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i5 4690K - Undervolted yet overclocked...

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I've been doing a lot of testing lately – now for me a PC not only has to look good but it has to perform well (as a rule I normally build from the components out tailoring the case to the needs of the hardware); Haswell has always had a reputation of being a heat hound, I'm one of the lucky ones that possess a CPU in the form of my 4690K that doesn't do to badly in that department.


With the concept of a future build in mind – this will be small form factor, overclocked, an energy efficient general purpose come gaming rig with some graphical cojones and a decent onboard audio capability (tall order I know and did I also mention I wanted it to run virtually silently?) - I set about reaching an overclock compromise between performance and an energy efficient voltage for my own needs.


I decided I wanted my overclock to be a nice round 4.4GHz, only 4.4GHz you may ask - 4.4Ghz in my hands on experience offers the perfect balance between efficiency and performance, on paper it equates to a 25.9% boost over stock speeds.




I achieved the overclock I wanted after some trial and error at 1.132V








Now time to test it -



For stress testing I use Intel BurnTest, BurnTest will stress both the overclock and memory far in excess of anything you or I will ever throw at a CPU.








A sedate 30 loop pass at Standard level for openers.








Followed by another 30 loop pass at Maximum.









Now 90 minutes of OCCT 4.4.1, I use the Large Data Set Test Mode to flush out the likelihood of errors under full load.












And finally to see how it performs -








Very happy with that  :D



A final note, you may be looking at the temps throughout this thinking what's to shout about? 


Well when you consider I've used an air cooler utilizing the silent fan profile of the AsRock Z87M OC Formula and it runs silently – it becomes apparent why I'm so pleased  ;)



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Awesome.  I picked up a 4690K this summer for my first Intel build since the P4 came out.  I used your other post as leverage to start overclocking mine.  Being kind of a noob with the Intel stuff I was a bit shy getting in to it.  I definitely need to upgrade my cooler as I am running a Corsair H55i right now.  What cpu cooler are you running at that clock?  When I did the burn test I was hitting 77C @ 4.6ghz so I turned it down and had a solid OC @ 4.3ghz but was still hitting like 72C.  

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I'm using an Akasa Venom Voodo, in terms of cooling versus cost it can't be beaten IMHO.


You might want to look at lowering the fixed voltage in the BIOS, by default it's set at 1.9V but you can normally get away with lowering it down to around 1.730V, sometimes even lower (it depends on the board) - that will bring down your temps further still  ;)

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Interesting this makes me happy being on air i would like to achieve the same with my 4690k.with a dirty oc of 4.6ghz i managed to get in windows and bench on xtu and no crashes. Max temp was 81c with 1.25v. out the box its vietnam chip if that makes a difference. Either way i didnt stress because i didnt want the oc cause its wasnt a optimal oc. Just really wanted to see how far i can push the chip if need be. seeing how this is a 100% gaming rig low temps,low vcore and performance im game.

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