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Alex "Petra" Venz puts the NZXT DOKO through its paces to see if it's worth your hard earned... bananas?


It’s new, it’s fancy, it’s… a $99 box?

Yes, the new NZXT DOKO is a box but it’s a box that’s meant to give you the experience of having your PC in your living room. The DOKO plugs into your TV via HDMI (cable not included) and works in conjunction with a bit of software installed on the host computer to mirror the output of said computer to the DOKO over hardwire ethernet. DOKO is equipped with four front-facing USB ports that make use of USB over IP technology, allowing any connected input devices to behave as though they are connected directly to the host computer. DOKO’s USB ports don’t currently support webcams or headsets, but most other USB peripherals should function without issue. Essentially, anything that your computer can do, DOKO can do—at least, that’s the idea.

Come read the full article Here

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