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Scratch Build: The Minimalistic Desk of Awesomeness

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Welcome to the log for my desk scratch build! I have been tinkering with making cases and have went through multiple different mods and such, but ultimately, am not satisfied. My build is sitting inside a half constructed 750D that I was modifying. I already have a concept in mind for this build, and while it may change some, the finished product will be very close to the current concept. First things first, specs of build are as followed:

Motherboard: MSI X99S Plus
CPU: i7 5820k
RAM: 16gb Crucial Ballistix 2400Mhz (Will upgrade to 32gb as build progresses)
Video: XFX R9 290 (Will eventually have two)
PSU: EVGA 1000W G2
SSD: Corsair Force 120gb, Sandisk V300 (Will probably change, but plan on making custom enclosures)
HDD: WD Black 1tb 7200 RPM

Swiftech Apogee HD White Edition
Swiftech MCP35X with EK Plexi Top
EK X3 400ml Reservoir with White Caps
Swiftech Komodo R9 29X Series Block
EK XTX 360mm Rad
Hardware Labs Black Ice 240mm
Corsair SP120 Fans
Yate Loon Fans

Concept Dimensions

L:4' W: 2' H: 7"

These dimensions do not include the legs, I have not decided exactly how I want to do these yet.

Color Scheme

Gray (different Shades)


I want a minimal desk with my x99 build inside of it. I don't want, or need a huge desk in my computer room. I plan on getting a 29-32" ultrawide monitor, so the desk doesn't need to have room for a triple monitor setup. I also am not a huge fan of lots of crazy designs and multiple different colors. This build will strive to be as minimal as possible (As far as design, colors) however, functionality will not be :)

All Concept art, links, index will be in the post following this one.

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Concept Art:




Frame: MDF
Fasteners:  Screws
Shell:  MDF | Frosted White acrylic for lines
Window: Clear Acrylic (maybe glass, will decide once built)

Using MDF as price point and sturdiness is at a perfect point. Window will still most likely be made using 1/2" acrylic, although, I am wondering how transparent this will be. I've considered smoked acrylic, but afraid that this will not showcase inside enough as well. Tempered glass is last choice, but it's super expensive and harder to work with then acrylic.




Hope you enjoy this as much as I will!

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So here's the first update! :)

Sorry Cheap, I've have progress but didn't have a chance to finish posting after I got sidetracked last night.














All of the screw spots will be filled in with putty. All the seams will be filled in and sanded down as well. gonna seal the MDF with vinyl sealer and then paint it. Going to be using Flexseal for paint, so that the desk has a texture to it.

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OK, all is forgiven. I was checking in to nuke you, though. You even managed to get a cat in the first post, so I think you know what you are doing.


:) Kittens always win! Gonna post a bunch of stuff tonight or tomorrow. Desk sexiness and watercooling central.

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Little sad to see the bent acrylic window go away, but still a pretty sweet lookin' desk man, nice work.



The reason it went away is because I when I originally sized the inside, I had the reservoir mounted on the floor. Well, with flow, I decided it would be better rested on the side wall at a slight angle. I may eventually still do the side window and build my own reservoir mount from bottom that holds it at angle.


Gonna post another update in just a bit. :)

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Update #3: Getting There!


I have all the components installed and going. I still have a lot to finish and adjustments to make to the desk. As you will see in the pictures, I ended up having the mobo/gpu on a slope. This wasn't intentional but with how I made the desk (more specifically, the I/O panel), this was only way I could do it. I still have to order the acrylic for the window but trying to figure out which route i should go (tempered glass, smoked acrylic, clear, etc).


Let me know what you think of the loop. I plan on using pastel white mayhem for water and have ordered sleeving from ensourced.net. I would have made myself, but for the price and quality, it's hard to turn away from ensourced. I highly recommend his stuff.






This is my drain/fill port. I can drain by laying it flat, or fill by placing desktop on side. I was going to have separate ports, but this seemed to work better.









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Update #4: Stuff on the way!



New cables are on the way from ensourced.net. Awesome source for sleeving and custom cables at a reasonable price. As you can see below, these things are amazing! They should be at my house sometime this week!





I also have a QNIX QX2710 and the Adafruit Neopixel LEDs that should be here this week.


Cannot wait for these to arrive smile.png

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