. evening after the 4 race Gen6 All Start series is over. It will start on June 21st.

The GT3 series will be open setup on all vehicles.

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Texas Race #5

Another great turn out for the MZR Truck series. Drivers were turning insane lap times last night with the iRacing fixed setups! Kyle sat on pole with a 29.315. 

Very tight racing all night long on a tough track that doesn't allow for easy passing. Track position is crucial! 


Kyle took that to the bank for the win with Micheal and Len close behind for the top 3 positions.


I would like to thank all the ModZoo drivers for a very clean race with only 3 cautions (one caused by me). 


See everyone in California next week!


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Auto Club Speedway Race #6


What a great turn out for the tricky track in California! 27 drivers unloaded trucks to prepare for battle on the 2 mile long track with speeds and lap times that were VERY fast with the cool overcast day at the track.


Kyle sat on pole with a 41:089.

Only 4 cautions were posted in the long 80 lap event.

Kyle Meeks crosses finish line first with Len McNeese and JD Reyes following  closely for second and third place. 


It was a full house with 2 announcers in the booth along with 2 officials running race control to handle penalties.



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Phoenix: Race #7

Well what can be said about Phoenix....What a mess of a race it turned out to be.

The short track proved to be a hand full for most of the drivers with the loose conditions on the old blacktop surface. Lap times were very fast but trucks were snappy loose and could be very unpredictable exiting the turns.

Kyle Meeks qualified 1ST. with a 28.578 with the entire field of 27 following with less than 1 sec between all the drivers.

The race ended up with 18 lead changes and 56 laps under the 14 caution flags!

Congrats to Mark Robertson for the win with Dwayne Dunn and Jamie Bullard for 2nd and 3rd.

Every single driver was involved in some sort of incident and most with several.

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All the haulers head off to the mid-west state of Kentucky.

Another full field of drivers ready for the 85 lap race. Race started out with an early caution leaving drivers and crew chief scratching their heads on pit strategy.


Kyle Meeks sat on pole once again for a total of six so far this season,but fast doesn't always guarantee a win.

Nathan Miller was relentless with his quest for the top spot all night with a fierce battle with Dwayne and Kyle lap after lap.


Race was caution filled with a total of 8 burning up 32 laps in total, along with 13 lead changes.


Marc Nichols was probably the biggest mover of the night after getting caught up in early crash. He started back of the field and finally worked himself up to front row with an eventual finish in fifth place. Nice Job Marc!


Were getting down to the wire with only 3 races left in the season.

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Off to Iowa for the 120 lap night race with 29 drivers entered. Racing was fierce all night that generated 8 cautions with 40 laps under yellow.


After 3 hours of testing all the crew chiefs agreed on a setup provided by the "White Lightning" Team driven by Terry Belanger and what a great setup it was,especially on the long runs.

Cool temps. along with night race proved a big help on tire wear.


Pole and fast race lap of the day was set by Teddy Wisniewski with a 23.223 and 23.324. He was untouchable during the race until a storm proved to much for his connection.


That left several drivers fight for the lead.


Graham Hood finally took the top spot with great pit and tire strategy. Marc Nichols held on for second with Brock Hubble challenging hard for his position.



1st. Graham Hood



2nd. Marc Nichols



3rd. Brock Hubble



Rudy with Max Speed TV was back with us streaming the event live.


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Only two races left in the Official Mod Zoo truck series.

The season finally will be 200 laps at Homestead,that should make for a wild race.


Tracks for next season have been decided on,we will also be using a 3rd. party scoring system. It will include points for top qualifier,leading a lap and most laps lead.


Max Speed TV has bee contracted for the new 12 week season and will be streaming all of them live.

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Welcome to the Rock!!
28 drivers showed up for today's race. The cool temps and a great setup by the white lightning team allowed for some great lap times.
Pole was set by Nathan Miller with a blistering 23.654. The race had 9 cautions for total of 36 laps under yellow.
Kyle Meeks brought his Miller Fortune truck across the line just ahead of JD Reyers for the win, with Dwayne Dunn rounding up the top three.
Jamie Bullard was the big mover of the race starting 27th and brought her home for a fifth place finish.

1st. Kyle Meeks
2nd. JD Reyers
3rd. Dwayne Dunn

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