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Testing...Testing... @Kylevdm , our gracious fearless leader, and head of the Munkey Party, has offered me a place to host my pics. You might have noticed project logs all over going black thanks to Photobucket, who decided to take everyone's work hostage unless they pay for their premium package. For the time being I've set up my sleeping bag between his couch and the record cabinet. I'll be slowly rebuilding my logs, but for now, I need to get something up, right?


-IT WORKED..*cough* I mean, Here's one of those classy ghetto clamping jobs I'm famous for. I have a piston rod slipped over the vice screw, and it's wedged with a block of wood.


-Needless to say, it slipped a little in the mill, but a little filling and filing will fix that. Now I need to make a pcb for this. -oooh. ow.


-One more odd thing going on the case: This was once a sink drain. Here I'm epoxying the gaps between flat-brass-thing and round-tank-thing.


-In preparation for making a pcb, I've been shopping and surfin'. I've picked up a bunch of electronic components, some blank pcb board, and these microscopic buggers. I'm not sure how I'm going to zero something in the mill I can't see. I'd love to know how they cut flutes into a sewing needle.


-On a side note: I've finally found some accent material for my next project. (Yeah, like I'm going to get time to finish THIS project.) I picked this up from acrilex.com, and it wasn't cheap. Hey, I'd much rather spend my cash on this than spend $400 to have someone host a lousy 130 megs of pictures. 


-This stuff opens up a lot of possibilities. It reacts to light and background colors very differently. Most standard plexi colors dominate whatever you put it over. 

Unfortunately, I'm back on the clock. -New house with many problems. Unfortunately, I have project log repair to do as well.

Oh, and I gotta find my sponsor banners somewhere in 3600 pictures. Thanks for looking. 

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Hey, I'd much rather spend my cash on this than spend $400 to have someone host a lousy 130 megs of pictures

LOL I agree with that!


Looks like fun, glad to see you're back up and running

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I had to dig down DEEP to find this worklog! BOY am i glad i did :D

I had no idea you have been making amazing mods like this...... it's 100's mods within a mod :wub: I'm keen to see all your log now pls mate can you send me a direct  when your set up.

Not sure what the policy on bumping older logs... but this is sticky worthy! 

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Oops! a bump!

Thanks! :D I'm pretty sure I've seen your name around my logs. -A sticky in my own subforum. :lol: ...Maybe sticky Kyle's project..Hmm...

Essentially, If you see me here, it means I'm eating. I haven't had free time to do anything for months.

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Hi... remember me? Me neither! 

I thought I should try to get something up before the one-year mark hit again. It's been a constant combo of perfectly timed vacancies and natural disasters. The problem is I only have time to do little bits. I'm at a spot where to move forward, I have to tear the main assembly down. That's something that would require a lot of time, and there's no telling when I would be able to put it back together, or even if I would remember HOW. 


-One thing I did was grind some more vents in the tank.


-I decided something I could do was distraction  , er... another experimental/proof of concept reservoir. You know, something that can be done a few minutes a day for a month. -Enter this scented candle jar.


-It has this nice lip on it that could easily seat an O-ring. Since it's glass, silicone would work great too, I just need a cap I could port. The red thing is a sanding disc made from 180 grit wet/dry sandpaper, and some soft plastic. 


-I made the sanding disc to get rid of the unwanted bumpy stuff on the jar. I sunk this in a tub of water, and ground this down with a dremel extension wand. Respirator and goggles were used, since breathing broken glass dust sounded like a bad idea. The submersion took care of dust well, but there was definitely splashes of glassy water.


-The plastic disc worked for a while, but it wasn't strong enough. Something like a lacquered bit of leather would have worked better for a backer. This was working too, but I got in a hurry and used a grinding wheel instead. That made little divots and gouges in the glass I could never clean up. The plan was to sand this down and polish it, but as an experiment I've done enough. 


-Here's a cheapo alternate that would work: Mate the jar in PVC with a ton of silicone glue. Glue on the lip, (or twist-top threads,) would keep it from popping apart under pressure.  


-This is the test fit I did on the part right after milling. 


-Here it is silicone glued to the cap with retaining clamps in place. I added a little glue to the clamps for a better hold. If I wasn't in slob-mode, I could clean the excess glue off with mineral spirits.


-There you go! A simple ghetto-reservoir ready for a plastic brain with wires sticking out of it. Your favorite alcohol bottle, or one of Mom's vases is calling kids!

I guess I could make something like this on the outside of the turnip, space allowing.


-One last bit off the dusty camera: The holiday gag-gift. I had a list of albums I was having trouble finding. Here's one I got ...zipped to floppy. ...5 1/4" floppy...

Thanks again to my very patient sponsors.





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lol interesting way to get an album


Cool to see progress, almost inspires me to mod something again 😛

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Ha, I know exactly what you mean.  I've got quite a few ideas I'd love to do for scratch builds, and 4 mods I wanted to do with cases I have 😞 

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