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@EEEEEL- I'm just glad it happened on a small part.



-A SFF PSU gives me enough room for a reservoir and the new card. I need to do some drawing and some shopping.

Oh, no! windows 8? :lol:


Pump placement will depend on what I can get to fit in the can.

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You know, I didn't even know AMD had SSDs... learned something new.

And on the wrong side thing, after I spent about 3 hours making the saw handle for one of my handsaws I made, I then proceeded to drill the right sized hole on the wrong side lol It happens

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That's why they make washers. -To hide your shame. :D


Made my night.




Your logs are a blast to read Cheaps and congrats on the spawnsers.

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I should illustrate my point:
-Imagine dremelling a Jamaican steel drum, a really loud one. I managed to get the neighbors' dogs across the street upset and howling even though we were inside our houses with the doors and windows closed. -That loud. After about five minutes of that I had enough cut to fit a hacksaw blade. Even using a hand saw on this sucker was loud. I put on some full-ear headphones and some metal, (It seemed appropriate,) and got to hacking. I was totally deaf to the world. I could barely hear the music.
Anyway -The metal is under tension. When the end was cut free, it went, "POING" and flattened out a bit. I will have to make some braces for between the fans to keep the tube round probably.

-Much sawing later, I was ready to bend. I use this monster crescent wrench and bend it a little at a time.
-There was an awkward bit where I jammed the end of the wrench in the carpet, balanced the tank in the other end by one of the tabs, and hammered the bend. Next I put the fan on top of the tabs and scratched the hole positions with a needle file. -No pics of that. It would take four hands. :( Despite what the rumors say, I don't have opposable thumbs on my feet.
-Hey, three out of four isn't bad, right? This could be a THEME for this build.
-I need to get the old hole banged into shape now. Drilling this material isn't a picnic either. I killed the battery with a new metal-cutting bit.
-Ooooh look what I found! :) Not the drill. I think it can be rewired. I was cleaning the HELL out of the garage and found this seized fan clutch. The voices tell me some of it would look really good on the end of my tank. I just gotta figure out how they come apart. I bet a sledgehammer would be the fastest way to pop the back off, though. It certainly sounds like the most fun way.

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My jig saw was very loud cutting some thick copper at 3am, after I got done I put a metal blade in it instead of the wood one I was using? Amazingly it was actually cutting pretty good or I might have noticed. Ah sleep deprived Modding. That clutch might weigh enough to turn that into a weeble. That will actually look cool with a bit of your magic.

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Looking good Cheeps. I had to do a dbl take on that Gigabyte board, I like it. Quite an aggressive looking 'lil beast. Nice of them to include the extra goodies.. and that SSD had me "say what, huh, who" as well. I learned not to be impatient about anything with your build logs. Haha. Seems like whenever you make a major oopsie, it turns into some other idea that turns into another idea. That's the fun of your build logs too.

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Thanks, everyone.:D

@Onevoice - It won't weigh much when I get done with it. I can confirm you can't sledge the center out too. My hearing took another hit from that session. I needed something for venting the front mounted powersupply. -Can't have it dumping heat into the rig.

@Loose - No major oopsies this time, but a constant stream of minor ones that really irritate.

@mattshotcha - I caused a permanent brain fart!:D Score one for team cheap.

@Monkeyfan- :) Glad you like it.

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I don't really post here, often ... sort of fell out of the modding world a couple years back ... but this mod reminds me of the "good old days" of modding.  Truly classic, and full of vision (though what that vision is ... no idea. :)


I'm definitely tracking this.

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I don't really post here, often ... sort of fell out of the modding world a couple years back ... but this mod reminds me of the "good old days" of modding.  Truly classic, and full of vision (though what that vision is ... no idea. :)


I'm definitely tracking this.

]:^)> THIS! though I don't post here as often as I should, just don't have the time to keep up  damnit... I would hope you [Jon] check out others here, just to encourage them. Else, something good my pass into obscurity. Modding. We need peeps like Cheeps, others, to keep this insanity alive. No mfgr will ever replace the modder. They build new products because of them, and their ideas. Modders shape the industry more than all else. me pennies.

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I was just bragging elsewhere that I can now cross my garage without opening the door. :lol: Anyone driving past can only see a wall of 5 gallon paint buckets, though. I built a fort.



-I thought I might try putting in all 4 fan screws at the same time on that one that looked off. It turns out the mount and fan were just tweaked. I also got a fan in the first hole. I gave up on using a cordless drill on this stuff. I'm thinking I should try to put a speed chuck on a corded drill someday. Life would be perfect then.[/ramble]


-I need to trace the fan edge on the cover while it's mounted. I dug out some OLD spare drafting lead...


-and snapped off an inch of one to get under this edge.


-Then I traced the fan holes with the same stuff. 


-I drilled the holes using a block of wood to avoid chipping.


-Once I had the first fan mounted, I pulled one screw out of the other, traced the hole, replaced the screw, and repeated the process until I had all of them traced. It seems to have worked. I think I'm getting better results working by hand than I am with the CNC. :(


-My ad hoc circle machine.


-I cut those out with a scroll saw. -No point in a fancy grill between the fan and radiator.


-I don't have a gnarly sink anymore, so I made this file "table". I'm using a Chinese bastard file. -Apologies to any fatherless Chinese reading...


-On an unrelated note: Really, Sears? It's bad enough you charged me $9 to ship a bit of plastic the size of a quarter, and charged sales tax on said shipping, but to have look like this when it only came from Dallas? Oh, and why did it take 2 weeks to get to the post?

You suck. You obviously know you suck, so go bankrupt already and spare us from your proprietary spare parts.


-Ahem, ANYWAY.... I cut a bunch of brackets once I figured out how thick the metal was.


-Oh, Yeah! :D Apparently, I can still measure stuff. These will mount the radiator to the outside, and everything else will mount to the radiator.


-More wacky shapes. This is a bit of scrap polycarbonate I've had for a while. Some of this was used on the last 'Toad upgrade. Unfortunately, I need something to else cover my nightstand now.


-Is it starting to make sense yet? This is a little snug. The tank isn't perfectly round, presumably from monkeys throwing it at a little plumber for years.

I should mention a few groups that made this possible. :D





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-I drilled and tapped the polycarbonate blocks to mount to the rad grill. For a good laugh, watch the carpet go south during this log.


-I mentioned needing a corded drill with a speed chuck earlier. My corded drill collection are all 0-10,000 rpm in a second, and dismantling 2 drills to maybe make one good one seemed silly. I have two late '80s-ish cordless drills that were absolute beasts, but try buying batteries for something more than 3 years old. I'm too lazy to solder up new battery packs for them, so I dug around for a good 12v transformer to wire them to. The biggest non-laptop brick was only .9amp, so it was too weak to drive screws. I ended up using a 6 amp laptop brick. The downside is the surge protection kicks in if you pull the trigger to fast. It's still better than a battery dying after tapping one hole.


-Aw, yeah. :D I still can't believe how well that worked.


-Since the rad grill was a little crooked, :unsure: (OK, very crooked,) I had to shave a little off some of the brackets on the part that touched the radiator.


-I got the tapped brick and the bracket lined up and fused them together. -Or tried to. I ended up with a massive air pocket in the middle, and only the edges sealed.


-SHOCK! It still bolts on.


-The Silverstone SFF PSU arrived. I'd have liked it to be packed a little better, -especially since amazon tossed it in the bottom of a huge box with a couple of plastic pillows. It's not even impact-friendly cardboard.


-It comes with a bracket that gives you an idea how much difference there is from ATX form factor. I'll use this for a bracket template.


-That's not GabeN's arm, It's just the camera angle. I need a bracket to mount to the bracket...bracket.



-I need to wrap-around the back of the psu. I have some extruded angle brackets that I can use. Here I'm cutting one in half with the mill.


-Remember the power button piston head? Since the drill was out of it's cave, I tackled the button holes.


-PIG NOSE. :D Here I'm in the process of working up to a 1/2" bit. Of course, the 1/2" bit is a...pig and ripped the part free, etc. -That stuff always happens at the very last step. :lol:


-Nothing says your countersink has reached the end of it's life quite like the oil turning into that stuff in the bottom of your oil filter. I guess I'll have to move to abrasives.

-Time to sweep the carpet.

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