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Bitfenix "Inspired by Nature"

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Very nice work. The motherboard looks fantastic now, and back lighting the bamboo looks sweet. Maybe blue with something to make it shimmer/move to make it look like a bridge over a stream lol


Cool idea, but I don't really like it to combine 2 different colored LED's in one build. And since this is what i already got I think I'll keep it this way ;P But thanks!


Love the build.  The whole design concept and the materials give it a feng shui look . . . very nice.






Haha yes, it came out great so far.


Loving how this is coming along.  Great stuff.


Thank you!

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@ ianovski    have you ever heard of an Architect/Artist from the early 19 hundreds , era Art Nouveau called Frank Lyoyd Wright ( aka FLW) . his buildings sculptures and art were all based on nature. Also Charles Rennie Mackintosh. If not well worth a look. Some interesting stuff happening here. welldone..

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This is seriously cool! I have a question, mounting the Motherboard to wood... how do you screw in the little mounting posts? it seems like it would strip the wood easily? is there a trick?

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I was just looking through my older threads and I came to the shameful realisation that I never actually posted the final shots for this build… The silly thing is, I do have a couple of final pictures and the mod has already been disassembled.


Soooo, long overdue, THE FINAL PICTURES!























That was it. Final pictures from this mod that started like 5 years ago. Still really satisfied with how it turned out, I just love bamboo. Anyway, let me know what you think and be sure to check out my latest mod:


I’ll be uploading the final pictures and a video for that one soon!



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On 1/10/2019 at 12:31 AM, Bill Owen said:

sweet layout, really makes you look again, and again!

Thank you Bill. And yes, my goal was to make people look twice!


On 1/10/2019 at 4:04 PM, Mosquito said:

haha I thought this one looked familiar when Bill shared it!  It looks good :)

Haha thanks! It has been a while ago I must admit 😛 Could you tell me where Bill shared this?

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