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Sleek 707 and 703 towers from InWin

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Capitalizing on the popularity of other sleek and minimalist cases on the market at the moment--see NZXT--InWin has announced two new cases to round out their offerings in the department.  While the 707 and 703 aren't the exotic cases from the company's concept line I love, they should offer a nice option to the gamer that wants a sleeker case.  Modders I think will also find plenty of case to cut into here.


Both are available in a black/red or white/black, no word on pricing or release date yet.


InWIn's product pages on the cases:





Here's a quick glance at the full tower 707:



And the spec sheet:



The 703, the mid tower option:





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I like the cases overall. But I'm not a fan of the window that steps out like those do. Also don't like the IN-WIN logo right in the middle. It takes away from the clear view to the hardware inside. I would have liked it better down in the bottom corner.

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I agree on the window, That would have to go. We have to keep in mind they don't build these cases for people who own Dremels. Big difference between a builder and a Modder.  On a forum a guy was doing a water cooled 900D and was frustrated because there were no predrilled hole for the reservoir mounts and there was no way he was going to drill a hole in that case. From our point of view, there is no way were not going to drill a hole in that case lol  

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Ya, your right. I often time forget about that. I still like the roll that In Win is on design wise. They've been doing good, along with some of the lesser known case manufacturers. I would really like to see the front panel construction, and what things look like behind it.

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