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Original Project Started: Oct., 2009

Status: Ongoing




If that statement means something to you or perhaps you have a sense of déjà vu, you may be a MSTie or perhaps have MSTie-like tendencies.  See, I'm a MSTie too.  And a hardcore one at that.  So hardcore that when my most favorite TV show of all-time was canceled (for good), I actually cried.  I'm not joking.  Yeah....laugh it up, wise-ass!  Anyways, that is how psychotic about the show I was.  

*stands up and hangs head in shame*

"My name is Jeremy, and I am a MSTie."

*muttering hello in loose unison*

I've built bots too.  Sad, huh?  I would be considered an ultimate dork when it comes to that.  I've watched every episode of the show repeatedly over the years, and when I'm down or depressed about whatever, I know I can rely on Joel/Mike and the bots to cheer me up.  They got me through some very dark years in my life.

I'm tackling a theme I've been wanting to do for years that's never been done properly before in a case-mod that I've ever seen.  Perhaps someone's tried, but nothing posted anywhere that I can find that's worth a squirt.  So, I present to you for your possible acceptance...a mod project dedicated to the greatest cowtown-puppet show that ever graced the boob-tube:  Mystery Science Theater 3000!

I'm building this for my younger brother, who doesn't know about it.  Mostly because he's deep in concentration (hopefully) at a university working on his last year there.  He doesn't have a computer either.  At least, one that's worth a turd.gif.  I think he's still on a skt. 478 celery.  :hehe:  That sucks, doesn't it?  I'm trying to fix that problem.  I don't have any hardware or anything, so I'm just concentrating on the case itself.  That's probably going to be it too, so who knows!

So let's get started, shall we?  :D  Have a seat in the theater!  Grab some popping corn.  Wrestle with your over-packaged candies so you annoy and irritate all the other movie-goers with the rustling sound of cellophane right at the moment when it's really really quiet.  :hehe:  Don't you hate that?  Me too!  It makes me want to lick a gummy-bear and toss it at the culprit.  Nah...not anymore.  Those days are over in fear of being thrown out.  Now, I just slash your tires!  Oh, wait--   ...nevermind.

"Join us, won't you?"

The chassis that I'm going to be tearing down and rebuilding is a long-extinct AMS CF-1006.  I've used this chassis many times before.  I had a small cache of them too when I bought a few for closeout prices, along with it's bigger brother, the CF-1009 (which I also have one left).  I'm down to my last CF-1006.  So I figured I'd do something as a 'swan-song' of sorts with it.  Some of you that know my past work know I tend to spend some time on things to make it right.  It's not a race, and I don't plan on changing that anytime soon!  I'm going for something fun this time.  Something that will bring a smile to my brother's face and perhaps some of you as well.  Me?  Well, I'm never happy with any of my mods, which is why I continue to pursue that 'perfect mod', which ironically doesn't exist.

I'm sort of taking the "Bill Owen" method here and attacking the case impromptu without much planning.  Although I do have a plan, sorta.  So I guess it's not like Bill.  Nevermind. :lol:  I have a basic outline of what I'm doing, but I keep changing my mind on stuff.  So I guess we'll see where things go, alright!  Stop pestering me!  :hehe:

Here's an early concept design on where I'm going with it...


Now, here's the actual case.  


I've used this particular case as a test-bed in the past; checking measurements on things, etc.  It's been used as a test-pig for a couple projects I can recall directly, like my Biohazard project for instance.  

First step, anyways, is to replace that crappy stock acrylic/aluminum front plate.  Yuck!

I decided finally that the background piece was going to be aluminum first, because it's nice and sturdy and strong like a good little boy that eats his veggies!  

Here's a concept drawing of it... 


I decided at the last moment I'd ditch the embedded rheobus and replace it with a couple rocker switches for lighting control instead.  I have a bad habit of thinking like the old-school watercooler that I am, so I'm always adding fan control stuff where it's just not needed.  This will most-likely be an aircooled rig, and considering the sheer size and capability of the fans being utilized, I just won't need fan control.  The mobo's capabilities are just fine for this.

Alright, on to the actual piece!  

Just prior to heading up north for a small hiatus/get-together with mod-god Bill Owen, I finished the design work on the plate so I'll have the files ready.  While up with Bill, we went by the machinist's place to take care of the plate real quick.  We had some other things to talk about with the machinist anyways, but nothing I have the authorization to speak about yet.  :D

Raw material on the bed...


And a few mins. later, there she is!


Man, look at all that 120mm fan punch-out scrap!  :hehe:  A lot of MNPCTech billet grills resulted from that stuff.


Anyways, here's the finished bezel.




What I wasn't prepared for was how close my measurements were in my design.  Sometimes I scare even myself!  :hehe:








Now, let's see how a 200mm fan will work there...  heh heh heh.


Now for some fun stuff!

The stock case unfortunately came with a window in it.  Normally I'd prefer to make my own.  Well, I decided I'd try to turn that frown upside down and roll with the punches.  :D


Let's see what kind of clearance on the backside of the panel I have...  Wow, that's close!  But perfectly fine.  Actually, I set the file up to make sure it fit right in the nook inside those rounded-metal guides.


And a little test-install here.  Threaded some 8-32 screws with some nuts on the backside to see how the panel looks.  


That's what I like to see!  Measurements all spot-on.



And finally, let's stick it back on the case and see how it roughly looks...  Yes!  And it's good!



Thank you to:
mnpc_bottomsponsor.png  xigma_bottomsponsor.png  ppcs_bottomsponsor.png

Thanks for watchin'!


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And the first log update to this log...update...log.  Yeah.

Alright, let's get to it, shall we?  

I love this case.  It's a solid well-built case.  Honestly, being the Lian Li whore I am, this thing is built better than anything Lian Li has ever put out.  I'm serious.  All rolled edges; clean build-choices, etc.  It's a real shame that AMS decided to ditch their aluminum ventures, because I can see some awesome potential in them.  Oh well.  

The stock case has a really cool HDD caddy.  Bill also has a love of this chassis and he's mentioned it before.  It's held in with four thumbscrews; two on each side top and bottom.  Simple yet strong system for holding it in.  I much prefer this method over all the trendy plasticy 'quick-release' junk that case manufacturers are touting nowadays.  Give me plain-jane 3.5 & 5.25 bays and mounting screws ONLY, thank you!  GRRRR!!!  :miffed:  :hehe:

Anyways, the HDD caddy.  Yes, the HDD caddy.  The stock case has a spot for a crappy 80mm fan up front and has just enough clearance for a 25mm thick fan.  The HDDs installed in the caddy would slide in and have a few millimeters of clearance between them and the 80mm fan.  But since I'm being difficult and ditching a majority of the stock chassis' front metal and dropping an 200mmx30mm fan in there, there isn't enough room for HDDs in that stock caddy.  It's a shame, but it's a necessity.  

Let's get to work.


After removing the thumbscrews, it slides right out of the base...


Just like that.


Here's the base.  Must remove it now.  Whaa.


Four pop-rivets holding it in, so let's drill those out real quick.


1/8" drillbit takes care of them really quick.


I'm saving this for another project.  No sense in ditching this; it's too cool!


Nice clean open area now, only it'll be even more open when I saw out the front, lol.


Hmmm...  I'm wondering about something.  I've been thinking about how to mount any HDDs my brother would theoretically use in this theoretical build.  How many?  And where?  Then I recalled a Lian Li HDD bracket that my buddy jhanlon303 sent to me a while back.  I prefer the latest version of LiLi's HDD bracketing system anyways, because of the simplicity of it and sound-deadening characteristics.  


Perfect!  I'll see if it's going to go there or not, but it looks good to me at this point.  Thanks a million, John!

Moving along, let's work on that stock stamped rear 120mm grill.  


Yuckeepoo.  Time to remedy that.


Quick rotary tool work on it fixes the problem.  Let the tool do the work; just like makin' love! :eeek:



There we go.  I like to use the sanding drum attachment to finish off the rest of the little tabs, but everyone has their own methods.


And some final sandpaper work to clean it up...


I'm still deciding whether I want to drill out the stock mount-holes for the fan to insert some rubber bushings in there.  Maybe, maybe not.  Bill loves to do this, and mastered the technique.

Oh, forgot to show stripping down the case of misc. stuff!  Oopsie!  Hit a wormhole there!

Removing the stock power/reset switch and USB PCBs...



Thank you to:
mnpc_bottomsponsor.png  xigma_bottomsponsor.png  ppcs_bottomsponsor.png

Thanks for watchin'!


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Update time!  

I've been busy working on other commitments, but since the majority of it is now out of the way, I can get back to concentrating on this project.  But, as usual...I'll get it done when I can.  Like Crow says up at the top of the log, my logs are always for the long-haul.  :hehe:

Anyways, on to the update now.

Last we left off, I was planning on making a new plate for the front of the chassis.  But first I need to clear the way a bit to allow that to happen.  That involves removing a few rivets and some other stuff.  

Let's take the top off first.  Simple removal of some rivets...  I'm wondering if I should bother tapping the holes and using screws when I put it back together.  Hmm.


And the rivets now...


I marked out the areas I need to remove as a guide on the front with a simple marker.  Blood works as well for the more macabre readers out there.  Just make sure it's someone else's.  :hehe:


I need to start taking out those rivets that run along the sides of the 5.25" bays.  The cool thing about this chassis is the top two 5.25" bays are 'separate' from the others in the sense of two pieces of aluminum that are held together by two simple rivets.  Of course, my design choices for the mod took all this into account. ;)  I hate surprises when it comes to mods.  And I mean the bad surprises.  :grr:


Go nice and easy on the speed so you don't blast right through the pop-rivet, the metal, and your waiting (read: unsuspecting) helping hand (if that applies here).  That....would suck.


After finishing up the 6-8 rivets on the front, the lower part of the bays are now being held on by two isolated rivets, as mentioned before.


Same procedure here, and it pops off.  I suspect probably as easy as it popped on! :lol:


And the same thing on the other side of the bays...


And I'm left with this thing.  


That'll get a home in the scrap/junk/whatever drawer/box we all have.  Don't deny it; you know you do!  

In fact, that would be a funny separate thread to make...post pics of your toss-drawer!  No, wait--  don't title it that, because you British folks out there probably think that's something else.  Never mind!  :hehe:

Now, I'm left with a nice open area that should be plenty for my new friend to drop in there.


Like this...


Man, one thing that makes me cringe on stock cases are the stock casefeet solutions.  Most of the time, they blow.  Let's be honest here.  This case is no exception.  facepalm.gif


Stuck on with sticky-back junk.  Yuck, with a side of mayo!  Let's fix this problem, quick!

Luckily, MNPCTech has come to my rescue.  Thanks, bro!


Now, THESE are real casefeet.  


A nice solid bolt going through the metal; gorgeous brushed anodized finish on the thick solid aluminum; there are even washers embedded inside the rubber inserts themselves.  Like I said, real casefeet.  MNPCTech's machined casefeet to be exact.

Yeah, these should work just fine!



Thank you to:
mnpc_bottomsponsor.png  xigma_bottomsponsor.png  ppcs_bottomsponsor.png

Thanks for watchin'!


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Alrighty, I have another little update to release like a sparrow into the night sky.

Let's get to it.

Last we left off, I needed to mark off and drill holes for the MNPCTech casefeet.  Let's do that.  First I cleaned off the sticky crap from the stock psuedo-feet with an orange-based cleaner of choice.  Alcohol works too for this.  Or a grenade.

Mnpctech PC Case & Computer Case Feet







So I marked off with a marker through the feet themselves and began drilling a bit with a smaller drillbit to mark the spot I needed to drill.  Next I switched out the larger bit to use and began drilling.


And a quick finger-tightening of the nut/bolt through the piece secures it.  I'm not locking it down just yet though; things need a bit of a splash of color before doing so! ;)


I do the same thing for the other 3 spots and it's all done.


Looks good and even.  Sturdy now when sitting upright.


I needed to drill the two holes for the eventual rocker switches to control god-knows-what, so I marked out and began a pilot-hole to work off of.


Next I begin drilling out with a small holesaw.  Alternatively, a large drillbit for that size works fine, or again, a grenade.  :D


And the holes are done!  I'll give the whole chassis a sanding down and blasting before painting it though.


Now to begin preparation for the new custom plate for the front of the chassis.  A quick going-through in my metal scrap-pile (that we all probably have) I come across a piece of aluminum the same thickness as the chassis here.  I think it's from CheckMate's side panel, to be honest.


Should be enough metal there, but I may go through the pile and go for a larger piece.  


There are full panels untouched in the pile so I may just go for a larger solid piece.  Who knows!  I'm like Tom Servo, "I'm the wind, baby!"


Thank you to:

mnpc_bottomsponsor.png  xigma_bottomsponsor.png  ppcs_bottomsponsor.png

Thanks for watchin'!


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Update time!

I spent some time working on the new front mounting plate for the big-ass fan.  Here's what I did.

Using my source drawing, I created a complimenting template that matches up with the original for measurement accuracy.


I also began to mark out the area I'm going to install the HDD rack at.  Here's my test HDD.  Any dead HDD is a good thing to keep around if you need a visual-aid sometimes.  Kind of like having adult marital-aid paraphernalia when the marriage is feeling a bit stale! :eeek:


When the fan is installed, it should have plenty of clearance.  One of the things I love about this chassis is the depth of it.  It's not as long as a typical full-tower LiLi, but it's long enough.  I don't plan on installing a hyper-extended ATX board anyways.  :hehe:  The HDD rack will be 'next' to the mobo when it's installed, meaning it won't cover any of it up.  Even if it did, there's still an inch or more space between the mobo tray and the rack itself.  Plus, I just got word that the mobo will be a MATX board too, so that's perfect!


Looks good!  I mark out the holes on the bottom side of the chassis and begin to drill.  Because it's a Lian Li HDD rack, I know that the bracket's bottom is going to have 3mm-tapped holes, so I drilled specifically for them.  The nice thing is, I can install the rack with simple thumbscrews!



And a quick install of the test-HDD backwards, I have just enough clearance for wiring, considering the HDDs will be SATA-based, and by installing backwards it makes wire-management a bit more clean looking. :)


Now that that's done, I move on to the front fan plate work.

I used my front fan template I just made to mark out my cuts on an aluminum scrap panel I had laying around.  I love old cases for that!  :hehe:


A few mins. with the jigsaw, I'm left with this.  I spent some time cleaning up the edges and removing burs from it.  It's not perfect, but it'll be completely covered up soon anyways so it doesn't matter.


After marking out the corresponding cuts on the front of the chassis itself, I went to town with a jigsaw.  


After that, I spent some time sanding and removing burs from that as well, and began to merge the two.  A little trick I use is double-sided tape the piece in place, and carefully drill the first hole for riveting.  Once I have one rivet in it, it makes things much easier.  I think I sunk probably 20 rivets in the plate once it was all done!  :hehe:  That's good though, because it makes sure the plate is sturdy and strong.


I then rechecked my measurements, and marked out and drilled the final four holes for the fan itself, and screwed her in for a quick test!


Looks good!  Now, let's use my test hotwired PSU for a fan-air-noise-speed test...



Wow, can't even hear her without having my head right against it.  And if I did that, I'd have a real nasty accident considering the length of my hair.  :hehe:


Thank you to:

mnpc_bottomsponsor.png  xigma_bottomsponsor.png  ppcs_bottomsponsor.png

Thanks for watchin'!


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Quick little update, because I wanted to welcome someone to the Project "Movie Sign!" sponsor family...


Thank you, Xigmatek! :clap:

More when I get everything sorted out.


Edit: Spoke too soon. Here's one more.... :)/>

I'd like to welcome someone else to the Project "Movie Sign!" sponsor family....


Thank you, Performance-PCs! :clap:

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Alrighty, time for a quick update before my most-favorite time of year....All Hallow's Eve!

First of all, some products arrived from one of my project's gracious supporters, Xigmatek.

A Red Scorpion CPU cooler and two XLF-F1253 120mm fans.  I had everything else I needed, and I thank Xigmatek and namely the rep Sam for the help!  :clap:


These, I feel, will fit in just fine with the build.  Stay tuned for more.

Nice CPU cooler too.  


I've used the S1283 cooler before, and oddly enough inside this very chassis.  The rep was worried it would be too tall for the case, but after producing a pic of a previous build based on this chassis it changed his mind quickly. ;)

Let's sleeve the CPU's fan really quick.  I have a bunch of UV yellow sleeving, so why not, right?




Looks nice to me!  And quiet too.  I love the PWM-wired fan too.


Yesterday, I was finally handed the base of the system; the motherboard and CPU.  I didn't know what was going in it, but now I know.  That's a Gigabyte MA785GM-US2H mobo and AMD Athlon II 240 CPU.  


Should be plenty of power for what it's replacing.  Plenty.  A definite step up from a 478 Celery!  :hehe:

Board looks about the same as my old 780G from Gigabyte, minus some things here and there.  My board's rock-solid running in my WHS at home, so I have no doubt this refresh is just fine as well.


Dropping the CPU in the socket real quick and adding some TIM to it for cooler install...


Oh, I also spent a few mins. and cut out and drilled some modder's mesh for backmounting for the front intake fan.  It should look just fine and nondescript in the background there... and a different color, of course. :)


It cut some of the airflow a bit with the fan due to its restrictive properties, but that's also relative considering the fan really pushes some air.  It still moves more than enough for introducing fresh air into the chassis.



Thank you to:

mnpc_bottomsponsor.png  xigma_bottomsponsor.png  ppcs_bottomsponsor.png

Thanks for watchin'!


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And here we are again.  Have a little update tied on the string and ready for release into the sky.

Let's get to it.

I finally had some time to work on the chassis frame.  Since I previously finished the modification the metal for install of the 200mm fan, it was basically just waiting for me to get it coated up with a lovely color.  Well, that lovely color is...

Purple hammertone.



It came out a bit darker than I expected, but it's not bad.  I'm happy with it.

I also needed to cut some spare sound-deadening material to isolate and seal in the fan, so I cut some and applied it around the front panel's fan spot.


Also, Bill's case feet looked awesome in black annodizing, but....  I couldn't let it go!  :D



I needed to install them on the chassis itself, only I didn't want to use Bill's normal hardware that came with the feet.  I needed something dark and non-descript.  Sorry, dude. :lol:  


So I used some M5 socket caps I had laying around, and they happened to be just the right length to mount them with the nut housed inside the case feet instead.  Looks clean and nice!



Thank you to:

mnpc_bottomsponsor.png  xigma_bottomsponsor.png  ppcs_bottomsponsor.png

Thanks for watchin'!


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Update time!

I needed to post this last night, but I was too tired.  I needed to get home in time for Fringe anyways. ;)

Let's get to it, shall we?

I needed to begin work on the top panel modifications.  My illustrations were done quite a while ago, I just hadn't had any time to really devote to it.  Besides, I was busy working on other parts of the chassis, and as far as I know I cannot cut myself in half and grow another me like a Planarian flatworm.  Trust me, I wish I could.  Ask some of the ladies... :eeek:

The work on the top panel is the traditional stuff I tend to perform, like adding fan ports and handles, etc.  But I also wanted to add some top I/O ports for the ease of functionality and convenience.  My brother tends to use those things, so I figured I'd accommodate him.

Since I tend to mod LiLi chassis on a weekly basis it seems and for the past few years, I tend to accrue parts that I usually don't use myself in a personal mod.  The top I/O port connectors would be one of those parts.  :hehe:


I love to use them in modifications because they're easy to use and prepare for.  I've done it so many times, that I have a template set up and saved for them that I always go back to in order to save time for other stuff. :lol:

Here's the top handles I'll be using.  They probably look familiar, because I've used them plenty of times before.  Just cheap metal drawer handles from the local hardware store.  It's my last set of these so I figured I'd go ahead and use them up.


And here's a layout mock-up of the top panel...


And the work I will perform...


I marked out and drilled all the holes in the top panel as well as taping up the top side of the top panel as 'insurance' against possible marring errors or scratches.  My drill-press can be temperamental anyways, so it's a good idea.  Granted, I tend to skip this step though because I've cut a million panels.  But it's a good idea for anyone to do this!

Clamped down and ready to go...


Blah blah blah...


And done.


I simply spray all the curly aluminum shavings/WD-40 mixture that makes me think of robotic wet pubic hair with water in my washout bin.  You can easily just wipe it out with a paper towel, but I'm lazy in some aspects. ;)

Now that the piece is dry, I need to go ahead and cut the I/O port's opening up top.  I'm going to just use my rotary tool for this because it's fast, easy and doesn't have to be perfect.


After a couple mins., I have this.  A little flap.


And cut!


A little trick I use to get to those "short" areas that a large cutting wheel can't reach; I tend to keep all the ready-to-toss-out cutting wheels that have almost nothing left on them.  They're really small and easy to get at those areas. :)


And after some flat-file work, It's all done.  Doesn't have to be perfect since it's getting covered up with some acrylic.  Namely, a little jazzed-up piece that represents the dog-bone-shaped Satellite of Love on the show!



Thank you to:

mnpc_bottomsponsor.png  xigma_bottomsponsor.png  ppcs_bottomsponsor.png

Thanks for watchin'!


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Update time!

I don't have a whole lot of pics, but I did get a lot done.  Let's be a little more specific, shall we?

After finishing up the cutting/drilling work on the top panel, I needed to blast and coat it as well as the custom front backing panel.  Both were first shot with the 'dormant orange' that I used on the case feet, and the color looked good.  But I wanted it to really jump out as well as look a little 'cosmic', as much as orange could be cosmic anyways. ;)  So I top-coated with gloss clear that has medium flakes in it called 'midnite clear'.  Looks awesome to me.  Here's some pics of the results!








I'm happy.  I'm sure my brother will be too. ;)


Thank you to:

mnpc_bottomsponsor.png  xigma_bottomsponsor.png  ppcs_bottomsponsor.png

Thanks for watchin'!


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Another petite update here.  I've been 'in season' at work as we do every year around the holidays like this, so my time has been lacking lately.  I did have some time to work on a small update.  

Let's get to it.

I had a little time to work on the handles a bit and finish them up.  They were coated in flat black as well as the 'midnite clear' on top of it to give it pop.  They came out great, I thought.



I went ahead and installed them on the top panel to get them out of the way and to preview how it all looks...



I also shot a stock wire grill with black and the clear as well.  I'm probably going to put it in the bottom side of the top exhaust fan as a bit of 'insurance' for wiring, etc.  Nothing sucks worse than getting your wires wrapped up in a fan!  Actually, a finger or perhaps a penis would suck worse.  Nevermind.  :hehe:


And finally I coated a couple hex-mesh fan inserts.  MNPCTech sells these as well.  Cheap and works perfect.


When I have some more time, I have some other cool stuff to reveal...


Thank you to:

mnpc_bottomsponsor.png  xigma_bottomsponsor.png  ppcs_bottomsponsor.png

Thanks for watchin'!


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"Under a Gypsy Fangrill..."

And we have another update pop up here.  It was growing a bit so I figured I'd pare it down a bit before it reached terminal velocity.  Let's keep things under control.

Let's get to it, shall we?

First up, the top I/O for firewire, USB, etc. was finished up.  Like I stated previously, I wanted to 'jazz it up' a bit as well as keep things within the theme a bit, so I designed a Satellite of Love shape to contain the ports.


Quick little check on measurements; all good here!


Now let's screw the Lian Li breakout ports onto the bone...


I also finished up on sleeving the remaining fans from Xigmatek.  Colors don't really matter, so I used some UV yellow I had laying around.


Now, let's install the top exhaust fan onto the top panel.  After poking around in all the boxes and piles of screws I have laying all over the place, I couldn't seem to find any 10-24 or 10-32 socketcap screws about!  Kind of annoying, but not the end of the world.  So I found the next best thing that will work just fine....some 5mm socketcaps.


Slightly larger screw, so I needed to make sure the fan's screwholes wouldn't split wide open like a hamster giving birth to a rabbit.  That requires some tapping!


A couple mins. later, I have some tapped screw holes for M5 screws.


I also installed the bottom wire grill I previously shot with the color-scheme.  Probably not necessary, but it won't hurt anything either.


...And installed on the top panel along with the acrylic grill trim as well as the hex-mesh I previously shot to match the color-scheme.


Lights off to see how they look!


I also finished up on installing the breakout ports on top as well.  Everything looks great!


I repeated tapping screw holes on the rear exhaust fan too and installed it, along with the acrylic grill trim and hex-mesh...


...and a Gypsy grill!  Can't really see it much, but it's cool it's there.  The ole' girl needed some recognition at least in some capacity, right?


Lights off to see how things look!



I spent some time re-tapping the holes for the mobo standoffs and installed the mobo proper.  Some rumblings of wire-management as well as PSU installed and HDD caddy up front.  Things are beginning to come together!


And a rear shot of things so far...


I'll have some more coming soon.  Whenever I get to it.  :hehe:


Thank you to:

mnpc_bottomsponsor.png  xigma_bottomsponsor.png  ppcs_bottomsponsor.png

Thanks for watchin'!


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Alrighty, here's another little infusion to the project log.  Let's get to it so I can get home and relax a bit.

The subject that's in the spotlight tonight, kids, is the side panel acrylic.  Again?  Yes, again.  Only this time it's for some more eye candy and keeping things in-tune with the theme.

Here's the side panel window's acrylic...


Now, I need to put the MST3K 'spaghetti ball' logo on it...


Good try, but it's just not going to cut the mustard.  Let's think some more, here...

A-ha!  Got an idea.  Let's screenprint it on there!  

After a few mins. spent creating some quick separations, I get my screens prepped and ready for exposure on my metal-halide exposure unit.  I've heard of job-convergence, but this is ridiculous.  It's now rolling over into my modding!  :hehe:  


Actually, to be completely honest, this isn't the first time I've done this.  I can recall two projects in the past 6 years or so where I did something like this.  One of them was a Chieftec Dragon side panel that I printed an alien drone on it with a background of transparent UV blue.  Came out cool for the time.  More recently than that I did quick little subtle Gir-window mod for a chick (Invader Zim). 

Anyways, back to the matter at hand.  After a quick exposure, I get the screens blasted out and ready to go...


While those screens are drying, I made a quick trip down to Michael's Art Supply to have a look around.  I don't really know what I was hoping to find, but I figured I'd know it when I find it.  :confused:

I was looking for some fluorescent paint of some sort.  UV paint.  Neon.  Phosphorescent, glow-in-the-dark, etc.  Whatever euphemism you want to plug in for it.  I needed something that wouldn't be too runny, yet thin enough to pass through silkscreens.  So I came across these...


And at $1.19 each bottle, it's worth a gamble. ;)

So I got the panel situated where I needed it and started registering my screens onto the panel where I want it to go.


After about two secs. or so (I've done it once or twice before...lol) I'm ready to rock-n-roll.


Dropped some vinyl ink into the screen for the black...




And done.  Now I just need to wait a half-hour or so for the ink to cure, which will give me time to clean this devil of an ink-type out of my bloody screen.  I HATE vinyl ink, lol.  Give me plastisol any day!


Orange screen set up now...


Printed.  Now, the yellow screen...


Set up.  Now some "ink", or paint more accurately...


After a few passes of each, I'm confident it's good to go!


Now, let's check my work.  I peeled off the other side of the protective film from the panel.  Looks good.  But then again, I knew it would be fine.  :hehe:

Now, let's check the capabilities of this cheapy paint!  Some UV cold cathodes laying near it and flip the lights out...


Yay!  :clap:  Looks awesome.  This is going to be cool!


So there ya go!  The first screen-print work in a case mod project log.  I just can't get away from my job, can I?  :hehe:

I should have some more when I get it done.  Which is kind of obvious, isn't it?  :hehe:


Thank you to:

mnpc_bottomsponsor.png  xigma_bottomsponsor.png  ppcs_bottomsponsor.png

Thanks for watchin'!


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A small update.  I've been neck-deep in work because we're swamped, but it was expected.  I haven't been able to get much of anything done, but I did work on it  bit.

Let's get to it.

First off, I began laying out the acrylic work to double-check on my measurements...


It's about where I suspected it'd be.  A closeup of the "Movie Sign!" sign...


This is going to look great.

Now, although this wasn't 'sponsored' by Crucial, it was part of winnings some of us from a recent Cooler Master mod contest nabbed.  Thanks goes to Crucial and (indirectly, CM) regardless though.  Nice kit that shall have a nice home on this board.  And it's the CL4 kit too. :)  Thankfully it was a 4GB kit.  They didn't tell us that.  Glad it wasn't the Tracers too...  :hehe:


And....finally, announcing another kind sponsor in the form of a man.  A legend, really.  Eternal thanks goes to Jhanlon303 for donating his unused Asus 9600GT!  He asked me repeatedly if my brother could use it, so I finally relented.  He threatened me with a drive-by tomatoing so I gave in.  :hehe:

Such beautiful understated packaging.  Not used to that with GPUs in my experience.  But then again, I don't pay much to the box; just what's inside it. ;)


Beautiful card.  I like the cooler on it.  Normally, that's the first to go, but I think I'll leave it.  Unless it's too loud, of course. ;)


And a black PCB always warms my heart!


Thank you to:

mnpc_bottomsponsor.png  xigma_bottomsponsor.png  ppcs_bottomsponsor.png

...and Jhanlon303!
Thanks for watchin'!


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Bahaha, nah...it never left. Just needed to resurrect and move it over here to the Zoo. I'm ashamed it's still sitting dormant... but not for long! I'm on-track to get this thing done. Finally. After so long.

LOL... yeah, I think Braddy mentioned it a year or so back too, lol. No big deal. :)/>

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This is a blast from the past. I thought I would never see the finished product.

I for one, can't wait to see how this comes out.

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I could see this build gettin some blog lovin.....lots of MST3K fans worldwide

Yes sir! I hope to soon as well.

This is a blast from the past. I thought I would never see the finished product.

I for one, can't wait to see how this comes out.

Thanks man! That makes two of us, hahaha.

Love the screen printing on the window!

Thanks man!

You never finished? SheeeeIT. I thought I just missed it or something.

LOL... :unsure:/> I am ashamed.

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