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I have been threatening to do a salvage build for some time now. I've lost track of how many times I was asked why I was named "cheapskate." I swear! Do a few high-budget builds, and everyone forgets the cardboard bear.
Sadly, my stockpile of old denim that I had saved for "ghetto carbon fiber" disappeared when I wasn't looking, so I will resort to metals. I have a fair amount of stainless steel thingamabobs, and lots of aluminum. It's quite possible everything including the kitchen sink will be used, (as I have at least five of those at the moment.)
The plan this time around is just to use as much junk as possible. The first option will always come from my garage, or my attic, or the woods behind the subdivision.
There's going to be hammering too! :D I love to beat the shit out of stuff with hammers. This will be a very therapeutic project.
-I settled on this sucker for my primary container. I'm hoping to chop it down as much as possible. This is an old stainless steel soda syrup container. I'm sure anyone who follows me knows I pick up weird stuff from vacant houses. It's unbelievable what you find sometimes, and you have to wonder what they were smoking to steal/keep one of these. 
-Wait, I kept it... What was I smoking?
-The first thing that had to happen was the heavy rubber end had to come off. I wanted something vaguely BOMB-like for the look, and that squared tail wasn't working. I had to sharpen the chisel anyway, so some heavy rubber chipping happened.
-I made a glorious mess. :D The pliers were because I found the rubber could be torn easier than it could be cut.
-I had to switch to a rasp closer to the metal.
-After an attack with the sander, I found metal. As soon as I saw that seam I was worried it would look like a thingy. I appropriated a few aluminum pans for possible re-cladding.
- I have to get inside somehow, so I chopped the top off. Here I've hack sawed a start just above the top weld seam. This promptly went outside as it was already smelling like a drag race.
For using the jig saw, I made the mistake of sitting on the tank to keep it steady. .01 seconds of ultrasonic vibrations to my nethers later, I decided that was a bad idea. I also had to explain that the exclamation I made wasn't because I had cut myself to everyone in earshot. I did NOT tell them why I suddenly did a Rob Halford impersonation, though.
-This shot should have captured the white smoke of burning rubber wafting out of the tank. It didn't. :(
-It looks like I can fit a 650W power supply barely. I might look into small form factor power instead.
-There was some flower arranging, only with computer parts. I decided the radiator I had laying around was too big, so that's the first item I didn't get to use salvage for.
-I resorted to a cardboard mockup of a 2 x 140 radiator. I think I'll center two 120mm fans on that.
-Say hello to restaurant heat shield. Apparently, If enough people drop a part because it's hot, the welds on the shield break, and someone throws it away. :D It said it was hot. You would think they would know better with that big warning on it. A small eternity after this pic was taken, I drilled through the stainless steel rivets to remove the sign. -Tough little bastards! :(
-A little SMACKIN' with a ball-peen sledge, and it matches nicely. Big rubber doormats make a good anvil. I have a bit of microwave surround in the pic for possible use too.
-I drew up a fan hole and sawed. -and sawed. -and SAWED. Did I mention cutting the top off earlier dulled a NEW jig saw blade? I resorted to a hack saw since it was much quieter than ringing this big metal drum with a power tool.
-No, that's not a reference to my earlier junk oscillation.
-It took forever to dremel a start hole in the flat cuts. I had to use one of these horrible things: a hack saw blade holder. It's amazing how many times you can bend a blade without it breaking.
-Like this, I can have the radiator flush against the inside wall, and have more room for other stuff. Bending was done with a really big crescent wrench.
-Here's the other reason to use only 120mm fans: They fit the heat shield perfectly. :D With a little slap, she fit and stayed in place with a friction fit.
-That's where I'm at now. I have nothing lined up for hardware, and only a vague fuzzy feeling about where I'm going with the design. I gotta make stuff FIT first. Looks come after.


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You are so PG-rated. :D

I need to dig out some junk. -Well, it's not all junk. I'm cheating a bit since I will need some plexiglas, but I'm sticking to what I have already!


That's my rule this time: Do not spend 2 grand on materials! -er, I mean work with what you have.

-and no wood. That's too easy.

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But...but...but...if you fill your tube with all sorts of crap, what's going to happen to our steel drum band? 


You better find a good spot to put the Hot Surface sign on.  Can't let that go to waste.

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*snip* The whole house looks like a drunk ten year old painted it too. :(


Ah yes -- I know that look quite well, like our house was painted when we bought it.  That crap was the 1st to go before we even moved in.  I referred to it as the 'Technicolor Ejaculation'.

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Hard to work on a house when the toilets are in the garage. I'm not a fan of peeing in the shower.

This poor house is one that had someone ready to move in before I could finish painting every time I was working on it, so parts of it haven't been painted since it was built.


@Eelio- :lol: I've had that problem once or twice. fire engine red and neon green seem to be favorites. There's also been pink/red sponge applique, neon yellow with doodles, One room with green, red, purple, and orange walls. I also had a house painted dark brown to match the floors and woodwork. You couldn't see to navigate in it with the lights on and all the blinds open.

This time they painted over the doors and trim completely, and did a half-assed job wiping it off. There's even hand prints in it. -Like some kind of Bioshock texture.



@Loose - I'd love that, but I'm tethered here.:( (No, not with one of those electric ankle bracelets that seem so fashionable among deadbeat tenants...)

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Most of what I've done so far is digging out tons of random metal bits I've saved. Things would go faster if I kept this kind of stuff in ONE PLACE. There's been a lot of mulling over what to use them for, and lots of attempts to jigsaw parts together.
-Earlier last month there was Desk-a-palooza, a massive migration of office furniture. Five staplers, four scotch tape dispensers, and a jillion of those magnetic-topped paper clip holders later, I got a desk space I could photograph for the first time. The rest of the room is still filled with spare desks, sadly.  I think I'll make a chain mail suit with the paper clips later...
Don't laugh at my high-spec monitor.
-I've set aside some candidates for power switches.
-I've opted for a lawnmower piston for the power button housing. I'm going to try to seat it Dalek-style on the tank.
-To work out the shape of the cut, I used some index cards and some scotch tape. I had plenty around to burn through.
-That's a good start. I traced the line onto the piston next.
-I found a mystery box at my door the other day. This one didn't tick, thankfully. I'd really like to know who keeps sending me clocks.
-Yay! Bubble wrap! It will take me a month to pop all this. :D
-No! Monkey! Not again!
-Ah...Anyway, There was some nifty Swiftech kit in the box. This 140mm x 2 radiator will fit the tank nicely, and allow me to chop about five inches off the tank. There's a greasy spot where my nose touched it. -Gotta love that fresh paint smell. :D
-There was also the new MCP50X pump.
-It's almost the same footprint as the DDC, although just a hair bigger. The height is noticeably taller to this dead DDC I wired backwards that one time. :(
-Warranty-voided. :lol: I was planning on mounting the top reverse cowgirl anyway. These are a complete redesign, so no aftermarket DDC tops for you. These are using a ceramic shaft and have a lot tighter fit that the free-floating DDC impeller. I'm awfully tempted to make a new top anyway. I think I can. :D
-The impeller is seated on nylon bushings. It looks like this setup allows for a lot more electromagnet. The intake is huge compared to the DDC too. The open impeller means I could change the shape of the intake a bit if I made a custom top.
-Also there was-Holy cow! how did they fit that in the box? There's a million baggies with color plates, TIM, AMD chip brackets, and 2011 mounting screws. -Wait... socket 2011 screws. there's only 4.
The Apogee XL in all it's shiny guts glory. The top's light box can be changed with the included plates in primary colors. I think I'll be making a cover of my own since I stumbled onto a sale of unique colored plexiglas. -I told myself no more plexiglas. :( I think I have an addiction.
-Must...resist... The inevitable dismantling to see the guts will have to wait too.
-Back to that Radiator. Seating this in the tank is the critical bit. I plan to have the components assembled as a single part that slides in the tank over the fans. This plate salvaged from an x-ray machine Is a perfect start for a subframe. (Again, it's amazing what you find in vacant houses.)
-Here's the first fan I mounted...
-Now a bit of plastic to represent the seating surface...
-The plastic is a little thick, I think I can get the radiator even closer to the sides of the tank. It's hard to tell. I can't exactly fit my head in there to see. -I tried. :(
-Then our X-ray aluminum on top.
-I dug out some PSU heatsinks that fit over the plate perfectly. I can use these for seating the frame in the tank, and building the motherboard support.
I'd like to say thanks to Brian and everyone at Swiftech for their support. I'll try not to disappoint. :D

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You have seen only a tiny bit of my scrap collection.


I've found a little of everything at this point if you include foreclosure clean outs. I have a stack of useless high-end A/V equipment that includes a couple of $10,000 dvd up-scalers. -Can you say, "obsolete?"

Industrial helium cylinder,

bariatric hospital bed,

$1000 vacuum and a steam cleaner,

a dismantled '70 mustang,

many fishtanks and lawn mowers, including that damn lobster tank,

several working computers,

drill press, many, many tools, really.

a large stockpile of wood trim, 

deli meat slicer, -etc. people leave crock pots and stuff because it's easier than cleaning them.

a pile of old game consoles,

a flood-damaged china cabinet we restored,

some of those giant pre-flatscreen tvs,

engine blocks,

a stockpile of nails and screws that I still haven't burned through after 15 years

enough concrete blocks to build my own safehouse,

antique glassware and tons of expensive nick-knacks. Divorce-related foreclosures/evictions yield either a ton of guy stuff, or chick stuff.

x-ray control unit. -I wish I was the one to dismantle that. It had some awesome bits.

a dremel knock-off

new 8 ft ladder

miter saw

a ton of empty plastic tool boxes.

gunpowder and shotgun reloading stuffs.

8 ft steel workbench


and a ton of stuff i forgot.

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...Bar Mitzvah party supplies, Mormon emergency food stocks, a bench vise...

We also got an Iron BBQ smoker that was so huge, we left it on the property. It's probably 8 ft. long.


Anyway, I decided the color scheme should be dark blue and dark purple. I'm going for something in the indigo range.

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Ah, some monkey edited my log start. I suspect AMD are on board. :D
-New colors from Delvie's. They are great edge-effect materials, but not very strong backlit. I'm going with my stockpile of dark blue and purple.
-This little hacksaw is great for complex cuts. I had a little trouble when the pads rubbed my marks off.
-At this point, I switched to a file.
-The desk just keeps getting worse. Anyone for some cast floppy frames? :lol: I never found that cache of brass plates. I did find 6 more dead harddrives, though.
-I'll leave you with a hint. Session one of four and parked on the zero so I can come back later. I had the spindle geared way up, and I think I got 30weight and chips in my hair.

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This is wild man! Awesome stuff! Cheers on the swiftech hookup! I am really enjoying the gear I am using from them. I didnt know there was a 50x pump..interesting, I got the mcp35x2, the double ddc one. Anyway I will continue watching this awesome sauce unfold!

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Thanks. :D

@Rkmapz- I'm working for awesome. Things might get crazy in the process. I could miss awesome altogether and just get crazy.

@Orange -The MCp50x is friggen heavy. The magnet is crazy-big for little G1/4 outlets.

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