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I am starting work on a custom watercooling set up on a customers build this weekend.  It will be done in steps, with new fans going in and setting up the BIoS first.  My customer is prepared to go all out on the watercooling with triple rads, motherboard, cpu and gpu blocks.  Its been a while since I have done a build with h2o this complex, but it should be a lot of fun.  Besides, I love modding when I don't have to spend all of the dough!


I decided to name the project Overseer after Thermaltakes name for it.  The theme is going to be red and black with probably some carbon fiber thrown in somewhere.


Here is a list of the PC as it is being brought to me...

Thermaltake Overseer Case

AMD FX 9370/CoolerMaster V8

ASUS Sabertooth 990FX

GSkill Rip Jaws 2133mhz 16GB

Samsung 840 EVO 250GB

EVGA 780gtx

Seagate Barracuda 2TB

Antec 1300w Platinum


Apparently the cpu is one hot beast and is throttling as well as having memory issues.  I plan to address the settings and getting it stable as well as adding 4x BitFenix Spectre Pro Red 200mm fans and two matching 120mm fans.  This will fill all of the fans slots and hopefully cool the processor down while we tape out the watercooling system.


As for watercooling, he wants 3x200mm rads, a 120mm rad, cpu block, gpu block and motherboard blocks.  I like XSPC so we will source parts from them minus the rads which will be Phobyas.  That is a lot to stuff in this case, but hopefully it can be done.


This weekend I will post pics of the system we are starting with and progress that will also take place.  I plan to load the settings we use, should anybody out there want to clock similar hardware.



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Okay, two hours in and we have done a ton of measuring and dremeling to get these huge fans to fit.  Each fan needed some massaging as well as the case panels.  Deep into it, more pics to come.IMG_3152_zps0ba9147b.jpg

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Owner slapped in a Corsair H100i recently... noisy beast.  Needs some cable management once the work is done.  Ill post some temps n such in upcoming posts too as once the big kit is in, I am hoping for a big clockfest.  Couple of pics.




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The Corsair kit is temporary.  One and only one of the fans fit without modification and that was the side door intake.



A few millimeters is coming off of every fan, the front included.  The very edge and the edges of each corner mount.




The front panel also got the dremel in four locations.  My eyes feel like sand paper at the moment...




Those blue accents will get pulled and sprayed red another day.

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During work yesterday we found that 200mm rads just dont have space in the top of the case, but one will fit in the front.  With that in mind, we have chosen a different rad, an XSPC 3x120 for the top.  This rad is thin enough to fit inside the top of the case and if need be, we can add 120mm fans too (Besides those 200mm exhausts already installed).


Since Ben is going red, red, red, I am planning some small details for the front.  The top should probably be addressed too and Ill see if I can't take a look today.  I already have red cloth sleeved cabling for the 24 pin, 8 pin, and gpu.  The motherboard is the biggest offender of being off color as its green and grey.  If we h2o cool the mb/vrms, that won't matter.



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Updating parts list.

Silverstone cloth sleeving for 24pin/vga/mb.  Red LED strip in the top.  Reeven six channel temp/fan controller.  Adding those parts over the weekend.  After reading about someone else cooling the mb/vrms on this board, I am following his lead with Koolance parts for the nb/vrm strip.  XSPC Triple Rad is going in instead of the top dual 200s, bummer, but plenty cool.  Owner also wants the memory cooled.  I picked out the version 2 Bitspower set up as it will look really nice filled with the red coolant.  Just doodles today.  Ben will be sending photos this weekend and Ill post em then.  




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Ben got the fan controller last night.  I expect to post some photos this weekend.  Installing sleeved cabling as well.  He wants temp sensors on the I/O of the cpu block and one on the vrms, nb and gpu.  Six temp readings in all to the new controller.  I was going to pick up some Aquacomputer sensors that can thread into the block, but they are sold out, so it looks like more Phobya parts.  Ive been doing a lot of drawing to try and figure out placement of everything.


Here are some pics he sent from his phone.  Most of the pics were a bit out of focus, so I am only including two.  More higher res pics soon.



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Parts are here, well minus 2 pieces that got missed. :o  They should be here Tuesday.  Because for Frozencpu's late issues, some of my parts have also been delayed.  Hope they work everything out.  All the best to them.


Anyway, lets take a look at what we did get.

The boxes.



The cpu block.



Gpu Block.



The north bridge and vrm blocks aren't ready just yet.  Im missing a plate and fitting.


Memory block






Rads 200mm and 360mm








More later, probably tomorrow.

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1-      Do you find connections from pomp output to reservoir correct.




               I think from reservoir to pomp input  is better .

2-      Conecting 2 rads serial  is  not effıcıent for me..

         You could put second  rad  between  2 WB s. for example before Videocard.

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I'm defintely no water cooling guru or anything, but I've done my far share of research to know that you should go res - pump - what have you.


I'd hate to see that pump die on you.


My $0.02

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Thanks guys.  Didn't know I couldn't run the pump to the res?  I wondered if there would be too much turbulence in there.  I am trying to run the cleanest route.   Guess its back to the drawing board, again...

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Going to redo the design once more so that the rads aren't in a series.  Swapped motherboards/cpus and ram today.  The mb had a bad memory channel.  Postponing build til I hear if my sensor/leds are coming from frozencpu.

Some pics from today.


Holy wiring Batman!





400mm of top exhuast



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How bout try this.

Res to pump

pump to gpu

gpu to nb

nb to top rad

Top rad to cpu

cpu to memory

memory to lower rad

lower rad to red

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