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Mayhems Blitz Cleaning Kits

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Well its been a while since i posted. So a few product updates ..
First off we have Mayhems Blitz Cleaning system of which there are two versions.
Mayhems Blitz Pro
Mayhems Blitz Pro Cleaning System is the most comprehensive cleaning kit ever released for liquid cooling computers. It has been developed to clean your radiator’s better than new and leave your system in perfect condition. It even comes with an electronic pH test meter so you can check your levels and keep up with regular maintenance on your system. Part 2 of the system is for the whole PC and will clean remove any Poopadilly you have in there. Its fantastic for cleaning out Aurora :)IMG_5817.jpg
Mayhems Blitz Basic


Mayhems Blitz Basic is a whole system flush that is pH Neutral and comes with everything you need to flush out your whole system. Unlike the pro version it comes with pH test strips to check your pH levels.
Mayhems Aurora has been updated and is being rolled out once old stock has gone first. The new Aurora will last alot longer the old one and has a new chemical formula that helps it suspend much better and protect you system better. The particles are a lot smaller passing through filters easily and without any issues. We still recommend you only use it with tube reservoirs for the moment. [

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Yeh we did send some over to PPC in USA how ever they were rejected first time at customs due to a error in the documentation. Were redoing all the docs and trying again this week.

As for Aurora improvements each batch is getting better and better as we've been constantly improving Aurora and id say were now on Aurora Ver 2.4, Its been rolling out since Jan so many shops now have it in.

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Yeh the Ones in PPC are not as strong as the original UK versions due to shipping regs to the USA how ever they still are just as effective :).


Toby was given a kit to check over hopefully hes happy :)

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