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Scrap Laptop Cooler Challenge Build

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One lazy Tuesday I finally get a day off work until I get this text from a good friend of mine (who's clearly been watching too many Mission Impossible movies the night before):




Dropped what I was doing and dove into this little project. Planning was mostly as I went along - Accuracy, measuring and straight lines were done with a good hand and a steady eye ;-)














Given the fact that I had 3 hours from the time of the text to be sitting in the pub with the finished product I'm pretty happy with my results.


The fan is so silent I had my doubts it was doing much, although I've been told it's reduced the running temperature by about 10 degrees celsius. It's actually one I had sitting around from a Cooler Master case. I de-soldered the 3 pin from the fan and soldered on a usb connection I had sitting around. This gives the option of having the fan on or off by unplugging it. 


I was second guessing myself if I should just cut holes for the air flow or drill like I did; but knowing John - while it's not in use for a laptop it could be used as anything from a shoe stand to an apple slicer if he could use it as one. I decided the fan would be safer to just drill millions of holes. Having a standing table drill made easy work of it.


Everything - including paint, metal, fans, wiring, rivets etc. were all just spares I had laying around. This got me thinking - if I put my mind to it, what else could I come up with?


John actually won a weekend away in work and he's passing it on to me as I was sitting in the pub with nearly 10 minutes to spare. 





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