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Build Log: "The Ghost of Sparta"

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The Ghost of Sparta


Introduction: I'm new to this forum and it seems like a great place to showcase something we all love, case modding. I've always done small mods to pretty much anything I own and decided it's time to showcase stuff. While the idea of this log is to showcase the build, I have something a little different thrown into the mix. The building fo the case will be somewhat of a story. Don't want to ruin details of it, but it'll have a medieval based theme, hence the ghost of sparta title.


System Specs:


i5 4670k (would like to go x99 in future, when funds allow it)
Asus z87 Pro (may change)
Corsair Vengeance LP 8gb ram

GPU: Undecided
Ultra X3 1000w PSU
Corsair 800D

Watercooling Equipment:

Swiftech Apogee HD white version
EK XTX 360mm
HWLabs Sr-1 240mm
MCP35X with EK Plexi Top
EK 400ml Reservoir

Primochill rigid tubing with ghost fittings


The Plan

I love everything spartan or medieval. I wanted a theme that was different yet interest me enough, so I chose the sparta theme. The reason I am calling it the ghost is due to the color scheme. I plan on having a white, light gray, dark gray theme with a possible few hints of red here and there.

The sigil or logo for this build will be a simple helmet. It will be something similar to the following image:


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Chapter One: Visions

Every great hero has one thing in common. visions. A glimpse of what will come to be. In this moment of thought, another heroic virtue emerges, plans. These plans fester inside their creators mind, until one day they are born.

With these words, we shine a light on to our hero. A quick handed blacksmith from the city of Thornewood. While not battling melting steel, our hero wages a war against boredom by joining in the cyber war. A war, where no blood is lost, but minds are shattered with the slightest click. A war, where teams of warriors join up to siege the enemies nexus and destroy their stronghold. A war, where only the bravest survive the game and climb the ladders of victory.

One lonely day, our hero was traveling home from work when he noticed an announcement. A tournament would be held to crown the greatest knight of the nexus. In this very moment, our hero had a vision. This vision would have him knighted and a member of the diamond table. From this vision, a plan was born. A plan that would create what every knight must have. Armor. After a night, the plan has began shaping into an object.


End of Chaper One.

So, hopefully this isn't completely retarded!  just trying to have a little fun and put a twist on building a custom pc. The following chapters for each section completed will vary in length. Some will be short and sweet! Some will be a tad bit longer! Mostly ones with multiple pictures will be longer.

Regarding the image above, this is the plan for redoing the exterior of the case. I am going to paint the outside a matte gray. The front will be remade to be more minimal and have fan cutouts for a 360mm rad. .

I was thinking about having the fan cut outs angled, but think straight like that looks better. The symbol on the bottom is the symbol from the spartan shield. I would have it backlit white. I am not sure if this will stay or not, or if I will do something else.

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Chapter Two: The Build Begins

With a glimpse into what would become the greatest weapon ever created, our hero set off to find the loot he needed to get started. Searching high and low for the perfect starting point, many pieces of armor were looked at. Our hero knew that not any piece would win the tournament, so he looked for his Excalibur, or more so, his diamond in the rough. After bartering for a new Corsair 750D, the hero felt as though it might not be quite enough. That's when he found it. the one...


The Corsair 800D. Although the item was used, our hero knew he could recreate it into the perfect piece of gear. Immediately, the young blacksmith went to work on his new loot. He started out by stripping then 800D of it's guts. He was left with the perfect shell of what would be known as "The Ghost of Sparta."


What will our hero do next? Only time will tell...

The End.

Started off with the 750D, but found a 800D for $85 and it came with four SP120's. This was the original case I wanted to use, but got the 750D in a trade. Glad I found the 800D. The same idea for outside of the case still applies to the 800D, so that plan doesn't change. Got the case completely disassembled. Started painting each piece, haven't got any pictures yet. Going to finish painting and start on the next mod for the case. The motherboard tray!

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Just some pictures to get something updated. It has rained every single weekend for the past month or I have had to work. If you notice, I got the frame painted and have started the acrylic for the inside. The shiny clear at the bottom will be sanded and painted a light gray and PSU cover and rest will be built atop it. I will have a skecthup in a next few days to show plans for custom tray, psu cover, SSD holder, etc. I love the white. I tried gray, but decided the white looked nicer with the gray being the accent color.











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