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Otis Fatz

Super Cobra GT 5.0

Hey guys, welcome to my personal rig build update thread.

All of you will be the first to know all the things going on with this build.

my client loves Ford Cobras, especially the new 2010+ models. Of course he owns one too.

With that also came the idea of a theme for his PC case. Super Sport. Go Big or Go home.

Well... he went BIG.


Parts Bought:

1x Cooler Master Cosmos II Case

1x Asus Rampage IV Extreme

1x Intel 3930k

4x Evga GTX 680 Classified's

1x Evga SuperNova Nex1500

1x 32Gig Corsair Dominator Platinum 1866

1x Custom Quad SLI Bridge Cover (Coming Soon)

20x Cooler Master Excalibur Fans

1x Lamptron FC Touch 30w - 6 Channel

1x Asus Xonar Essence STX

2x Seagate 3Tb Barracuda XT HDD

1x Samsung 830 Series 256Gig SSD

LG Black Internal 12x Super Multi Blue with 3d Playback Blu-Ray


4x Evga GTX 680 Classified Hydro Copper water block's

4x Evga GTX 680 Classified Backplates

2x Koolance Radiator 2x120mm

1x Koolance CPU-370 (Cpu) Rev1.1

1x Koolance Radiator, 4x120mm

2x Phobya Balancer 150 Silver Nickel

1x EK-FB Kit RE4 Nickle + Acetal CSQ

2x Masterkleer Tubing PVC 19/13mm UV Reactive White

1x PPC's Dual Uber 655 Fully Modded D5 Water Pump (Dual Loop)

2x Bitspower Universal Ram Module Water Cooling Set for 4 Banks

2x Bitspower HDD Acetal Liquid Cooling Block - Matte Black Top

16x Koolance Swiveling Angle Fitting, Single

3x Koolance Dual VID Connector, Adjustable 1 Slot Spacing

8x Koolance Nozzle Coupling Adapter, Male-Female, 20mm

5x Monsoon Free Center Compression


1x Ducky Shine II Keyboard

1x Tt e-Sports Level 10 Mouse

1x Astro A50 Wireless Headset

1xHP Photosmart 7510 CQ877A

1xCorsair Gaming Audio Series Sp2500

1x Asus RT-AC66u Dual Band Wirless Router

3x CrossOver Led-P 2560x1440 Monitors

1x Gino 5 Pcs 24 Pins Flat Ribbon Cables AWN 20624 80C 60v VW-1

1x Hoter PCI-Express 1x Riser Card with Flexible Cable

3x ModMyToys 3-Pin Power Distribution PCB - 5 Way Block

KTA325B - Black Triple Horizontal Array

KTA1028B - 28inch Pole Black

KTA1002B - Black Free Stand Base

Sanus Systems EF24 Euro Foundations (Black) 24 inch model

for this build i had to send the case to my brother he paints custom cars and would love to do this paint job .



Stay Tuned more to come...

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I thought ROUSH Racing / Mustang Custom and Mod shop might like this one so I forwarded a few links.

Hell they may order one too...

Big O' you have the touch Bro. I've used a few of your techniques esp the Tube sleeving, your a up standing bro with a supercharged turbo for a mod brain. I'm in, SUB'd.

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Whats up all sry i've been going through a lot of personal stuff and haven't mod doing any modding or keeping up with my worklogs anyway her are the rest of the Cobra build pics .




Hope you like and i'm starting to do some mods again and i must say there is so killer mods going on in the zoo keep up all the great work .

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Beautiful job! Ford Should actually take pictures of the mustang next to your case instead of the other way around ! I'm pretty sure your build could take it. :P  Welcome home! to The Mod Zoo

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Wow that is one sick build - seeing as I love cars and computers it's never a bad thing to mix them both together!


Also Otis Fatz welcome to the Mod Zoo!


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Thank you!

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very fun build to do for m very fun build to do for my client


Well from what I've seen him post on other forums he really loves it. Great job.

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