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NZXT introduces the DOKO at CES 2015

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NZXT Introduces the DOKO at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.



01-13-2015 Press release from Mitchell Podlaha at NZXT:

DOKO is a PC streaming device that connects to your network and allows you to easily use your PC in the comfort of your living room. Run office software, stream limitless media content and play PC exclusive titles – do anything and everything your PC can do, anywhere in your home.



The DOKO is a big departure from making Computer Cases, Fans, Controllers, and All-In-One Coolers.



The DOKO will display anything on your TV, that you are able display on any computer, over your network.



The DOKO unit itself is very small. It is approximately 5" Wide, 4" Deep and 1-1/4" Tall.







Just plug the DOKO into your TV (via HDMI), your Internet Router (via RJ45) and plug in the AC Adapter.

Then, install the DOKO "Sender" software on any Windows Computer you want to display onto your TV.



You can even plug USB Devices (Keyboards, Mice, etc) into the DOKO to work on the remote computer.

The package comes with: The DOKO Unit, an Ethernet Cable, the AC Adapter and the Quickstart Guide.




  • The DOKO software currently only works with Windows Computers.
  • The Computer will have to be on the same network as the DOKO.
  • The Computer Resolution of the computer must run at 1080P (HD).


Find more info about the DOKO at NZXT's Website.

Plus, find NZXT's Youtube release announcement here.



Please stay tuned for a full review of the DOKO at The Mod Zoo!

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