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Hi all, back again with another mod project.  This one called "Frozen Throne" inspired by the Lich King trailer.  More to that in a bit.


PARTS LIST: ____________________________________________________________


  • FX-9590 4.7Ghz Eight Core CPU
  • ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 Motherboard
  • Corsair Hydro H100i Cooler
  • EVGA SuperNOVA NEX750B1 PSU  Thermaltake Smart 750W (see why below)
  • 8 GB Kingston HyperX Fury Memory
  • AData Premier Pro SP900 128 GB SSD
  • 2x Seagate 1TB 7200 for Raid 1
  • Crossfire Sapphire Dual-X R9 270x GPU
  • Ancient Antec broken nasty old case

Many thanks to the good folks at AMD for their contributions to this project.



OVERVIEW: ____________________________________________________________


This project is a gaming rig for my son.  He's admired the Downtown build and wanted a rig of his own.  He's asked to build out a castle design, so we've come up with the details below.



INSPIRATION: ____________________________________________________________


We did some digging around at a number of pics online.  What really got us going was the moment in the Warcraft Lich King trailer where Arthas stabs his sword into the ice and it cracks.  We thought that would make a pretty sexy window for the PC.


Video link here.




So I threw together some designs in a vector program.




And did some research on cracked ice finding this cool image.




Then I took a small piece of acrylic just to proof out that I could create the look I wanted.




From there we took the case and started doing some design mock ups in cardboard.


Walls for the outside.




Pillar/towers for the corners.




And some barbeque skewers for the gate.




Preliminary mockup done.




Still fiddling with some 'accoutrements' for the outside.  Will paint the gate metallic and replace the drawbridge with chains from a broken necklace or something appropriate.






Finally for now have thrown it into photoshop to work through some of the coloring and such.  Some texture work for the 'stone work' on the sides.  Likely to distress to give it some wear to the look.


Front look:




Side look:




Lots of stuff left to do.  Talking about things like:

  • Sigil over top of the front gate.
  • Embedding speakers in the corner pillars.
  • Airflow points.
  • Lighting effects.
  • Gutting the drive cages & painting.
  • Airbrushing blown snow on top.

Much left to do, but more parts for the mod are on order.  And waiting for the weather to break so I can get into the garage to start tearing down the box and cutting up the MDF and sheet metal for the externals.


More coming when the weather and deliveries allow!  :D



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You're son is VERY Lucky, and the AMD folks will love it, too :)


Thanks Bill!



Sweet project, I sunk a lot of time into WC3, gotta love the Lich King.  The early model looks great.


Appreciated my friend!

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Sweet. :D


Need chain? Replacement toilet flapper. ;)


Nice!  Now does the mod get the new one or the old one..?  BAHAHAHAHA!

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GRATUITOUS PRODUCT SHOTS: ____________________________________________________________


Since it's still a bit chilly today and I'm not likely to get into the garage yet I thought I'd share some pics of some of the lovely equips that are going to be decorating this fun little build, starting off with the mobo and CPU.












As mentioned in the beginning the motherboard is a Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 - details can be found here.  The site says it has "AMD 990FX(AM3+) Military-Grade Motherboard with Aerospace-Grade CeraM!X Cooling Techology"!  I have no idea what that means but it sounds AWESOME!  :D


The CPU is an AMD FX-9590.  Word online is that it runs pretty warm.  Good thing we have a 240mm AIO cooler with it.  It's unlocked and from what I'm reading is a pretty good overclocker, though at a 4.7 Ghz base how much more do you need?  :lol:  I've had my previous A8-6600k up to a stable 4.6 before, so it'll be interesting to see what I can get from this one.


Side note:  We were doing some parts check / post testing of some of the other components.  The EVGA SuperNOVA NEX750B1 PSU was SUPER wonky, so we took it back.  They did some testing and confirmed it was faulty.  We've switched to a Thermaltake Smart 750W for now and it's working great for us.  Says right on the box "built to work" so you know...  next time I'll look for that first - lol.




Hopefully I can start some fabrication tomorrow.




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Some more supplies are rolling in.  Still dealing with some weather issues, so I don't see much fabrication starting this weekend.


Picked up some UV blue acrylic and UV lighting.




As you can see the un-lit acrylic is really, really clear.  Not sure if this is going  to be an issue.  I'll check it later after the cracked ice etching is done.  I may need to layer some blue acrylic or candy paint over top.




Darkside UV lights with fan connectors.  Also a single UV bulb - more on that down the road.  ;)






Might bite the bullet this weekend and see if I can get the drive bays and support bar torn out.




However it looks like the drive bays are attached right to the motherboard tray, so it looks like I'll be doing some cutting to get that separated and removed.




After those items are gone I can build out a shroud to cover the PSU cables.  I'll also need to build up some more support for the front as taking those out is going to completely remove the front wall of the case.  Oy.  :mellow:

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Interesting Todd, I like how your builds hinge to the modeling side of things. There aren't enough people who use deep modeling in their builds. 


Ah thanks!  It's just the way my brain works I guess.  If everyone else takes a right turn I go left.  Lots of people out there pimping cases with paint and matching cable sleeves.  Love their work for sure though.

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Still chilly today, but tolerable enough to get out into the garage and start some fabrication.  Got a new toy online.  Found a sheet metal bender on Amazon for about fifty bucks.  It does a maximum of 18 inches, but that should be more than sufficient for my little modding projects.








Step one is the usual step one - carve out the drive bays.  Lots of blue smoke today on this one.  Killed off 4 or 5 wheels on the dremel cutting this bad boy up.




Some more carcasses for the drive bay graveyard.




And voila!  She's cleaned out.




Time to build out a new front with the sheet metal.  Dug out the MNPCtech nibbler I bought last year.




And ran the new front through the bender.




Needed to keep a couple of pieces from the old drive frame to hold the door.




And riveted the new front back on temporarily.  Still need to cut some holes and such for airflow.  Probably work that out after I build out a shroud for the PSU cables.




Backside view.




Overhead view.




And YAY, the door still fits.




So maybe tonight or tomorrow I'll start carving up the door and making the window.  Also need to build out the shroud for the PSU cables (as mentioned.)


I have some MDF to cut up and use for the external facade.  I was checking out some textured wall covering in the local hardware store too that may give it a very nice stone look.  I'll dig more into that as I get closer to assembly and paint.


On the upside, fabrication is underway - YAY!



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Single best tool I've made in the workshop has been my sheet metal bender. I get so much use out of it and there's so much more that's possible now that I could never do before. Hope you enjoy it.

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Single best tool I've made in the workshop has been my sheet metal bender. I get so much use out of it and there's so much more that's possible now that I could never do before. Hope you enjoy it.


Thanks!  So far I'm enjoying it a ton.  :)

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Popped the mobo in this morning to take a pic and do some concept work for the inside.




Since there's no built in cable management in this old case I'll add some shrouds.  Thinking I might use it as a mounting point for the raid drives.  If not I may have the fans mounted there instead.




Out to the garage to start building out the shrouds.




Test fit.  So far so good.




Visualizing the drives.  Might not be too bad on there.  If I put them on some acrylic then I can have some holes too for playing with the cables under the shroud as well.




Secondary section for the cables coming off the PSU.




And another test fit. 




Still stinkin' cold here, so I don't think I'll tackle any more today.  Temps for this week are looking promising though.  May get some work done on the feature window soon.   :D



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Nice sheet metal layout, looks Awesome so far!


*Mosquito is getting a Brake soon, too


Ahhhh - brake!  I knew I probably had the terminology wrong.  Thanks Bill!



looking good, the benders is worth every cent:)


Yeah, I think I'm going to get a lot of use out of the 'brake'.  :D



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I have to say there is nothing better at the end of a long work day than to go home, grab a beer and make sparks in the garage!  :D


The shrouds are fitting pretty good, so time to cut some cable holes.  Fortunately I still have some MNPCtech u-channel that I picked up last year.  Noticed today that they have some grommets too.  Might have to snag one or two of those as well.


Drew up some lines with a ruler.




Cut the hole and added some u-channel.  Need to work on my 45's a bit there.  :huh:




But that shroud hole will be shrouded too, so woot.




Chopped a bigger hole in the front of the case for airflow and ease of access to cable management.






Threw in the motherboard to line up the remaining holes.  I'll attack them later this week.








Thinking at this point that I'll put three fans across the main shroud to suck in air through the front gate.  Ideas on mounting the HDDs are still pretty fluid right now.

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Back in the garage plugging away today.  Did a fit test on the PSU.




Just pushed back the lower shroud for now as I still need to cut some holes for it.








Started marking off all of the spots for the remaining cable holes in the shrouds.








A few cuts with the rotary tool and some MNPCtech u-channel later.







I have some proper grommets coming for the mini-shroud.  Just putting in some u-channel until they get here.


Also cut the mesh out of the back.  I'm going to have some fan/radiator action on the inside and outside, so I needed to move it.






And finally cut out the hole in the door for the feature window today too.  Lots of sparks today folks.   :lol:






Work on the inside will likely be stalled until I get some needed parts coming in.  I have a fan hole template coming from MNPCtech.  Will be using that to put the holes in the shroud and build out an acrylic base to attach the fans to.  


Most likely will tackle either some more work on the feature window tomorrow ~or~ start digging into the MDF to build out the castle walls with.  We'll see where my mood is at in the morning.   :)


OH!  And my son popped in and helped out today.  He now knows how rivet - lol!  He wasn't quite ready to try out the dremel yet though.   :lol:

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Chopped a hole for the window yesterday.  Cleaned up the edges with a hand file and some masking tape today.






Chopped down the UV acrylic for the window itself.






This was the biggest pain I've been avoiding.  The old Antec case had a handle cut into the side of it.  I've removed it of course, but now I have the hole to fill in.




Used the inner metal from the window hole to cut out a replacement piece.  




Shaved it down with a hand file slowly to fit as tightly as possible.




Clamped it in place and used some masking tape again to get the edge even with the rest of the side.




Now this is where I started, um...  inventing a bit.  Used some plain old solder and some sheet metal underneath to attach it since I don't have any proper brazing equipment on hand.  Filed that down and used some filler to cover any left over gaps.




Then sanded that down to some smoothness.  We'll see clean it looks when it comes to painting time.  Seems to be reasonably solid so far.




Just temporarily attached the window underneath for now.  










Taking a brief break for now.  Might either get onto cutting down the MDF for the sides or start designing up the 'ice crack' for the window next.  We'll see what the mood strikes me.   :P

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Not too bad.  The hole is not quite invisible yet, but a little more priming and sanding should help.  And once the black paint goes on we should be good.



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