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Hex Gear: A new case option

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Every once in a while a new case manufacturer comes along, one that specifically tailors to enthusiasts and our niche of the market.  Hex Gear is a collaboration between Nate of E22 and Hans (p0Pe), both well known modders and enthusiasts in the little corner of our PC world.  As one would expect with the Hex Gear name, the mATX case design features a plethora of hexes creating a chic look that can be customized be colored inserts.  The baseline R40 is offered in white or black and can be outfitted with several custom options such as feet over the included pedestal base and additional internal mounting options for pumps, reservoirs and fan controllers.  Radiator support includes and 240 on the bottom and a 360 mount on the roof.


The R40 looks like a strong option for those looking for a custom case to start with, I look forward to seeing what else they come out with.


No official word on pricing yet but Nate and Hans have stated under £200, not sure what that will look like in the US.  Check them out at: http://www.hex-gear.com/


There are a few Hex Gear logs popping up, check out Zoyadog's log here: http://themodzoo.com/forum/topic/1962-hex-gear-project-odyssey-by-zoyadog/


Here are some pics and specs:







Tech Specs

- Materials: Aluminium | Steel | Acrylic
– Colours Available: Black | White
– Dimensions(WxDxH): 241.5 x 483 x 415
– Motherboard form factor: mATX
– 3.5” Drives: 2
– 2.5” Drives: 3
– Cooling: 6 x 120mm (3 x top 1 x rear 2 x bottom)
– PCI Slots: 5
– Suitable for air or watercooling


– Screws and fixings
– 1 x black vandal switch
– Motherboard standoffs
– Instruction manual
– Hex keys
– 90deg IEC adapter


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