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Recomended Plastic supplies UK

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I've used Trent plastics in the past and don't have a bad word to say about them. good choice of different acrylics and fast delivery. after first finding them on fleabay, the next time i used them I ordered direct. no price difference, but at least they didn't have to cough up paypal/ebay fees. 


I'm oop north in Manchester so for super quick service I use GJplastics in Radcliffe Manchester. Delivery time isn't as quick as Trent but It's not far from me, so if I need it double quick I can ring an order in and it's usually ready by the time I get there.


I've also used Hindleys over in Sheffield. it's an arts and crafts supplier and stocks a load of stuff you didn't even know you needed :D

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I have the same thing with WatercoolingUK when I want PC parts and delivery costs more than the part, they're only a couple of miles away but they only do online. It's the same with Dabs up in Bolton. You can see it across the carpark from Scan's shop, but you have to order from them online. Or maybe they pull the shutters down when they here me coming  :o

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http://www.sheetplastics.co.uk are very good too. I've ordered from them multiple times. They always turn out to be the cheapest (for me anyway) even including shipping costs at £40 to Ireland, it's here next day. They cut to whatever size you want and have a huge selection.


If you think materials shops (ie. plastics, sheet metal etc.) are hard to get in the uk, it's non existent here in Ireland.

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